A Full-Service Legal Marketing Agency

Looking for an effective legal advertising strategy to grow your law firm, reach the target audience, improve conversion, and boost ROI, but not sure how? The ideal approach would be to hire a professional like Lasting Trend to help you come up with a marketing plan for attorneys

We believe that effective marketing for legal firms can make the law more approachable, accessible, and, ultimately, human. To engage and capture your ideal clients, we develop client-centered marketing strategies that combine authentic storytelling, superior visual content, design, and technology.

Our ultimate goal is to help your law firm grow. We accomplish this by building a strong emotional connection between your brand and your audience. We provide a custom strategy combining high-quality content, forward-thinking design, and empathy to capture and engage your potential clients at different stages of the consumer journey.

Our experience has taught us that people connect to people, and we’ve built a legal marketing company to help attorneys to do so too. So, if you think other legal digital marketing agencies don’t understand your vision, or you’re tired of the same stuffy advertising used by everyone else, you’ve come to the right place. Explore Lasting Trend and learn what services we offer our clients.

Reach Your Goals with Our Legal Marketing Agency

Do you have a new practice but are unsure how to market it? Do you seek more exquisite clients? Every month, the major search engines receive millions of unique searches, the majority of which are for local businesses. Why is it that only a small percentage of businesses give their website and search engine results any thought? 

Our legal marketing firm has years of experience marketing attorneys and law firms in the legal industry. Because we know that every law practice is unique, we understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all legal marketing solution, we customize marketing programs for each law firm we work with.

Lasting Trend listens to each law firm’s goals and develops a legal digital marketing custom strategy to help them achieve them. From start to finish, we provide top-notch services and results, whether you need to design a website for your new law firm or want to overhaul your current marketing efforts, we can help. Don’t wait, contact us today!

Effective SEO & Digital PR Tactics

Let’s face it, marketing for legal firms and lawyers has skyrocketed. We assist law practices that want to grow. As the primary priority is to bring more clients to you, we go back to the basics and concentrate on making your brand more visible; develop a profitable marketing strategy for attorneys, which is tailored to the needs of your practice, making it simple to measure results. We create a yearly strategy, which allows us to deploy both short and long-term SEO tactics. Whether you’re a one-person firm or a firm with hundreds of attorneys, we will provide above-and-beyond service.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Whether or not your law firm has a strong online presence, we can guarantee that your competitors do. If your potential clients search “law firm near me” and your website does not appear, but your competitor’s website does, you will not get that client’s business.

The sooner you get started with legal website marketing, the more clients you’ll get from the internet. Your potential clients can’t do business with you if they don’t know you exist because of your minimal online presence. Additionally, legal web marketing will allow you to compete in significantly more competitive practice areas and increase your revenue.

Raise Your Profile and Establish Authority

Trust, Legitimacy, and Credibility are important values for businesses within the legal industry as they allow you to establish yourself as a leader and authority in your desired practice areas.

You’ve chosen your brand and put in significant effort to develop expertise in your preferred practice areas. Now, you need to inform people about what you do and how well you do it.

Make the most of your law firm’s online legal marketing efforts to establish yourself as a go-to expert in your field. Top-quality and informative content on a well-optimized and highly ranked website is your opportunity to shine.

legal advertising

Your legal website marketing goals should include a variety of blogs and publications, announcements, and highlights of your successes, as well as discussions of legal developments, news, and frequently asked questions that arise in your preferred practice areas.

Establishing authority in your brand should help clients understand why they should hire you. Your law firm’s web content should answer the questions that potential clients are most likely to ask. It should also show other lawyers (or talents) and potential referral sources that you are a top-notch attorney.

Increase Your Web Traffic

Asides from referrals and recommendations from both friends and family, the most common way of finding a law firm is via online searches. Improve search rankings, get increased traffic, and more visitors to your blog and service pages with online legal advertising.

If you wish to effectively market your law practice and law firm, you need to be where your target audience is, and we can almost guarantee that they are online. Statistics show that 70% of law firms have acquired new clients as a result of their website. 96% of individuals seeking legal advice or information turn to the internet first. 

Convert Visitors into Clients

Most law firms’ marketing goals revolve around attracting new business, which is typically accomplished by improving your online visibility.

People are increasingly using the Internet not only to research attorneys before making a final hiring decision but also to locate them. This frequently occurs when potential clients conduct online searches about a specific legal topic or a lawyer practicing in a specific geographic area.

Aside from paid ads, the only way for someone to find your law practice online is if your result appears on their search engine result preview page. If you want your legal web marketing to convert, you must create useful content that is structured and optimized to be found by Google and other search engines, as well as content that is relevant to user inquiries.

Legal Marketing Solutions We Provide

In legal advertising consultancy, a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. The days of putting up a website and then ignoring it for a few years are long gone. To stay ahead of the curve, you must be on the cutting edge of everything from social trends to adjustments in search engine algorithms. 

As a full-service legal advertising company that understands law firms’ needs, we assist you in achieving your objective. We take our commitment to your growth and happiness seriously, whether you are a solo practitioner, small firm, or larger firm. Listed below are some of our most important services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization for law firms is often the cornerstone of any legal online marketing strategy. Maintaining visibility in organic search results is crucial to remaining competitive in today’s online market. 

Local search is now more vital than ever to ensure potential clients find your law firm, with Google and other search engines becoming more sophisticated in their delivery of search rankings and very intuitive to what those searching within your location are looking for. You give prospects the opportunity to locate and select your business locally and organically by optimizing the website and consistently maintaining correct, local citations.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Leverage our legal SEO expertise today. We are aware that SEO is a long-term high ROI strategy. Lasting Trend law firm SEO experts ensure that your firm remains visible in organic search results over time, bringing in new clients and converting those visits into leads. Our SEO processes are at the cutting edge of the legal advertising landscape. We’ll design a tailored strategy to keep your law firm ahead of competitors and in front of qualified local prospects.

Paid Search

Visitors who land at a website via paid search ads are 50% more likely to convert than visitors who arrive via clicks from a natural search link. Paid Search legal advertising can help law firms instantly improve online visibility, generate rapid new leads for targeted practice areas and locations by driving more traffic to websites, and optimize their overall legal website marketing investment.

Strategically drive new leads to your business by expanding your law firm’s online marketing presence with our paid search advertising campaign. Put your campaign in the hands of our experts, who are familiar with not only paid search advertising, but also the legal market and how prospective clients search for lawyers and law firms online. Our qualified paid search legal marketing experts will handle your firm’s campaign so you can concentrate on what you do best: practicing law.

Pay-Per-Click Social Advertising

For law businesses, social media has rapidly become a very effective tool for propelling their marketing efforts to new heights. Social media marketing, like SEO, aims to increase brand awareness and establish a link between a firm and its clients through personalized, interactive communication. 

Need to connect with specific audiences on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.? Lasting Trend provides extremely effective PPC social advertising services. Our social ads management services help you find new clients by creating targeted ad campaigns to promote your law practice and services while simultaneously engaging customers even when they are not searching.

Website Design & Development

A law firm website that is responsive to all devices and search engines is great for your brand. Mobile is the internet’s future as smartphone and tablet adoption continues to rise year after year. Some of the latest Google modifications, particularly the major ones, have focused on mobile-friendliness and responsive legal websites ranking above non-responsive comparisons. 

What does this imply for your law business? It’s time to make sure your law firm’s site is easily viewable and navigable on a variety of mobile devices. Contact our law firm website design professionals for assistance in navigating the process of improving your website and business.

The law firm website design team at Lasting Trend will create a stunning, professional website for your brand by utilizing responsive web design, which provides an optimal viewing experience—easy viewing and navigation with minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a variety of devices from desktops to mobile phones.

Email Campaign Creation and Management

One of the most powerful and cost-effective legal marketing tools available to an attorney is one that many law firms overlook – email marketing. Email marketing can mean many different things and take many different forms. 

We’re used to legal newsletters and promotional that cluster our inboxes and lists from e-commerce sites that we’ve been a part of for years. Email marketing can have a negative reputation, but if we never open emails received from other companies, why is email marketing still in existence? The answer is because it works.

Email marketing is a low-cost investment with a high ROI for law firms who use it. We help law firms to create and manage their email campaigns. We know how to run successful campaigns, so we’ll segment your audience into different practice areas and only send them emails that are relevant to their interests.

Online Brand Management

Regardless of your community reputation, you must also manage your online reputation to achieve maximum success. Potential clients look at an attorney’s online reputation, including the reviews and testimonials. Potential clients using online resources to vet or hire an attorney may be influenced by directory listing profiles. Lasting Trend assists its law firm clients in efficiently managing their internet reputations and making required modifications to guarantee that your law firm is perceived in the best possible way.

Allowing a single poor review to deter your law business from attracting the clients it desires is a mistake. We take pride in assisting law firms in establishing trust in their online professionalism and credibility. Even the most trusted referrals will use the internet to do their homework before contacting your office.

Social Media Marketing

Your firm’s visibility to potential clients is enhanced by having a well-optimized website. However, if your firm’s legal internet marketing approach is solely focused on search engine marketing, you’re missing out on the social media revolution, which has resulted in a huge shift in customer behavior.

Blogging and social media activities account for one-third to over 50% of all internet activity. To navigate this environment effectively, your law firm requires a complete social media plan that includes far more than an occasional blog update and an empty Facebook page. 

Time and authenticity are the two biggest challenges most law firms encounter when it comes to social media. Allow our law firm social media and blog professionals to assist you right now. We assist our clients in developing engaging content and social media strategy. You’ll get in front of more potential clients, generate new business, and build loyalty with existing clients if you use the correct content and social media marketing plan.

Who We Serve

Despite having a similar goal, the methods we use to get there are different for each law firm we work with. This is because each business has a unique business plan, goals, target market, and geographic reach.

Many lawyers come to Lasting Trend with a vision for their law practice. As full-service legal marketing experts, we can assist you to turn it into a long-term strategy that meets your specific business objectives. We work with various types of attorneys – an exception is when we already have clients in that city/state and practice area.

Solo Practitioners

As a solo practitioner, you perform so many roles. You’re more than just a practicing lawyer on the job. You’re a business owner, and running a successful company is no easy task. Neither is attracting the required amount of new cases for your practice to be profitable. That’s where we can help.

It takes a full-time job to market a law firm. You need to invest in legal web marketing tactics that will consistently bring new clients to your firm, whether you’re just starting your career or leaving a larger firm to start your own practice. You also need to be strategic when it comes to your costs.

with Lasting Trend
4.5 times
than in-house team
marketing director, senior SEO, content writer and junior designer

At Lasting Trend, we helped solo practitioners grow their businesses and revenues.

Small Firm

Developing an effective marketing strategy for a small law business might be difficult. You may find it tough to compete with larger companies in your local area that have more marketing budgets. You’re unsure whether you can afford a new website or whether direct mail marketing is right for you. You may have a less consistent flow of clients as a smaller organization, making it tougher to set a marketing budget. But the truth is, you can’t afford not to invest in legal web marketing.

Your law firm may have a strong and qualified legal team. However, it’s unlikely that you have the in-house experience required to create and implement marketing plans that would help your business expand profitably and consistently. You’re also unlikely to have the time to devote to website design, SEO, content writing, and blogging, consistently.

That’s where Lasting Trend comes in. We can help your small law firm become a top competitor in any market.

Mid-Size Law Firms

Lasting Trend has vast expertise assisting mid-size law firms of all types in developing unique and effective brands that set them apart from their competitors. Mid-size law firms have common goals such as business expansion, strategic growth, cost control, technological efficiency, and reputation enhancement. As a legal marketing agency, Lasting Trend understands the unique demands of midsize firms.

Our team creates custom websites for mid-size law firms that highlight their expertise and help them achieve their objectives. We also help midsize businesses with digital marketing campaigns, custom content, and branding

Large Law Firms

Many large legal firms operate at lightning speed, and marketing strategies may be pushed aside in favor of customer service, HR, or other corporate tasks.

Perhaps the biography of the new attorney you hired months ago is still missing from the website. Perhaps you’re actively involved in a local charity event and aren’t sure how it fits into your law firm’s marketing or public relations strategy.

Perhaps you can’t keep up with the interview requests from local media and aren’t sure how to get substantial media exposure that will help your firm generate new revenue. Your law firm is considering expanding into a new geographic area or practice area, but you don’t have a sound marketing strategy in place to raise exposure in that market.

We assist large law firms by refining their marketing plans, set long and short-term goals, and connect the dots between marketing and other business functions to develop a seamless and comprehensive plan for building a brand and attracting more clients. 

Our 5 Step Legal Internet Marketing Process

Lasting Trend is redefining the roles of a full-service digital marketing firm. We offer a complete suite of legal internet marketing services that work together to help our clients achieve their goals of increased revenue and new clients.

We have a straightforward legal marketing procedure that allows us to deliver results. We designed it based on our expertise to help clients understand what’s going on with their marketing at every moment.


Despite having research for each point, we need to evaluate competition based on your current setup (practice area/niche/city). 

We always start a project with strategy in mind. This means we’ll undertake a comprehensive marketing and competitive analysis of you and your law firm, then develop a tailored marketing strategy to help you expand your practice or business. This process informs us of the amount of time we need before your marketing campaign starts generating new leads.


Our legal marketing team is tasked with bridging the gap between simple advertising and practical solutions. We understand the difficulties of law firm marketing, as well as the frustrations you’ve experienced in the past.

We will help you research your competition to design a game plan – how much traffic your competitors have, the duration it took them to achieve it, and how they got it. After that, we’ll give it to you so you can understand the market situation.


We pride ourselves on developing a custom plan for every attorney or law firm that we serve. We provide a custom-designed approach because no two law firms have the same strategy. We listen to your demands, understand your objectives, and develop a unique strategy that will provide your law business the visibility it needs to obtain a competitive advantage. Whatever your budget, we will customize your legal advertising plan and strategy to optimize ROI.


After we’ve helped you create your legal marketing strategy, the Lasting Trend team will implement it so that you can focus on activities that make the greatest and most efficient use of your time, talents, and energy. We’ll divide our strategy into monthly tasks that need to be executed and work on the project.


Before the commencement of any project, you are assigned a dedicated project manager. This is your primary liaison to the entire Lasting Trend team. Your project manager is chiefly tasked with providing you with monthly transparent reports of what tasks were executed and detailed website statistics.

Practice Areas We Work With

Below are some of the legal areas that we have worked in. 

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury legal marketing is the process of extending your personal injury law firm’s online reach by using a data-driven marketing strategy to attract new customers. This data-driven marketing approach entails developing a strategy that meets your marketing needs based on an analysis of the data we collect from various web sources, as well as what has worked best for you in the past. This information provides marketing insights into how your law practice is doing and what will most likely work best for you in terms of attracting new clients and referral sources.

marketing for legal firms

Do you face challenges as a result of the competitive nature of your personal injury law practice? Is it difficult for you to attract clients and achieve your goals? Don’t be concerned! Lasting Trend is here to help you establish your brand with its personal injury law firm marketing and SEO.

Family Law

As a family law lawyer, you assist clients with matters such as adoption, marriage, child custody, etc. For individuals dealing with family law matters, hiring a lawyer is a complex and time-consuming process.

When it comes to advertising your law office, family law poses some peculiar hurdles. To gain the trust of potential clients, your legal advertising activities must go above and beyond. To get new clients, you’ll have to put in more effort.

Your target client as a family law attorney is substantially different from your attorney friends in your professional network who practice personal injury law, corporate law, or criminal law. Your marketing messaging, and strategies should all be specifically tailored to your intended client.

We work with both large and small family law practices to build effective branding, website development, and marketing strategies. We’ll design an online presence for your business that achieves your goals and helps you grow your practice, whether you’re trying to raise your caseload or shift your focus into a new field of family law.

Bankruptcy Law Firm

Most people facing bankruptcy often seek solutions online because they are ashamed or embarrassed to speak to friends or family about it.

Are you a bankruptcy attorney or law firm in need of a digital marketing program to help you generate consistent leads for your practice?

Our professionals at Lasting Trend are familiar with your niche and what your prospects are searching for and can help you maintain your audience and generate new online leads.

Immigration Lawyer

As an immigration attorney, you’ve probably tried traditional methods of advertising. However, you’ve probably noticed that they’re not delivering the result you desire. After all, you’re sending your marketing message to the general public, and the vast majority of people are uninterested. Strategic digital marketing is the way to go if you want to get more bang for your buck with tangible results. If you are looking for a legal marketing solution that really works, we are ready to help. Reach out to us today.

Real Estate Law Firm

As a real estate attorney, marketing is critical to your long-term success. Real estate is a transactional practice, as you are aware, and there are specific marketing methods for real estate law firms to help you grow. Knowing the finest marketing methods will help your real estate practice thrive, whether you work with landlords or tenants on purchases or leases.

The most important thing is to position yourself as the go-to lawyer for real estate services while marketing your real estate services as a lawyer. For this to happen, you must make marketing your real estate practice a daily commitment. That’s where we come in!

We will help you design a legal digital marketing strategy for real estate attorneys that will create demand for your services.

Criminal Lawyers

Even if you are the greatest criminal attorney in your area, your competitors may be obtaining more cases because they are spending more money on legal marketing solutions.

People facing criminal charges, whether it’s a DUI, a traffic ticket, or a more serious infraction, want answers quickly. They want to know what their charges could mean, how serious they are, and how a criminal attorney can help.

They start their search for the right attorney by going to Google for quick answers. It’s critical that your law firm is available to provide answers when they’re needed.

Lasting Trend assists criminal defense attorneys in developing marketing strategies that are specific to their firm’s objectives. We will help place your business on the map for the types of cases you are interested in, whether you are a solo practitioner, a small practice, or a large firm.

Divorce Lawyers

Every divorce attorney strives to be one of the most sought-after lawyers online. With our many years of experience working with several attorneys, we’ve witnessed firsthand how challenging it is to win clients in this field. Only law firms with well-targeted marketing strategies succeed with fewer keywords to target and a considerably higher number of divorce attorneys targeting them.

We at Lasting Trend demonstrate our thought leadership by developing a comprehensive legal advertising strategy for our divorce lawyer clients. Our team can assist you in creating appealing and result-oriented campaigns that convert website traffic into clients.

Car Accident Lawyer

As a car accident attorney, you already have your hands filled – building personal injury claims and seeking compensation for your clients for the damages caused by other drivers; protecting your clients against legal claims from other drivers wanting to shift responsibility, and so on. Why add the burden of legal marketing when you can partner with a professional? Lasting Trend digital marketers are experts in your niche and will help you build a solid marketing strategy.


Our experience dealing with a variety of law firms has given us a thorough understanding of what works well in different practice areas. We spend time learning about the types of cases your firm is looking for, as well as the volume of cases that can be expected in your market based on demographics and data. As a consequence, you’ll have a highly focused marketing approach that’s specific to your practice.

Choose How We Work Together

Depending on your law firm, your legal marketing activities may require a specific option. You may spend a lot of time having lunch and delivering presentations, and discover you need some help developing fresh branding, getting more effective publicity, and streamlining your client development process. Our highly qualified, professional legal marketing agency can handle all of this, as well as the nitty-gritty, crucial things like SEO upgrades and obtaining the most bang for your social media money. When we handle the marketing for your law practice, you can concentrate on what you do best: providing legal services to your clients. Learn how.

Ongoing Expert Management

Are you in need of professionals to execute your current legal marketing strategy? We can help! Our team of exceptionally talented experts will help increase ROI, attract more referrals, communicate effectively, and build your online reputation. Our processes have been designed, buffed, and polished for many years. When you work with Lasting Trend legal advertising professionals, you are working with a team entirely dedicated to the success of you and your firm.  We help you hit new heights in your law practice – heights that might be unattainable on your own.

Deep One-Time Audit

Need an expert opinion on your website performance? Our team of skilled professionals works remotely to dissect your website and deliver full-spectrum reporting. You will get a comprehensive report on your website with a list of challenges. Lasting Trend also offers a wide range of legal website marketing solutions for these challenges to your forward-thinking law firm.

Strong One-Time Setup

Do you want to develop a website that complies with the legal ethical advertising policy? Perhaps you need a custom strategy to revamp your existing legal marketing strategy or launch a new campaign. Whatever the needs of you and your law firm, we can deliver.

We have a team of professionals with vast experience in different legal niches, so we are well-equipped to positively affect results in your digital marketing. Contact us today with details of your project and we’ll do our best to help you.

Ongoing Consulting

If you are experiencing a decline in web traffic or your legal marketing isn’t driving desired results, we will help you identify the issues and offer recommendations on how to fix them. Our approach is scalable which means that Lasting Trend will deliver value whether you’re a solo practitioner or a large law firm. It also means that we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to our services. Our legal web marketing approaches are as unique as the various clients we serve and we do operate under numerous legal digital marketing best practices.

Why Trust Our Legal Marketing Agency

Is your law firm looking for legal marketing that works? Does your legal advertising feel like a chore? Leave it to Lasting Trend. After many years of running agencies, and learning from several clients in various legal niches, we have a unique perspective that blends technical excellence with marketing expertise.

We Deliver Results You Can Measure

We aspire to provide attorneys with transformative digital experiences that benefit both their clients and their bottom line. We believe that every website, content, and social media post can be a tool to effect positive change for attorneys and their clients.

Proven Conversion

Isn’t that the whole point? More clients, more ROI through measurable. Everything we do is results-oriented and tailored to your specific needs. We take pride in getting to know you and your law firm, as well as who your target client is too.

Full-Service Marketing Solutions

We are capable of implementing a wide range of web solutions. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (Local & Organic), Paid Search (PPC), Web Design, Social Media, etc. Each solution is intended to enhance a law firm’s visibility, maximize conversions, and generate additional revenue.

Legal Industry Focused

We keep in mind that this may be someone’s first encounter with the legal system and that they may be nervous or anxious about meeting with a lawyer. Every day when we get into our office, we are ecstatic because we know that whatever we create for a client will assist to alleviate those fears and provide the resources that someone requires to fully handle what can be a very stressful situation.

Transparent Reporting

No other marketing agency can show you results like we can. Our reporting is second to none, from daily SEO rankings to paid ads, in-depth data on website traffic, and conversion metrics. Request a test drive today.


SEO Service

Smaller Websites With 1-5 Services
  • Technical & Mobile SEO Checkup
  • On-site SEO
  • Niche Keyword Research
  • 4 Content Scripts
  • Basic Link Building
  • Keyword Position Report

360° Marketing

Websites With 6-30 Services or E-commerce
  • Everything from Starter Plan +
  • UX, UI Design
  • Advanced Link building
  • Local SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media or PPC Management

Enterprise SEO

from $10,000
Multi-site Projects or Large E-commerce
  • Everything from 360 SEO Plan+
  • Sales Funnels
  • Satellite Website Networks
  • Multi-Channel Paid Ads

Our Legal Marketing Experience

We aren’t the type of legal marketing company that over-promises and under-delivers when it comes to developing a custom marketing strategy for your website or brand. We’ve created hundreds of unique, responsive law firm websites that adhere to Google’s most recent mobile and SEO guidelines, and we work hard to achieve each client’s objectives. 

At Lasting Trend, we have many years of legal marketing experience and only use the best strategies. Boost your online presence by scheduling a free website consultation with our legal marketing professional team today.     

Case Studies

Our client, the Yuriy Moshes legal firm in New York, has a superb market reputation. However, they weren’t getting any leads from their website when they first contacted us. While law practice is within the service industry, it can’t rely on word-of-mouth referrals from previous clients any longer. We were able to create a custom marketing plan that significantly boosted their online presence. See what we did for them!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Testimonials and Reviews


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What Is Legal Marketing?

Any advertising approach deployed by a law practice or law firm to attract a larger customer base is referred to as legal marketing. This includes optimizing your website for search engines, launching email campaigns, and setting up social media profiles.

Why Do Legal Firms Need Marketing?

In today’s world, law firms cannot afford to ignore marketing. As the legal industry becomes more competitive and prospective clients now beginning their search for an attorney and legal solution online, securing a share of the market for your legal firm becomes increasingly important to stay afloat.

Why Should I Hire Your Legal Marketing Firm?

It is your responsibility as a business owner to attract clients to your legal firm. To achieve this, you’ll need to develop an effective marketing strategy. Hiring an experienced full-time marketing specialist might be costly. Another alternative is to hire a marketing agency that specializes in legal firms.
At Lasting Trend, we don’t just provide lead generation services to law firms, we provide an all-encompassing service and have the experience to back up every legal marketing decision we take.

Contact Our Legal Advertising Experts Today

Why bother yourself about advertising your law practice when you can leave it to the professionals and focus on what you know how to do best – practicing law. Let’s take over your legal advertising today! Lasting Trend is committed to working closely with you to achieve desired results. We believe that effective marketing should generate increased ROI and not headaches. Contact us to see how we can help.

Let’s Discuss Your Marketing Strategy Now

No website or poor website performance? Your SEO ineffective? Need help with an existing marketing strategy or to develop a new one? Contact Lasting Trend to discuss what we can deliver for you. No matter what your practice or firm size. We know how to ease your marketing efforts.

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