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During the first few years of our work, over 20 companies like yours have already increased the number of clients after six-nine months.
Do you want to get similar results from SEO?
Founder of Lasting Trend
«Local Marketing Agency That Helps Small Businesses Grow»

We Will Boost Your Website In 3 Key Areas

We Are The Best Bet If You Are Looking For

Tailored Marketing Solutions
We are not interested in promoting any service that is useless to you, as opposed to one-service firms. You get only what brings you the highest return-on-investment
Full Service Digital Marketing
We provide all the necessary online marketing services for your business. Your vision, combined with our expertise, light-ups hidden growth opportunities for your company.
Complex Content Marketing
We transform boring topics into easy-to-read content relevant to your clients and scannable by search engine robots. The masterpiece converts readers into buyers.

What to Expect

We will literally BUILD your online presence. SEO takes
time, but the results are worth the effort
1st Month
  • Finding “low-hanging fruits”to get SEO boost
  • Site analysis
  • Niche research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brainstorming and strategy approval for 12 months
2nd Month
  • Developing traffic growth strategy
    • - Content Plan
    • - Link Building
    • - Technical SEO
  • Development of reporting system and proper analytics setup
3-6 Months
  • Implementing customer growth tactics
  • Blogging
  • Webmasters outreach
  • Search and/or social ads
  • Strategy correction based on the first dataset
6-12 Months
  • Sales Grow - your investments are starting to pay off
  • Conversion rate optimization of landing pages
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Marketing strategy review and development for the next 12 months

Case Studies

Our clients already increased the number of clients they get from websites by an average of 5 times after working with us.
note-textWebsite marketing tip
Tim Absalikov
Founder of Lasting Trend
«The sooner you start working on your website SEO, the sooner you will see the results.»

Digital Marketing Services

SEO company that helps small businesses thrive
Content Marketing
Content marketing is the process of creating and promoting content to attract potential customers.
We will develop and fill your website and social media accounts with unique content based on industry analysis and considered the requests of your potential customers who use Google.
Emil Aupov
Senior Project Manager
«Today the quality of content plays a key role in ranking your site in Google.»
Link Building
Link Building is the process of building natural links to your site to improve your position in Google’s search rankings.
We will create a link building plan that is optimal in terms of time and quality. We have connections with hundreds of bloggers and journalists. We also have exclusive access to sites in some niches, such as service companies and law firms.
Tim Absalikov
Founder of Lasting Trend
«The number of sites that link to you has been one of the main ranking factors in Google since its inception.»
Technical SEO
Technical SEO is the correction of technical bugs that prevent the site from displaying correctly. Such bugs are detected by search bots and affect the site’s ranking negatively.
Technical SEO is the correction of technical bugs that prevent the site from displaying correctly. Such bugs are detected by search bots and affect the site’s ranking negatively.
Nikita Yudin
Web Development Lead
«Website speed and design are important not only for Google but also for users.»

Are You Looking for a Custom Solution?

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Expand Your Small Business with a Customized and
Profitable Digital Marketing Strategy

About Us

Often small business companies are faced with failed marketing solutions that not only do not bring concrete results but sometimes even harm the company, destroying its reputation and depriving customers of its services. This is common in the marketing industry.

We have realized that by combining our practical experience, passion, and dedication to digital marketing, we can make a difference. Thus, in 2017 we founded LASTING TREND – an independent full-service digital advertising agency based in New York City.

During the first years of work, we have managed to implement successful marketing strategies for many local companies. We are result-oriented and use only cost-effective marketing technologies, which allow our clients to achieve significant sales growth. Check our Big Apple Repair case.

«Lasting Trend will satisfy any of your marketing ambitions»
Tim Absalikov
Founder and acting CEO of Lasting Trend

Some Other Things We are Proud of

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15 th Place
Top 90 SEO Companies in New York – Manifest Rank

Meet The Lasting Trend Team

Tim Absalikov
Founder and acting CEO
Tim Absalikov
Tim helps traditional businesses generate more leads by improving their online presence. He created and executed many successful digital marketing campaigns
Senior Project Manager
He can talk about SEO and blogs for at least 12 hours without repetitions
Web Development Lead
Speaks PHP, Java, C++, Python, Ruby, Swift, SQL
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Our Rockstar Crew
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SEO Marketing Company FAQ

How much?

From $2999/mo.

Can it be cheaper?

Your competitors have already invested large budgets in marketing. To break into the market, you’ll have to equal them by investing similar sums.

How Long?

On average our clients see first results in 3-6 months. For a brand new website it may take a bit longer – about 9 months. Keep in mind that Google algorithms can take 4-8 weeks to index and rank new content.

Any Warranties?

Let us be honest with you, Google is a third-party company, and it can change whatever it wants at any time. No company can give you that kind of guarantee.

Do you have expertise in a particular field or industry?

We mostly work with small and medium sized local businesses in service niche.