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best law blogs
“If they are the best, then we can learn a lot from them.” Perhaps this is the simplest and most understandable explanation of why it is important to observe and study your competitors. Reading other legal blogs is part of this strategy. In successful legal blogs, you can analyze the audience and its needs, get insights, find new interesting topics, ideas and ways of presenting the information. At the same time, you can see other people's mistakes and avoid them. For example, if the article received little traffic, then you will know that this topic is of little interest to the audience
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Law firm advertising can be complex. The first thing that might pop up in your mind when it comes to advertising for lawyers is advertising online. However, the best results emerge from combined approaches, including both online and offline marketing. Obviously, the basics include analyzing your competitors, assessing your previous performance, and choosing the right marketing channels and budget.
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Creating and maintaining a legal blog is not an easy task. On the one hand, it is necessary to write on complex and confusing topics related to legislation. On the other hand, blog articles should be simple and understandable to anyone without a legal background. Another problem is finding interesting and useful blog topics that will be of interest to the target audience. Then these articles will be actively read, and they will attract new organic traffic to your site. But choosing good lawyer blog topics is almost always a problem. Moreover, there is a need to take into account the specia
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legal blog topics
Where can you get attorney blog ideas? What to write about on the firm's website? What will grab the attention of clients? This kind of creative torment haunts everyone who at least occasionally updates the content on their website. Lack of good legal blog ideas often discourages blogging entirely. I hear this kind of complaint very often - “My competitors already have a civil law blog! What's the point in writing about this now?" Let me disagree with you. Roy Black and Mark Geragos are both American criminal defence lawyers, but they have different reputations, and each has become s
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If you've decided to increase your law firm's presence on the Internet, then you definitely need to learn the term “keywords”. Regardless of which method of online promotion you choose, you will meet it along the way. Keywords are actively used in contextual advertising, website optimization, content creation, etc. Even if a digital marketing agency is responsible for your promotion, you will still hear about keywords regularly - when discussing marketing strategies and in the agency's monthly reports. Moreover, your advertising costs largely depend on which keywords will be used in pro
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seo keywords for lawyers
Most law firms today have developed a web presence to attract new clients. Some sparkle and shine, others languish and produce lackluster results. The distinguishing factor for many of these cases is the strategy they employ for the keywords they use on their respective web sites. The most successful employ specialized marketing firms, like Lasting Trend, to research the top SEO keywords for law firms to incorporate into their site. This leads to higher search rankings which, in turn, leads to increased organic traffic. Legal SEO is one of our areas of expertise at Lasting Trend. Contac
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We have compiled a list of the best practices for a law firm website and examined the top ten law firm websites to see what makes them so effective. Learn what increases and decreases traffic, how to create the perfect layout, what details to include on the page, the basics as well as unique branding strategies. These are the tips for great law firm website design illustrated with real-life examples.
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Is PPC for law firms effective or is it just a waste of money? The answer depends on how to use this promising marketing tool. Pay-per-click campaigns inform your potential clients about the company's services and benefits as soon as they Google a lawyer in their region.
author by Tim Absalikov · Published Oct. 2, 2018 · Updated Oct. 14, 2021
In this article, we explain exactly how a good website can achieve these lofty ambitions. Additionally, we’ll cover all the features that should be a part of any lawyer web design. Read on for some pro tips to give your website that extra edge against your competition.
author by Tim Absalikov · Published Sep. 22, 2018 · Updated Oct. 13, 2021
Are you looking for more clients to help grow your law firm? If so, it’s time to invest in law firm SEO and hire an expert in-house or online. A law firm SEO expert can ensure your website employs current strategies to get noticed online.
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The phrase, “If you’re not online today, you won’t exist tomorrow,” applies to everyone. For lawyers, it’s even more important because the competition is fierce. A clearly defined law firm marketing strategy is as critical as any other business plan. In this article, we will discuss the key elements of an online law marketing plan.
author by Tim Absalikov · Published Dec. 1, 2018 · Updated Oct. 13, 2021
There isn’t one secret formula for making your social media strategy a success – some law firms might do well on Facebook, while others might not. Social media for attorneys is a tricky business. We’ve included some examples in this article to help you find the right law firm social media strategy for your business. It’s also important to try different platforms and measure the results for yourself. Social media marketing for law firms can be incredibly effective if it’s well-executed.
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A law firm, like any other business, is dependent on a steady flow of clients if it wants to be successful. Law firm blogs are an excellent way for a firm to showcase its level of expertise and to become more noticeable in online searches. Blogging is an essential marketing practice if you want your firm to rank ahead of your competitors on the internet.
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lead generation for lawyers
The legal industry faces huge competition along with a shortage of qualified leads. Do you have a law firm or are practicing law individually and are looking for ways to grow your firm? Are you struggling to get leads for the same? However, deploying professional lead generation services for lawyers will assist you to acquire potential leads more quickly. The profession of law is very taxing and time-consuming. Furthermore, the task of lead generation for lawyers adds to the challenge. Accordingly, Lasting Trend will help you tackle this challenge by bringing lead generation services and e
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15 Fantastic Law Firm Newsletter Ideas
According to a study by internet research group Nielsen Norman, 90 percent of people prefer to receive updates via a regular newsletter. Email marketing is one of the best ways for law firms to keep in touch with their clients. However, many lawyers struggle to come up with law firm newsletter ideas. In this article, we are going to cover 15 ideas for creating an effective and informative internet newsletter for lawyers.
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tiktok lawyer
Written in collaboration with Nastasya Sai, a creator with 1,8M+ TikTok followers. Becoming a TikTok lawyer sensation may just be the missing ace in your legal marketing strategy. You’ve likely heard of TikTok! Whether it’s through the 2020 dance crazes, or the viral challenges and debates cracking up the internet space. But have you seen #LawyerTikTok? TikTok is a social video-sharing platform that allows users to create short mobile video clips (max. 60 seconds). And no, you don’t need a professional videographer to start crafting your videos. With 689 million monthly active users
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Looking to the future of law firm marketing means employing effective strategies online that help your business gain visibility and stay afloat in this hyper-competitive environment. The web is awash with web marketing tricks and knowledge. This guide breaks that knowledge down to make it easier to implement it on your own website.
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