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Marketing and content creation are tricky subjects for most companies and entrepreneurs. But one of the biggest mistakes they can make in the digital era is to neglect these methods of promotion.

Your content should serve several important goals: answer your customers’ needs, increase brand visibility, deliver your company message, and showcase your expertise. Also, the key element of content marketing services is gaining trust from your target audience.

If you want your brand to stand out of competition, you definitely need a strategic approach to the content you feature on your platforms. Read on to learn more about content development services and what you can achieve when you’re working with the right digital marketing agency.

Importance of Building the Best Content Marketing Strategy Possible

Content can take the form of written materials, graphics, videos, and any other type of readable or consumable asset. These days, any proper marketing campaign should include marketing and content creation for businesses of all sizes and industries.

What is the point of content marketing services? For those who haven’t dealt with this area firsthand, it might be difficult to pinpoint the exact benefits. Here is what they help you achieve:

  • Reach your target audience – Content marketing services increase the chances that people will read, interact, and share. Once you learn your audience’s preferences and pain points, you’ll be able to deliver the right content.
  • Build brand awareness – The content you produce should highlight the company’s values, show what they bring to the industry and to the customer, and help build relationships with your customers. These are the stepping stones for brand awareness.
  • Maximize your digital marketing ROI – Digital marketing generates almost 55% more leads than traditional marketing. With evergreen online content, you have great possibilities to maximize your investment.
  • Increase your revenue – On average, an industry-leading company with content marketing plans have conversion rates six times higher than those who don’t. In turn, conversion leads to an increase in store visits, newsletter sign-ups, and product purchases.
  • Grow your business – Recent studies show that 80% of consumers research a company online before they decide whether to buy a product or services. Capitalize on that using web content marketing and let visitors see a well-maintained company website.

If all of these improvements sound appealing, choose Lasting Trend, a leader in content marketing services in New York City. Get a free website consultation and start working with us to develop a plan of action. We’ll come up with a custom web content marketing plan for your company, and you’ll soon see your real results from our efforts!

Lasting Trend: Content Marketing Service New York City for Small Business

There are certain conditions that a strategy needs to meet to have an effect and grow your business. One of the most crucial ones customizing web content marketing towards the specific brand you’re working with. While there are commonly accepted practices, each client has their own differences.

Effective campaign depends on the content strategy firm’s ability to see each case as unique. Let’s take an example of what not to do. Suppose there is an agency that uses Google to build a semantic core and applies a generic content-plan of topics and posts. As you can guess, the impact will be mild.

What would be a better approach to content creation? Content development services with a comprehensive strategy will use multiple tools and spend sufficient time gathering information about a particular client. Marketers attract the target audience only if they know customers’ pains and needs.

The problem is that the majority of business owners don’t have a marketing team in staff or enough resources to hire new specialists. Besides, they are more focused on improving their product or services. Here is when content marketing agency like Lasting Trend can help.

If you need to make your brand known in your community, our efforts will be aimed at local content marketing. Other objectives might require a geographically broader approach. The point is that we study peculiarities of any business we’re working with and their respective niche. At the end of each project, we are met with qualitative and quantitative improvements.

With our experience and technical capacity, you will enrich your online presence with consistently well-made, relevant, and engaging content. To illustrate our claims with an example, let’s take our case with LaptopMD. In just four months, we managed to achieve a 135.00% rise in qualified leads, a 54.12% decrease of cost per lead, got negative keywords to work for us, and a lot more.

What We Can Do for Our Clients

The best content marketing strategy is the one that consists of several activities, and none of the lags behind. Here is what a truly complex approach covers:

  • Content marketing audit. The goal is to baseline the content types, formats and quality and evaluate how they meet your goals. Create a checklist that you’ll use the compare future marketing campaign results. For example, look at what attracts visitors from search, content causing declining website traffic, engagement from each campaign, etc.
  • Content marketing strategy. Don’t create and post content randomly, and, instead, delegate it to a content strategy firm. Professionals will make sure the strategy takes into account your mission and goals, best content channels, and an optimal content calendar. That will make content a truly valuable asset that works for the brand’s benefit.
  • Content marketing planning. The next part of web content marketing activities is planning how to deliver content at the right place, at the right time. Create a working document for everyone involved in your content effort. It should include the information they need to produce, deliver and promote the content strategy plan.
  • Content marketing creation & implementation. Create content for each stage of the customer journey and ensure that no visitors fall through the cracks. In the meantime, a visitor should feel that they are receiving relevant, useful information that has a touch of human connection. Focus on each channel individually and post according to the given media’s guidelines.
  • Content marketing measurement & performance optimization. This step is widely used in most aspects of digital marketing. Here is how to take a data-driven approach to content measurement: decide what to track; track, measure, and manage the data; and turn information into actionable insights.

Lasting Trend will keep you updated on any stage of the process. You’ll see that we approach every step with due diligence and gradually progress from one stage to another.

Also, speaking about the content creation, below are several types of content that we’ll produce for your online promotion:

  • Blog posts
  • Content offers
  • Social media posts
  • Videos
  • Content for email marketing and many other types depending on a campaign

As you can see, Lasting Trend offers a wide range of content marketing solutions to make a long-lasting positive effect – on your reputation, relevance, and, ultimately, business profits. Contact our team today to get the process going! With our content marketing firm, your business’s online presence will be changed for the better.

Content for the Service Business

What we’ve learned over the years is that some types of businesses require some adjustments in marketing. One particular area is customer-centered businesses. Content marketing for businesses with this model revolves around the following idea: try not to sell but to help. Let’s elaborate.

Obviously, one of the end goals of professional services marketing is to increase revenue. However, businesses can’t sacrifice their relationship with the customer for the sake of a one-time purchase. Customers have problems, and service content marketing encourages businesses to focus on them

But before businesses fulfill the audience’s needs, they need to know what they are. So, we build strategies to identify what customers might be struggling with. In the end, they won’t just see you as a service provider but a problem solver, which leaves a more lasting impression.

Another effective tactic for customer-centric businesses is viral content. In other words, you can achieve a high level of awareness due to shares and exposure online. After all, shareability is one thing that any content marketing firm will seek after. If a person comes across a piece of content and shares it with a friend, this could double the number of leads.

Overall, creating useful content makes people more willing to share it. Instead of putting all your efforts into pure sales messages, you can get better output with these two recommendations.

Content for Law Firms

Another sphere where our agency has extensive experience is content marketing for law firms. In many ways, the approach is similar to customer-centric brands. For example, the goal is also to be helpful for the audience, potential customers, and existing customers.

But on top of that, inbound marketing for law firms should possess the following qualities:

  • Valuable. Create authority-based content that your potential clients are searching for. This way, you’ll organically drive them to your website or social media platform.
  • Professional. People want to see representatives from law firms as polite professionals who know what they’re talking about. It’s also important to remember about the ethics in attorney content marketing (such as conflict of interest, confidentiality, etc.);
  • Simple. Content should be clear to people who aren’t familiar with the law and legal terminology (the vast majority of the clientele).

What You Gain with Us

What does it mean to choose Lasting Trend as your content marketing services agency? Let us share some of our notable achievements:

  • 10th place Top 15 New York SEO Services Companies – Leaders
  • 15th place Top 90 SEO Companies in New York – The Manifest
  • Google Ads certified partner
  • 5-star verified reviews profile – Clutch

We are a reliable and reputed partner for content marketing solutions, as confirmed by real business owners with full credentials featured in review websites. If you’re interested to know more about their specific experience, you can contact our reviewers directly and ask them.

At Lasting Trend, we know how to match your content with your target audience. How do we achieve that? Here is a rundown of top-three factors that contribute to your success:

  • Industry-leading software – Best-in-class marketers rely on marketing technologies and automation, integrated throughout the campaign. This is exactly what we do to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Personalized strategies – We’ll be looking at small details, such as visits, purchases, and calls, to see a bigger picture. We strike the perfect balance of crafting custom strategies and completing all projects on time.
  • Fresh perspectives – Our content marketing solutions are full of new ideas and working concepts that have been reimagined. So, your brand will shine through the competition because you’re not using the same opportunities for improvement.

Also, here is some math to illustrate our point. For an effective marketing campaign, you’d need the joint effort of a marketing director, senior SEO, content writer, and junior designer. Their salaries combined (for NYC) amount to $275,000/year. However, at Lasting Trend, you will accomplish a similar or even more impressive results at only $60,000/year.

There aren’t any doubts that choosing Lasting Trend means getting the best content marketing plan and real improvements. Use this opportunity to work with a top content marketing firm in NYC. What can you expect? More engagement, more leads, and more business.

Bottom Line

The best content marketing campaign is the one that is suitable for your unique case. At Lasting Trend, we don’t cut corners or re-use the same strategy over and over. We do use tried and tested methods and technologies as part of our content marketing services. But we take time to study your brand and its needs to adapt our approach for maximum effectiveness.

Go ahead and request a consultation!

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