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Link Building Services: Built the Backbone of Your Web Presence

For online and offline businesses alike, the value of SEO shouldn’t be understated. And if you know anything about SEO, you know that it’s impossible to get high search results without several ranking factors. One of them is improving link and social signals, which is a must for any competitive, quality website.

The most efficient way to earn a substantial number of links is to use link building services. While it’s not a standalone solution, links are a big contributing factor to build trust and credibility online. And a good backlink building service can be the difference between dominating your industry and being lost among competing companies.

What Is Link Building?

Simply put, link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your site. Normally, links are a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet. From the perspective of website link building services, they can be used to influence search engines and how they see your website.

Link building a meticulous, complex process because it’s not enough just to produce quality articles. If you’re not specifically trying to get links, there is a small chance you will succeed. Getting help from a link building company is your best bet.

There is also a connection between link building and content marketing that you can take advantage from. The more valuable content you post, the more links you’ll get back to your website from other ones in your industry. So, what a competent professional will do is take an all-round approach focusing on multiple aspects at once.

At Lasting Trend, we believe in a valuable, non-invasive way to earn customers through digital marketing. If you have never built links before, we’ll be happy to help you land your first link. Our specialists have a whole host of approaches at hand, so you can be sure that you’ll be building a diverse link profile and maximizing opportunities. Get in touch to be consulted for free!

Why Use Link Building?

Any backlink building agency will assure you that the time and effort this process takes are worth it. The logic of search engines is the following: if there are many people referring to your website, it means you’re good at what you do. Consequently, it means that there is a good reason to show your website to more people.

Let’s go into the details of how Google’s algorithms work. These algorithms are constantly being adjusted, and it makes a marketer’s job very demanding. However, building links has long been a staple in a good SEO strategy. The number of inbound links is one of the determining factors of your Google Page Rank (PR). If Google’s algorithms see that your site is worthy of citation, it will earn you.

Here is how an SEO backlink service like ours can benefit your position:

  • Increased visibility of your website in search results
  • More traffic from other sources
  • Building brand authority for coming across as a leader in your industry
  • Getting indexed in search results faster
  • Long-term benefits to build a more reputed website in the future

We would also like to point out that the number of links isn’t the only aspect to pay attention to. Building unlimited links if they’re not coming from reliable websites is worthless. Incoming links from an authority source will be rewarded by search engines.

Types of Links

SEO link building services will use a variety of strategies to get you referrals. Depending on which method they use and where the link is shared, it will be considered a certain type of link. Some of them don’t have a direct impact on organic rankings but are efficient in driving referral traffic. Some of them are the opposite.

Natural Editorial Links

This type can be called an organic link building service because these links are posted by other website owners at their own will. They are very effective for SEO because Google rewards these referrals the most. At the same time, natural editorial links are the most difficult to get.

You need to give editors a good reason to link to your website. For example, it can be a valuable, insightful piece of content that is shared by people as is. Then, editors and website owners naturally come across the content and choose to share it with their audience. Following the internet etiquette, they leave a link with a relevant anchor text, and that’s it.

Manual “Outreach” Link Building

This backlink building service is a very common way to get high-quality links among all kinds of businesses. This marketing technique involves actively looking for and securing placements for your content. This option doesn’t happen by itself, so you should see it as reasonable time investment and develop a solid strategy.

As the name implies, you’ll need to make any manual contact with whatever website you’re aiming for. Of course, you will still need to present something of value, but you have a much bigger influence over it. But most importantly, you’ll need to find a platform that you’d like to be associated with and make sure it reaches your target audience.

Self-Created, Non-Editorial Links

Self-created, non-editorial links are those that you create yourself on other people’s web properties. This type should be used with caution because Google might even penalize this type of link. If you don’t provide quality content, it will be considered spam, and you risk plummeting down the search results.

Examples include blog comments and directories that are not moderated, guest post signatures, advertorials, embeddable widgets, user profile pages. Once again, it’s not the most reliable type of link, and its implementation must be carefully thought through.

Are All Links Good for Your Site?

We’ve briefly mentioned that not all links are the same, and your link building campaigns will benefit more from the good ones. Higher domain authorities are where you should aim to land. For example, if an authoritative website like the “New Yorker” links users to your website, it will have a bigger positive effect compared to some tabloid.

How do you know if Google considers a source reputable? Unfortunately, there isn’t a tool a link building agency can use. Generally, you should aim for websites that post links for editorial purposes instead of promotional. If the Google algorithms suspect that the link was placed in exchange for money or any other form of transaction, it will be seen as a bad link. The trick is to make Google think that the link is posted to give visitors useful information.

The process of driving traffic to a website through SEO techniques is known as building white hat links. It can be done through guest posting in reputable outlets that accept outside contributors.

There is also an option to reach out to the utility and resource page and ask them to include your website as a source. And, of course, you can contact online media outlets to see if they’re interested in covering your content. We’ll explain these methods in detail later on.

Backlink Analysis & Risk Assessment

One of the tasks that link building services take care of is examining the links according to specific criteria. This analysis will determine whether a given link affects rankings in a positive or negative way. The best ones come from relevant platforms and link to your brand in a natural way.

Here is how backlink analysis works. SEO link building services will give a thorough review of the following elements:

  • All links that point to your website
  • All unique domains that mention your website
  • Anchor URLs
  • Anchor text
  • Quality of the page (authority, performance review, keyword variance, and distribution)

This analysis will give you valuable insight into where and how your brand is mentioned. It matters to your visitors and search engines alike.

If you manage to catch risky or otherwise harmful backlinks early, you can prevent reputational damage. For example, you can spot the domain where you want your link removed. Or you can come up with suggestions for a proper replacement. Overall, it’s better to take preventive measures instead of re-building your audience’s trust.

Lasting Trend will develop a link building strategy that will stand the test of time for long-term sustainable results. In our link building company, we have an experienced team of marketers who know what it takes to get people talking about your brand. Contact us today to know more about what our services include and how we will boost your online presence.

Link Building Tactics

What you expect from an organic link building service is to come up with a strategy. But there are lots of ways to achieve great results, and one strategy can contain several tactics. We’ll focus on the most common ones.

Depending on which industry you work in, it can be more or less difficult to acquire links. So, your link building agency will have to adjust the strategy for better effectiveness. In some industries, you will benefit from a more aggressive approach, whereas in others, you should be more subtle.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a process of asking other websites if they’re interested in publishing a piece of your content. If they are considered an industry leader, has engaged, long-term readers, and has a good domain authority, you will have lots of eyes on your link. While it might be difficult to get a response, getting into a high-grade website’s publishing calendar is worth the effort.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for guest blogging:

  • Stay in touch with the audience’s knowledge, expectations, and education
  • Use credible sources to back up your argument in your articles
  • Cover the topic or story from an interesting angle
  • Create specific goals for your content
  • Strive to bring benefit to readers
  • SExamine each paragraph to ensure it stays in line with your topic and proofread it exhaustively

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is very similar to guest posting. The difference here is that you reach out to work specifically with influencers, which are an extremely effective marketing tool.

SEO link building services usually plan the entire campaign before reaching out to bloggers so that we can accurately steer the campaign in the right direction. Then, they will help you identify the right people in order to attract your target audience. Also, it’s important to do your research on a given influencer. The more you know about them, the more likely they’ll work with you.

This is a good opportunity to try out link earning, which is all about impacting your community over promotion. It can be data-backed, long-form resources, how-to guides, engaging visuals, etc. These efforts can earn you high-quality links and organic traffic.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a tactic where you find dead links on quality, relevant websites and offer a suitable replacement. What we mean by replacement is linking to a piece of content on your website instead of a 404 page.  It might sound strange, but websites are usually more than willing to replace broken links with working ones. Otherwise, broken links simply contribute to poor user experience.

Of course, there are more tactics, but you, personally, don’t need to learn about them. After all, custom link building professionals from Lasting Trend are there for you to do this job.

Increasing Authority, Visibility, and Revenue with Lasting Trend

White-hat link building schemes are time-consuming but rewarding in the end. But if you take shortcuts or use unreliable tactics, this process can do more harm than good. Businesses need to hire professional link building services to carry out these activities, and they will see noticeable improvements to the website’s performance.

Lasting Trend is a come with advanced software solutions as well as our expertise and creativity. We’re not just a link building company. We are a full-service digital marketing agency where you can get multi-channel strategies tailored to your business objectives.

Through our partnerships, we help you achieve your goals with sustainable link building and strategic content. We’re also proud to state that our SEO backlink service generates only high-quality references in order to maintain and enhance their reputation. Let’s start this process today!

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