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Thanks to the internet, we’re living in an increasingly connected world. Plus, wide adoption of technology – laptops, mobile devices, wearable tech – creates many digital capabilities to explore. However, executives find it hard to understand, envision, and articulate the digital as a business strategy and implement it across the company. This is the job for digital strategy consulting.

To keep up with the changing world and preserve competitive advantages, companies need to adapt and evolve constantly. From a marketing perspective, it means finding more effective ways to communicate with customers and creating consistent experiences across all digital channels.

A brand’s success in the modern age can vary significantly depending on whether they work with a digital transformation agency. And it makes sense – most businesses aren’t prepared to leverage data analytics and maintain a strong presence, regardless of touchpoint, channel, or device. But when you work with professionals in this filed, there is no need to sidetrack from your main line of business.

Lasting Trend gives you the tools and knowledge to adopt new company perspectives. With the help of our marketing strategy in New York, you will receive suitable methods and innovative ideas for your business models. Learn more about our approach to bringing your company through a digital change.

Digital Business Strategy: Understand the Notion Before Starting the Journey

Digital strategy development focuses on creating the capabilities a company needs to become a digital business. It reacts to changes in business models and technologies and introduces new visions as a result of that. The subsequent changes may be different; for example, a digital business strategy may involve creating a new product, but it also may concentrate on enhancing current operations.

Only recently, digital technologies became recognized as a useful tool for creating value based on customer benefits. But studies already show that technology leads to pervasive changes in product offerings, revenue generation, innovation, infrastructure, and customer relations.

In general, a digital consultant will be working on coordinating three main areas of change:

  • customer experience;
  • operational processes;
  • business models.

This topic is still new and complicated for most business owners. Therefore, the point of digital strategy consulting is to take over this task and implement technology in a way that supports the business. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that business owners don’t participate. On the contrary, they are fully aware of upcoming transformations within the company and more or less on the same ground with professional assistance.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, choose Lasting Trend as your digital strategy company. We’ll help you find value and harness the full power of digital marketing that you’d never discover on your own. Get quick yet long-lasting results – but first, leave us a request!

What Is Include

Services that our digital transformation agency offers can be summed up in the following 5 points. Keep in mind that these are complex and include lots of activities within them.

Online Presence

If you want the internet community to hold your brand in high regard, you need to maintain your presence, update it, and keep it user-friendly. We help companies establish a strong online presence on multiple platforms, including:

  • Company’s website, its mobile version and a campaign mini-site;
  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.);
  • Corporate advertising profiles;
  • Review websites;
  • Guest appearances.

We also align the activities with other areas of digital campaigns, such as search engine marketing, online banner ads, blogs, newsletters, email marketing, etc.

Online Sales

Our digital strategy expert will also guide you through activities needed to shorten the customer journey and finalize sales. It might include working on your products and services, reducing website processing times, targeting specific audiences, or something along those lines.

Customer Interactions

What’s interesting about digital transformation is that it’s not the companies that are driving this change. Instead, this change is being driven by the customer. Therefore, you need to rely on what they want and expect. You first need to understand who this new kind of digital customer is. And then, fine-tune customer experiences based on that.

Mobile-Based Solutions

There is some truth to the saying that millennials and generation Z recognize mobile as the only viable platform. This brings mobile to the center of digital strategy development for all enterprises. It should cover:

  • Mobile e-commerce for transactions via their mobile phone or tablet;
  • Responsive mobile websites that scale correctly;
  • Cross-platform mobile applications, both external (aimed at customers) and internal (for staff).

Efficiencies Through Technology

You already know that the majority of business processes can be improved by technology. It doesn’t mean full or partial automation of everything, but it does mean that the company can benefit from moving suitable tasks to the digital.

If you use the right digital marketing technology with the right intent, the results will follow. It might involve better use of hardware, such as computers, smartphones, servers, and tablets). You can also focus more on the software aspect of it: email marketing, CRM systems, business management software.

Why Do You Need Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation in Your Business

As you now understand, digital strategy services go hand-in-hand with business strategies. If a company strives to stay relevant and innovative, it needs to be open to digital initiatives and implement them in a timely manner. This gives them the ability to sense and shape markets.

For professional assistance from a digital strategy agency, Lasting Trend is your top pick. Years of experience have taught us what it takes to build a marketing strategy in New York. Here are some of our top-priority tasks for helping your business:

  • Facilitate data collection. Important business decisions have to be made on almost a daily basis. What could better fuel the right decisions than accurate, recent (almost real-time) customer data? With a digital transformation completed, you will graduate to digital forms to gather information. As a result, you will spend less time and resources while having a massive reach out.
  • Create a clear customer experience vision and improve it in practice. Digital transformation consulting companies create more opportunities for making customer interactions quicker and more productive. Combined with a clear customer-focused vision, a business will be able to embrace change in a way that benefits the customer.
  • Enhance employees’ skills and improve their efficiency. Smart companies invest heavily in employee training because they know it’s their main asset. If the team knows how to work in a digitalized environment, they will accomplish more tasks in less time. Not to mention, an integrated and connected approach will improve the quality of their performance.
  • Build your business to be among the industry leaders. According to recent data, SMBs with advanced levels of digital engagement are much more competitive and boast with higher revenues.

Lasting Trend Digital Strategy Experts: What Their Job Is

As experts in digital strategy development, the Lasting Trend team is ready to take on a task of any complexity. While we approach every case individually, we abide by a general game plan that is complex and covers every possible detail:

  • Discovery: We learn about the business and brand inside and out. All our future online efforts will stem from and support the motivation and focus of the business.
  • Analysis: We analyze the market and audit the past and current digital marketing of the brand and its competitors.
  • Architecture: We map user experience flows and improve on them. In other words, we study how users interact with your brand digitally and think of ways to guide them in a more efficient direction.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: We develop a plan for reaching a specific goal (or goals) in a focused and achievable way. This includes a set of targeted actions that are necessary to accomplish the vision.
  • Integration research: We assess your digital capabilities and what it will take to implement our recommendations.
  • On-going administration: During the course of the project, our digital marketing strategy consultant will take care of on-going management and make necessary adjustments for better results.

One of the examples where we’ve used the approach described above is Lasting Trend’s client and our 6-month-long project. The client specializes in audio-visual equipment rental, and before working with us, they thought the help of a digital strategy agency was unnecessary. Needless to say, after we’ve reviewed and restructured their website, the opinion drastically changed.

What the client failed to do is collect digital data and use it to the full potential. When our digital strategy expert came into the project, we focused on turning data and insights into an actionable plan. Without a professional, the client would never make sense of this data, let alone develop a new blueprint for the website.

Digital strategy services at Lasting Trend are exactly what your brand needs. We’ll bring valuable data and insights into the project and turn it into an actionable plan. Find out whether you’re doing something wrong and what will make your digital presence more impactful!

Building Digital Marketing Strategy: The Key Points

Let’s dissect the most important aspects of digital strategy consulting. When you order services from a brand strategy agency in New York, here are several aspects that a true professional will be focusing on.

Strategic Enablement

The company’s overall strategic goals, or in other words, its business objectives, should be considered before taking any digital opportunity. A digital marketing strategy consultant will look at how digital capabilities can fulfill multiple goals at once. For example, they can work towards growing the customer base, fueling the productivity of the marketing team, establishing new communication channels, etc.


The right timing is key in everything. Marketing efforts will mean nothing or even hurt the brand if implemented out of context. To avoid that, a strategy expert will analyze market conditions, social trends, competitors’ activities, and industry-wide developments. So, when the plan is ready to be put into action, it will be well-received both by consumers and employees.


Our digital strategy agency also focuses efforts on achieving maximum return on investment. For example, marketing automation can cut costs significantly while also operating with better accuracy than human workers. A new study even found that by embracing digital transformation, companies can reduce costs by more than 40%.


How do you know that you’ve successfully implemented strategic initiatives? The answer is you should measure key indicators to quickly analyze the performance of your digital campaign.

Bear in mind that measurements should cover not only traditional marketing KPIs (engagement, traffic, conversions, etc.) but also existing technology, budget, and manpower. The latter is also known as the resources needed for execution. A digital business strategy must be aligned with what the company can handle or prepare it for certain technical assignments. Then, the plan will be put into force with no hurdles.

Why Lasting Trend Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting Is a Great Option

Why should you choose Lasting Trend as your digital strategy expert? We know how to create a holistic digital marketing plan that delivers results. Our team combines the best tactics of online marketing and web development that contribute to your business’s growth. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, we will customize our strategies to help your unique case.

This is how our digital marketing strategy consultants provide best practices designed to boost your business:

  • Your brand and vision should govern your digital strategy and align with it. We take into account your core values, visual identity, and business objectives, the nature of your business, and even your company culture. This comprehensive approach ensures the best returns.
  • We gather, organize, and analyze data about your customers across different digital channels. All of these efforts are aimed at increasing sales, customer loyalty, and upgrading their interactions with the brand.
  • We strive to reduce the costs of managing digital channels. With high-impact selling experiences, digital sales will become cost-effective for the long term.
  • Our digital strategy consulting services also enable you to integrate new features, products, and services. If these features are digitally enabled, they can have a positive effect on the product or service value.

We gather, organize, and analyze data about your customers across different digital channels. All of these efforts are aimed at increasing sales, customer loyalty, and upgrading their interactions with the brand. We strive to reduce the costs of managing digital channels. With high-impact selling experiences, digital sales will become cost-effective for the long term.

We’ve had successful collaborations with dozens of happy clients. Also, our agency has been recognized in Top 15 New York SEO Services Companies coming in the 10th place and Top 90 SEO Companies in New York at 15th place.

Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Incorporate digital technology in your operations efficiently and smoothly with Lasting Trend. Get in touch today to start working with a top-rates digital transformation agency in New York.

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