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Using email to advertise a company’s products and services while also rewarding customers for their loyalty. In the form of email marketing, customers on your email list may learn about new items, special discounts, and other services. In addition, educating your audience about the benefits of your brand or keeping them interested in your brand between transactions may be a softer sell. Anything in between is OK. If you’re looking for the highest return on your marketing investment, Mailchimp can assist you with designing, building, and optimizing your email campaigns. 

Email marketing is still the most cost-effective way to reach customers and provide a positive return on investment. This decades-old marketing technique is far from extinct, and advancements are continually being made. 

To get the most bang for your buck with email marketing, choose a provider with all the latest bells and whistles. While you may still create an email without using modern drag-and-drop tools, you risk losing out on revenue-generating opportunities by not using automatically running sequences, email list segmentation, and other such features. On top of that, putting everything together or even doing it manually takes time. You may benefit from our email marketing services. Considering how we see marketing efforts, we are confident we can help you. 

Our Email Marketing Services and Solution

Need help managing your email marketing campaigns but don’t have the resources, time, or staff? Please consider us as your elite special forces for creating, setting up, and deploying your email marketing campaigns. We’ll get to know you, your work style, and your preferences (and dislikes). We’ll take care of this for you, and we can do it with any email service provider you want. 

Our philosophy is straightforward: for every dollar spent on marketing, the customer should receive two, three, or four times the value back in other forms of compensation. If this does not occur, then marketing has been a waste of time and money. With our help, we’ll figure out what your company needs in terms of email marketing. 

Chatbox Marketing

Chatbots have the advantage of always being available. When your team members are unavailable, they’ll keep your marketing engine running and save you time. 

Don’t let this chance pass you by. Bots, by their very definition, provide a radically new world. Bots are designed to be a resource. They demand that a person voluntarily opt-in to receive them. As well as encouraging companies and consumers to engage in scalable, personal dialogues for the first time. 

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Marketers’ dreams are coming true: a world where companies can establish genuine connections with their customers and customers can regain confidence in brands. 

Chatbots aren’t going to replace your marketing or sales team, but they may make you feel like you’ve increased your workforce by 10x with the proper setup. Give us a try if you’re ready to use chatbots to enhance your marketing efforts! 

Audience Segmentation

A marketing approach focused on identifying subgroups within the target demographic must be used to offer more personalized content and build deeper relationships. Depending on the demographics, subgroups may be created based on geography, gender identity, age, ethnicity, and income. It is also possible to create subgroups based on prior activity, such as purchases made. When you have access to insights on your audience’s personality types, values, attitudes, and beliefs, psychographics comes into play. For instance, you might create distinct categories for individuals depending on their values, such as family vs. independence, leaders vs. followers, or adventurers vs. homebodies, for example. 

How Email Marketing Service Can Boost Your Business

Some of the biggest companies in the world utilize email marketing. To be clear, email marketing is not limited to large corporations with deep pockets. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective advertising options for small businesses. Are you ready to get the most out of your marketing budget for your small business? For small firms, email marketing offers several advantages. 

Increase Brand Recognition

Brand recognition may be increased by using an efficient email marketing approach. Email marketing is often seen purely from the perspective of sales by internet firms. However, one of the most effective marketing methods for boosting sales and improving a company’s position is cultivating solid relationships with an email list. Said, email marketing by email marketing companies is one of the most effective methods for getting customers to engage with a business regularly. One of the most cost-effective marketing methods is email marketing. It allows companies to reach customers where they spend the most time — in their email. When a user register for an email list, the registered person demonstrate an interest in engaging with a business. 

Connect With Your Target Market

In today’s market, customers are actively seeking a customized shopping experience. Targeted email marketing is a fantastic method to meet this demand, which ensures the communications consumers get are constantly relevant. And that’s the main reason you need email marketing consulting companies to run your campaign.

By segmenting your contacts or leads, you’ll send more relevant messages to the people in those categories. You may use this to establish a connection with your subscribers. There is no doubt that when you send someone a relevant message, they will be more inclined to engage with it. Higher open, click-through, and conversion rates are all benefits of this strategy. 

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Create New Streams Of Income

According to Russel Brunson’s best-selling book Traffic Secrets, the typical entrepreneur can expect to generate $1/month from each email in their list (imagine if you have 10,000 subscribers). Unfortunately for them, many business owners have tens of thousands of email subscribers but no clue how to monetize them. They’re losing out on a ton of passive money per month. 

On the other hand, passive income streams may help you start earning money in as little as two months after learning how to develop a genuine relationship with your email list. Using your email list effectively requires mastery of only three phases: nurturing your subscribers, building customer value, and selling high-ticket items. 

Small Business Email Marketing Specifics

Most small businesses have done email marketing at some point, or at least considered it. Email is a critical communication medium that the majority of us use daily. Therefore, it should be no surprise that small businesses prefer to promote their products and services via email. In this case, outsourcing to a company with relevant knowledge and tools may make sense for a small business. Here are a few of the advantages of having this task outsourced. 

  • Time savings for your business because of less email marketing (your email marketing service provider will now be spending their time on this task) 
  • Extra tools for monitoring 
  • Increased number of doors being opened 
  • Higher rates of click-through 
  • Integration of email marketing and small business with the best result
  • Revenue and profit increases for each sent message 
  • Automatic newsletter to recipients for getting new customers
  • Email marketing consultants will give you the best benefits.

Hiring a business to handle all of your marketing may be advantageous. One of the reasons for this is that a firm that offers marketing services to a variety of clients would be better at it, have more expertise in determining what works and what doesn’t, and will be able to do it for less than hiring a full-service marketing staff would cost you. Even if you don’t have the time to conduct all of those studies, you don’t require that much of them. Give us a call to get the email marketing handled for you by our email marketing agency specialist. 

Why Choose Lasting Trend

In-house Team
Lasting Trend
General SEO agency
Personal customer care
The in-house team devotes 100% of their time to your projects.
Each client gets a personal manager accountable for the project results.
The client receives a dry report once a month, it is difficult to understand what is being done on the project now.
One client per market
Own team will only work with your projects.
We never take two clients that will compete in the same niche and the same geo.
General SEO agencies take as many clients as they can.
Deep research
Depends on the size of a team. Often, team members don’t have enough experience for deep research.
We provide deep research with a target to bring you profit. We do not collect popular words and topics from your niche.
Big companies have deep research options. But the total results will look big and half of them won’t attract any client.
Niche understanding
Normally, the in-house team fully understands your niche and can see what keywords you need to look for.
The first step in our SEO processes is to understand the niche. That helps to find the most profitable growth points.
No time for niche understanding, automated SEO processes.
Monthly investment
Based on the team size. Can be as low as $2500 for one intern-level full-time employee to $10k+ for a team
Starting with $2999
Wide range of prices. From $500 (firms that most likely won’t deliver) to $50k (nationwide largest firms).

What Results You Get

As a small business owner, you can’t afford to be hasty when deciding where to allocate your marketing budget. Try us one time, our email marketing firm will fit in your budget without breaking your bank. 

Getting new consumers and retaining existing ones is essential, but you can’t put time and money into something until you know it will pay off. 

As a result, and productivity of email marketing has the most significant ROI (return on investment) out of all marketing methods, returning on average $36 for every $1 spent. 

Email marketing yields the following benefits: 

  • Content that is specifically tailored to each individual Acquire trustworthiness 
  • Increased recognition of the company’s brand 
  • Increase the number of sales 
  • A higher level of consumer loyalty 
  • Make the most of your resources, both time and money. 
  • You may learn more about what works by keeping track of your observations and reporting them. 
  • More people visiting your website 
  • Create a sense of power and authority 
  • Create a sense of anticipation 

There are uncountable benefits of email marketing. Start using it to understand the benefits. If you’re an eCommerce business owner, use Woocommercs and email marketing methods to get sales from the very beginning. 

with Lasting Trend
4.5 times
than in-house team
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Case Examples

Email marketing, on the other hand, enables you to cultivate relationships with prospects, clients, and previous customers. Your chance to talk with them directly in their inbox at a moment that suits them has arrived. Email, when used correctly, maybe one of your most effective marketing tools. 

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Aside from social marketing and direct mail, email marketing is your most effective tool. An email has a higher return on investment than most other marketing channels. Because of its adaptability, you can use it for various purposes, including brand recognition, lead generation, nurturing, and conversion. 

Want to maximize your email marketing efforts but aren’t sure where to start? That’s where we come in with our email marketing consultancy. Whether you need help establishing email marketing campaigns or producing email text, our professional consultants can help.

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