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One of the most troublesome hurdles of modern business is managing local SEO and Google My Business (GMB). Many business owners simply lack the time to post and/or have no idea which services they should include to improve their rankings. They are beset with questions like what is a knowledge graph? How will it impact my efforts?

Of course, these things take time to deal with and need an experienced hand. But the average owner lacks both those things and they just don’t have the time to learn a new skill set. Does that sound like you? You’ve come to the right place. Lasting Trend has the SEO and Google My Business experts you need. And we can help.

Google My Business Services From Lasting Trend

Are you putting in some effort, but failing to see any significant ranking results? Using local SEO and Google My Business together can be a great benefit. It works like magic, if your business already has developed a history and earned some quality reviews. Of course, newer businesses can also benefit. It just needs a little more time. But in the long run, it will be well worth the effort.

At Lasting Trend we offer Google My Business services to improve your local rankings and get more local leads. We provide services like:

  • Weekly Content Updates
  • Optimizing Your Profile Data
  •  Connecting With Customers
  •  A Dedicated Account Manager

Let’s discuss these one-by-one.

Weekly Content Updates

As your business grows and changes your GMB content will need to reflect that. Fortunately, we can take care of that for you. With our Google My Business service we will regularly update your GMB content to keep it fresh, accurate, and a draw for new traffic.

We’ll add posts, photos and videos-if need be, and even answer questions customers might ask about your company. With the help of our GMB services, you’ll stand out in local search and earn more profit.

Optimizing Your Profile Data

As your Google My Business agency, our goal is the optimization of your GMB profile for maximum return. We will incorporate all the services you provide to better reach your target audience and to persuade your visitors to trust you with their business.

We’ll include possible keywords, photos, and more to build on and develop that trust. We’ll eliminate the headache of running your own GMB profile. All you have to do is sit back and leave it to us: we are the Google My Business experts.

google my business services

Connecting With Customers

As we said above, our GMB company can help you respond to your customers. Obviously, some niches like legal and medical are beyond the scope of what we can address. However, we can handle the basic non-technical questions of many of your clients and save you an inordinate amount of time in the process. 

And that’s time you can use:

  1. To finish transactions.
  2. To build your reputation.
  3. To focus on your core business responsibilities.
  4. To handle the other ins and outs of your business.

All good things to focus your energies on—not mucking about over the many trivial and tiresome details of your on-line advertising venues. Leave that to us.

Dedicated Account Manager

Another advantage of using Lasting Trend as your Google My Business company is a dedicated account manager. As our client, you will have a person assigned to you for that role to more effectively manage your GMB account.

He or she will be one of our Google My Business experts. They will be well-versed in your business niche and highly knowledgeable about your particular business. They will also serve as the go-to should you have problems, issues, or ideas you wish to discuss.

As a Google My Business specialist, they will help you optimize your GMB account to grow traffic and increase profits.

Ways Our Google My Business Experts Can Help

Perhaps you already have a GMB account but aren’t seeing any profits from it. Instead, you might have a website that is generating a modest number of leads. If that’s the case, you might not be sold on GMB. You might wonder why you should invest in GMB at all?

That is, of course, a question you need to ask a GMB agency like ours to get a complete answer. At Lasting Trend we offer a number of Google My Business services. With our help, you can:

  •  Amplify Your Presence on Google
  • Increase Your Listing Engagement
  • Get More Phone Calls, Bookings, And Website Visits
  • Boost Your Competitive Advantages
  • Impact Your Local Rankings

And, generally, improve the effectiveness of your on-line advertising efforts.

Amplify Your Presence On Google

Did you know that if customers see the same website in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads and again in the top three search results on a search page, the chances they will visit that site increase many, many times. Basically, it’s a form of positive reinforcement that increases and improves brand awareness.

The same principle works with a local map pack. If the Google algorithm puts your business near the top of a Google My Business listing, it will reinforce your brand awareness, and improve your overall on-line marketing results.

As a knowledgeable Google My Business agency, we can get you effectively set up on Google My Business to achieve results like these. We’ll amplify your presence and get you earning profits.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Increase Listing Engagement

A Google My Business listing isn’t just about being listed. It’s also about engagement. You want your listing to lead to clicks and traffic to your websites, phone calls, and leads. But each one of these is its own animal and requires different techniques to obtain.

Taken together, they form a collection of actions called Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which help gauge how effectively your listing is accomplishing your goals. You want to know how many times customers looked for your business on Google Maps? We can get you that information and more. And then analyze it to help you make sense of it.

Get More Phone Calls, Bookings, And Website Visits

A google my business listing will have a number of actions a visitor can take. It may list your phone number and garner phone calls for you. It may provide a link to your website where a visitor will be able to book your services or interact with your company in some other way.

Determining which and how many of these actions should be available to visitors is just one of the GMB services our company provides. Through our efforts, we can get you more phone calls, more bookings, and more website visits.

Boost Your Competitive Advantages

The goal for all of this is to boost your competitive advantage and help you outperform in the market. We will provide you with detailed reports that analyze your strengths and weakness using various performance metrics and indicators. We will keep you informed, so you can stay on top.

And if problems crop up like malicious edits or what-have-you, we’ll be there to help. The result will be a streamlined GMB profile that earns great results.

Impact Your Local Rankings

Local search results are becoming more and more prevalent on Google pages these days. This means that to succeed, you need to have a presence there. And that means you have to have a Google My Business profile.

A properly designed Google My Business profile will get you noticed when people are searching locally. And that is what we offer.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

As a google my business consultant we can provide GMB services for a variety of businesses. Virtually any business, whether it be small, medium, or other can benefit from what we do. As long as you have a physical location, or locations – we can help

Just some possible business clients include:

  • Beginning entrepreneurs.
  • Small or medium-sized medical practices.
  •  Law firms consisting of one or more attorneys.
  • Banks or financial companies.
  • Restaurants, be they locally owned or even nationwide chains.

And many other options.

Grow Your Business With Our Google My Business Agency

Google My Business is an excellent source for alternative leads. Not everyone searches directly through Google. They may come to you through other Google listing services like Google Maps or what-have-you. We’re sure you don’t want to miss any of that traffic. And we’ll make sure you don’t.

We’ll also help you monitor your GMB performance and analyze all your marketing efforts. This includes your overall marketing plan and things like SEO and other digital channels. You won’t miss out.

Why Choose Our GMB Company

The following table sums up why you should choose our GMB service over other options.

In-house Team
Lasting Trend
General SEO agency
Personal customer care
The in-house team devotes 100% of their time to your projects.
Each client gets a personal manager accountable for the project results.
The client receives a dry report once a month, it is difficult to understand what is being done on the project now.
One client per market
Own team will only work with your projects.
We never take two clients that will compete in the same niche and the same geo.
General SEO agencies take as many clients as they can.
Deep research
Depends on the size of a team. Often, team members don’t have enough experience for deep research.
We provide deep research with a target to bring you profit. We do not collect popular words and topics from your niche.
Big companies have deep research options. But the total results will look big and half of them won’t attract any client.
Niche understanding
Normally, the in-house team fully understands your niche and can see what keywords you need to look for.
The first step in our SEO processes is to understand the niche. That helps to find the most profitable growth points.
No time for niche understanding, automated SEO processes.
Monthly investment
Based on the team size. Can be as low as $2500 for one intern-level full-time employee to $10k+ for a team
Starting with $2999
Wide range of prices. From $500 (firms that most likely won’t deliver) to $50k (nationwide largest firms).

What Customers Say About Our Google My Business 

Testimonials and Reviews


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The Results To Expect

Although every situation is different, consider the following case of Moshes Law to get some idea of the results you can expect from hiring us. In this situation, when Yurry Moshes first came to us, he was getting almost no ROI for his SEO efforts.

With a little patience and hard work, we were able to turn that situation around. The law office went from almost no leads a day to ten or more a day. Two critical aspects of our approach were:

  1. Incorporating an effective GMB set up for his two different locations.
  2. Regular posting on the GMB account.

With those strategies, we were able to generate far more leads from their local SEO.

Plans And Prices

SEO Service

Smaller Websites With 1-5 Services
  • Technical & Mobile SEO Checkup
  • On-site SEO
  • Niche Keyword Research
  • 4 Content Scripts
  • Basic Link Building
  • Keyword Position Report

360° Marketing

Websites With 6-30 Services or E-commerce
  • Everything from Starter Plan +
  • UX, UI Design
  • Advanced Link building
  • Local SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media or PPC Management

Enterprise SEO

from $10,000
Multi-site Projects or Large E-commerce
  • Everything from 360 SEO Plan+
  • Sales Funnels
  • Satellite Website Networks
  • Multi-Channel Paid Ads

Get Your Free Consultation Now

If you feel that your website is languishing and it is consuming far too much of your time, you are not alone. Many businesses are in that predicament. But the difference is, you can do something about that right now. Just realize you don’t have to sit there and babysit your website forever.

Our Google My Business SEO services were formulated with businesses like yours in mind. We’ll work closely with you and get you the results you need. No more frustrating hours spreading yourself thin across multiple marketing channels that just aren’t working together.We’ll get you focused and on track. We’ll get you set up on GMB with effective content that brings you money, not headaches. Contact us at Lasting Trend to see how we can help.

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