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Contextual advertising Google Ads is one of the most important segments of digital marketing. However, due to the huge competition among law firms, this market is highly overheated. The stakes here are extremely high. For PPC expenses to pay off, you need to be able to properly set up advertising and stand out from the competition. But if you do not have all the knowledge necessary for this, it is better to order contextual advertising from reliable and experienced contractors.

Why Use PPC Company Services

Contextual advertising is the fastest way to increase online sales. Here are its benefits:

  • Low starting budget. You can order contextual advertising even with a small budget and still get results.
  • Quick launch. You don’t have to wait weeks to get new customers and make sure your ads are working effectively.
  • Maximum coverage. We can customize your ads to weed out all unnecessary audiences and target your core audience.
  • The cost of setting up contextual advertising quickly pays off. You get the first customers immediately after setting up an advertising campaign.

You should contact a PPC agency if:

  • you have engaged in contextual advertising yourself but are dissatisfied with the result;
  • the volume of the market in your area is growing, and the number of customers is falling;
  • conversion on the site does not increase but stands still or decreases;
  • you think that it is impossible to calculate the result of an advertising campaign on the Internet, and you cannot separate it from the result of an offline campaign;
  • you want to have transparent reporting on the costs of contextual advertising and the income that it brings at any given time.

If at least one of the above points concerns you, contact Lasting Trend for help.

Build, Launch, And Manage New Campaigns

We’ll help you set up your Google Ads account from scratch. This service includes all the necessary aspects for the cost-effective operation of advertising: search and collection of keywords, a compilation of negative keyword lists, creation of ads and maintenance of advertising campaigns. 

We pay special attention to web analytics to track the results of contextual advertising in Google.

At the end of the ad settings, the client gets full access to the Google Ads account. You can advertise yourself or apply for the service of advertising campaigns in our PPC agency.

Optimize Existing Ad Campaigns For Better Performance

The Lasting Trend team is ready to take on all the work related to the management of contextual advertising in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

The tasks that we undertake as part of the service include:

  • control over the cost of advertising campaigns and their optimization;
  • adjusting bids at the keyword level;
  • expanding the list of keywords;
  • adding new negative keywords;
  • testing new advertising theses in ads to increase conversion;
  • updating announcements to maintain up-to-date information about the service;
  • communication with the support service of the advertising system in case of disputes;
  • development of new advertising campaigns when adding new services.

The service is necessary for companies that plan to conduct long-term advertising campaigns and are aimed at obtaining high results. In this case, careful work to reduce costs and increase the number of conversions becomes extremely important.

Increase Leads And Sales From Search Engines

When ordering contextual advertising, you should not forget about SEO. Website optimization is like a long-term investment. You optimize the site for a long time, while contextual advertising directs traffic to the site and temporarily increases revenue and conversions. In turn, website optimization can positively impact PPC performance.

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That’s why Lasting Trend helps its clients with their on-site SEO issues. In particular, it can be optimization of the site code and structure, work with content and commercial factors, analysis and improvement of usability, local seo, etc.

PPC Services At Lasting Trend

Contextual advertising is an opportunity to get customers as quickly as possible from search engines and popular sites. Some clients say they have already tried to use PPC for their promotion, but did not get the expected result, and wasted a large advertising budget. Yes, such an unpleasant situation is possible if the advertising campaign was designed incorrectly.

The PPC marketing agency Lasting Trend will help you to correctly set up contextual advertising, open a new traffic channel for you to attract customers and at the same time reduce advertising costs. It is important for us that our cooperation is beneficial for you and that you are satisfied with our work.

A Digital Competitor Analysis

Analysis of contextual advertising of competitors is necessary not only at the start of an ads campaign but also in the work process. Competitors may change their promotion strategy, and you should be aware of these changes. You need to understand what is happening in your niche, what techniques and methods competitors use.

To do this, Lasting Trend analyzes the following parameters:

  • competitor keyword analysis;
  • targeting;
  • titles and texts of announcements;
  • landing pages;
  • the budget of competitors;
  • analysis of contextual display advertising, etc.

The data obtained helps to achieve exceptional results in setting up contextual advertising.

Custom, Data-driven Ads

Contextual advertising will interest your potential customers only if it is aimed at solving their problems. To create this kind of advertising, you need to know your target audience well and understand its problems.

You should create a portrait of the ideal client before the start of the ads campaign. This task means working with a large amount of data. What to pay attention to? Usually, we start with the simplest – gender, age, ability to pay, geography, marital status, and social status. The rest of the information largely depends on what kind of services you offer to your customers. With our help, you will be able to better understand the needs of your audience and, accordingly, increase the effectiveness of your ads campaign.

PPC Ad Tracking And Analytics

Analysis of Google Ads campaigns is aimed at finding errors and additional opportunities for advertising optimization. As part of these PPC marketing services, we analyze in detail:

  • keywords, negative keywords, audience targeting;
  • ads, extensions, banners;
  • bidding strategies,
  • advertising campaign settings.

After receiving and analyzing the data, the Lasting Trend team offers ways to optimize advertising campaigns. It helps to attract more leads, reduce CPL and CPO, increase the number of requests to the firm.

PPC Campaign Management

The initial marketing strategy may change several times after the start of the advertising campaign. It is affected by intermediate results. If you see that your current ad is not generating the desired number of leads, you should immediately make adjustments and restart the campaign. To do this, you must constantly monitor the process and keep your finger on the pulse. But it is better to entrust such work to professionals.

This is what Lasting Trend specialists do while working on advertising cabinets:

  • define goals, find metrics and indicators that directly or indirectly affect the result;
  • collect and analyze statistics;
  • looking for ways to influence the required indicators;
  • perform the necessary actions;
  • evaluates the result of their actions, draws conclusions and decides what to do next.

At each of these stages, you will receive our reports and recommendations for the further promotion of the firm.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Paid Search Campaigns

Search advertising is a method of promoting services by placing ads in search results. Google Ads offers a large number of tools for this. The basis of the effectiveness of such advertising is its accuracy. Search queries match the key phrases that were selected by PPC consultant at the stage of advertising setup. Therefore, these queries are relevant to the content of your site.

Setting up search advertising campaigns is a voluminous process. Here you need:

  • work out the semantics and select keywords;
  • compose text ads that are interesting for the user for the given search phrases;
  • create an advertising campaign in Google Ads;
  • set up targeting according to the selected parameters, set rates for the transition to the site and other conditions.

Search advertising is conveniently measured using web analytics systems.

PPC Advertising Across Multiple Platforms

To broaden the search for your target audience, we recommend using multiple platforms at the same time. In addition to Google, these can be Bing, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Taboola, AdRoll, Twitter Ads, AdRecover, etc.

These specialized resources allow you to do the following:

  • manage bets according to the rules;
  • adjust the parameters of advertising campaigns CPA, CPC, ROI and others;
  • check the functionality of the website.

They also help optimize advertising campaigns and collect data on campaigns. Also, each of them has its features and benefits available to users in the advertising account.

Advertise Anywhere With Our PPC Marketing Company

As of 2021, the PPC industry was valued at over $109 billion annually. Experts predict that this figure will grow in the future. Even COVID-19 was unable to stop the staggering growth of contextual advertising. It says that PPC advertising platforms offer the widest reach for any kind of business. Law firms are also on this list, so Lasting Trend often uses this tool to promote its clients. The main task here is to choose the right PPC platform and type of advertising.

Some of the resources we talked about earlier offer a variety of advertising options:

  • text on search results pages;
  • embedded video;
  • native advertising content that is sponsored by the advertiser;
  • advertising in mobile applications, and others.

The rest of the platforms only target certain niches, such as mobile app advertising or sponsored content.

Platforms We Work With

Of course, the largest and most popular PPC platform is Google. However, other resources also have some advantages, such as less competition and lower cost per click.

At the same time, some social networks have a very large number of users, so it is easy to find your target audience there. These platforms include Facebook and LinkedIn. Our PPC specialists have been working fruitfully with these resources for a long time, have extensive experience and know many ways to optimize and make such advertising effective.

How We Work

The PPC marketing agency Lasting Trend constantly monitors all new algorithms for setting up advertising campaigns. We always know about all the most modern ways of promotion and optimization. When setting up campaigns, we gradually move from manual setup (through hypothesis testing) to gradual automation, keeping a balance between these two approaches.

After the launch of the campaign, our work is just beginning, because then we carry out a large range of work:

  • We regularly add new ads, targeting, and platforms.
  • We analyze the work of the campaign and turn off ineffective ads.
  • Set up auto strategies.
  • As new formats of contextual advertising appear, we test how cost-effective they are in your case.
  • Refining automation. For example, we supplement ad generation with bid management depending on conversion, margin, etc.

Our clients always have full access to the control panel and are the owner of the advertising account. We guarantee you complete transparency and openness in our work.

Defining Performance Goals And Reviewing Historical Data

Google recommends choosing the type of advertising campaign depending on what goals you are pursuing and what results you want to achieve. These goals can be very different – from representing the company at the highest level, and to meeting potential customers of the firm and advertising their services. When using contextual advertising, it is possible to track any type of conversion goal.

Lasting Trend always discusses in detail with its clients the goals that need to be achieved. The discussion takes place before the launch of the campaign, and then we closely monitor the results.

Implementing Tracking

You can track the effectiveness of your ads in a variety of ways. In particular, you can use special tools – Application Programming Interface (API). For example, we may connect the Facebook Conversions API (CAPI) or Google Ads API (AdWords API) to your website. These tools allow you to get data about user actions on your site, and on this basis, analyze statistics and optimize advertising campaigns. Subsequently, APIs help to increase the effectiveness of your advertising, as it will be seen by those people who are most interested in your advertising offer.

Building Keywords & Targeting

Using keywords for targeting is a great addition to traditional demographic and interest targeting. It works great for finding a loyal audience. Let’s say your potential client searched for “divorce lawyer” on the Internet. If you set your ads to look like “divorce lawyer”, the user will see your ad and be able to contact you for help. Today, contextual targeting is available not only on traditional advertising platforms but also on social networks.

Developing Ad Copy & Creative

Creating an advertisement is a complex and time-consuming process. It is necessary to come up with a short and meaningful text. The ad may only have one or two short sentences, but they should convince the client to call you. What’s more, there are many rules and regulations regarding advertising for legal services that make it difficult to create ads. That is why when creating advertising, it is better to turn to the PPC specialists who know and understand all the nuances and details of the process. We will help you solve all these problems and create a unique and inspiring advertisement for you.

Optimizing Landing Pages

Let’s say a potential customer is interested in your ad and clicks on it. The next thing he or she sees is the landing page. There will be much more information about your service than in the ad. But it must be designed in a special way – the client must receive answers to his questions, become even more interested in your service and leave you his contact details.

However, in this case, we are talking not only about the quality of the text but about many other technical details. For example, you can optimize your landing page in the following ways:

  • structure information to make it easier to perceive information;
  • include keywords in the title, meta tags and content;
  • make the design more interesting;
  • fill the page with a link mass, etc.

Also, calls to action and contacts of your firm should always be visible on the page.

To accomplish all these tasks, our SEO specialists are involved in the process and conduct a full audit of the landing page.

Creating Bidding Strategy And Monitoring

The number of available bid management strategies continues to grow. It is necessary to understand how each of them works to increase the return on investment (ROI) from contextual advertising. For example, when you launch a new Google Ads campaign, you will be presented with three types of bidding strategies – manual, automatic, and smart.

Of course, the automation of advertising management is gradually replacing manual settings. However, the most effective Google Ads accounts are those that include both manual bidding and a range of different automated strategies. To do this, you need to test different combinations of setting up and optimizing your campaign. Only then can you understand what works best for your business.

Reporting & Refining

Many advertisers often make the same mistake. After launching an advertising campaign, they simply wait for the ad to produce results and new customers to come to them. In fact, any advertising campaign needs to be carefully monitored to see any failures, mistakes and shortcomings in time. On the other hand, not all advertisers can correctly assess the effectiveness of their advertising, even with detailed reports. That is why in this situation you need to turn to the PPC consultants. The Lasting Trend team always studies all the statistics in great detail, looking for ways to reduce costs and increase conversions. If such opportunities exist, we immediately make changes to the campaign settings. 

Specifics Of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC marketing has several compelling advantages over other forms of advertising.

  1. Large coverage of the target audience. Contextual advertising allows the use of many tools that help you find your target audience faster and increase your reach.
  2. Timeliness of advertising. Customers see contextual advertising after they show interest in the service. That is, these are very loyal users who are really interested in your offer.
  3. Result in the shortest possible time.

Contextual advertising works from the moment of launch, and you can receive calls and requests even on the first day.

For example, it is effective to use contextual advertising for young companies that have just launched their website and are not yet receiving a lot of organic traffic. PPC marketing is also effective in introducing new services. 

Why Use Professional Help

As you have already seen, PPC marketing involves a wide range of tasks and requires a lot of knowledge. Your income and the number of clients directly depend on how experienced your PPC specialist will be. Of course, you can take a chance and try to set up contextual advertising on your own, but this can lead to a large number of errors and the loss of the entire advertising budget. If you do not want to put your business at risk, it is better to immediately choose a more reliable path and invite digital marketing professionals to help. 

Why Choose Us Among Other PPC Agencies

Usually, only large law firms can afford an in-house marketer. Everyone else prefers to hire a PPC agency. Such cooperation is cheaper than the salary of a full-time employee, and a PPC firm has more technical capabilities.

At the same time, Lasting Trend stands out from other agencies due to its approach to business.

  • We focus on increasing leads and calls, not clicks.
  • We work according to a clearly agreed tariff, without “surprises”. We do not strive to increase the advertising budget if we do not see the potential benefit for the client in this.
  • We work transparently and openly, we give access to advertising campaigns, we provide up-to-date and detailed reports.
  • We select a team with relevant experience for each project.
  • We implement advanced analytics. Before launching a campaign, we study the market and competitors, conduct an audit, and check the landing pages on the site.
  • We check the analytics settings to see the results of the campaign from the first day.

Based on the data received on the project, we offer the client an individual scheme for launching advertising, which provides tools and strategies specially selected for the project. As a result, already at the initial stage, you get an effective and highly competitive position in Google advertising. 

Our Clients’ Success Stories

The PPC marketing firm Lasting Trend over the years has collected a large number of successful cases that confirm the quality of the team’s work. We are proud that cooperation with us has brought success to various companies and business projects. We talked about some of them in Results. You have the opportunity to find out all the details of each case.

Case Examples

One of these cases is particularly revealing. We are talking about the company LaptopMD. When the firm contacted Lasting Trend, it had a whole range of problems with promotion and advertising. A deep audit showed that the company’s website does not bring leads and needs to be optimized. But to speed up the development of the site, we decided to use PPC marketing. As a result, we increased conversion by 135%. Do you want to know how we did it? Read on LaptopMD PPC Campaign.

Our Prices And Plans

The cost of contextual ads paid by the advertiser consists of two main parts:

  • advertising budget (this amount goes to pay for clicks on Google Ads or other platforms);
  • the cost of PPC company services.

For clients to clearly know how much they will spend on an advertising campaign, the Lasting Trend team prepares an estimate of the cost of PPC services before starting work, and does not change the agreements in the course of work. Read more about the cost of our services in Prices.

How Customers Reviewed Our PPC Firm

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Without a doubt, PPC is a very effective way to get your audience’s attention quickly, but it comes with some risks. For your advertising to be visible, you need to constantly invest in it. Once you stop paying for ads, the audience will stop seeing it. However, it is in the legal field that the cost of each click is very high. The more local and accurate your keyword is, the more you will have to pay for it.As a result, if you set up your ad incorrectly, it will become a “black hole” that will absorb all your resources, but you will not get new customers. Only a thoughtful and well-planned advertising campaign will help the development of your firm. Therefore, do not engage in PPC marketing on your own, this can lead to disastrous results. It is better to immediately contact the professionals. The PPC marketing company Lasting Trend is ready to help you prepare, set up, track your PPC advertising. We are always responsible for our work and guarantee the result.

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