Website Development For Attorneys

For any law firm, a website is an effective tool to promote and strengthen its brand. Also, this is a way to gain the trust of the audience and find new customers. A huge number of potential clients choose their lawyer precisely by monitoring several legal websites. That’s why your internet platform needs to be thought out to the smallest detail.

One of the important stages of website creation is design development. Your site should not only be beautifully designed but also user friendly. It is very important that clients can easily and quickly find all the necessary information, order a consultation, and contact you.

How to combine many functions and characteristics in one design? Answers to many questions are in this article.

Lawyer Website Design: It’s What We Do

When we talk about the design of a legal website, we face two polar extremes:

  • lawyers do not want to invest in the design of their site, and therefore it is inefficient;
  • lawyers invest a lot, try too hard to be creative, forgetting about the functionality of the platform.

In both cases, the result is the same – the site does not bring new customers.

It is important for lawyers to understand that a legal services website is a well-thought-out working tool that aims to receive new applications for services. Its navigation, design, and structure should be based on observations, analysis and statistics, and not on the personal preferences of the law firm’s management. Only in this case, the site will fully perform its functions and tasks.

Creating a legal services website has several significant differences:

  • Compliance with data confidentiality.
  • Variety of services offered.
  • Mandatory sections “Cases”, “Testimonials”, and “Blog”.

In addition, each law firm may have its characteristics. Therefore, we recommend discussing the entire process of creating a site before signing the contract to avoid problems and misunderstandings during the implementation of the project.

Lawyer Website Development Services We Offer

The goal of Lasting Trend digital agency is not just to create user-friendly web resources, but to find individual solutions for each law firm, including scheduling consultations and paying bills online, etc. It will help you optimize your business processes, increase productivity, reduce risks and costs, improve customer relationships, reach a new level and scale your company.

The Lasting Trend team is well aware of the unique challenges lawyers face as they try to stand out online and win new clients. That’s why we specialize in creating optimized, responsive websites that provide a great user experience.

Of course, high-quality web design and development is only a part of the services we offer. For the success of any site, it is necessary to ensure a competent balance of many components, such as SEO, PPC, content optimization, and others.

New Law Firm Websites

It is weird that only now many law firms are starting to create their official web resources for the first time and develop their business online. Unfortunately, due to their inexperience in this matter, lawyers make many mistakes, their websites are ineffective and only waste resources.

attorney website development

The fact is that some lawyer website development agencies are not interested in the success of your project. They are aimed solely at a one-time income. That is why it is so important to choose the right digital agency.

Lasting Trend focuses on a long-term perspective of cooperation with partners. Your success is important to us. The higher the performance of your site, the higher our reputation will be.

Website Rescue

There is another problem – sites quickly become outdated without proper maintenance. Digital technologies are constantly evolving, and this affects the “shelf life” of the site. In just a couple of years, the effectiveness of an online resource drops sharply:

  • the number of visitors is small or declining;
  • conversion drops;
  • the situation in search results is getting worse, you are losing your positions to competitors, etc.

Lasting Trend can help you save your site. We will conduct a free audit of the resource, identify problems and carry out all the necessary optimization work.

Online Marketing

It is vital to think about online marketing when developing a new site or optimizing and updating an old site. Many characteristics and design elements can greatly influence your further promotion. First of all, this applies to SEO and elements such as:

For example, at the development stage, you definitely need to provide sections for each type of your service and blogging. You can learn more about these nuances from Lasting Trend specialists during a consultation.

Professional Logo Design

Many lawyers think that their first and last name is enough to be recognizable, and therefore they may well develop their business without a logo. In some cases, this approach does work, but the Lasting Trend team recommends that you design your logo so that your brand is more successful.

  1. The logo helps you stand out from the competition.
  2. The logo is the legal guarantee of your property.
  3. The logo increases brand awareness and inspires customer confidence.

As you can see, a small image performs large and important functions, so pay enough attention to designing a logo.

PPC & Google Ads

Your next important step after you have created a website is its promotion. There may be several options. For example, SEO will give you the first result only after six months, and you will see the result from PPC very quickly.

Lawyers can use various platforms to place their contextual advertising, including Bing, Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, AdRoll, OutBrain, etc. However, Google Ads remains the most popular resource.

On the one hand, this platform has powerful advertising opportunities and access to a huge audience. On the other hand, the cost of legal keywords can be very high. If your law firm is young and your budget is limited, these costs can be critical. Therefore, you should be very careful when launching a PPC campaign. It is better to seek help from experienced marketers who will save your company from large financial losses and unnecessary costs.

Website Design For Law Firms Of All Sizes

The standard work on creating a website design includes several main stages.

  • Preparatory stage. It includes filling out a brief and jointly defining project objectives, as well as researching and analyzing competitive web resources.
  • Discussion of the project. Not only designers are included in the work, but also the project manager. The team contributes ideas, discusses them, works out the structure of the web resource, selects the optimal colour scheme for the design, and works on the usability of the site.
  • Work on creating a layout. The team discusses the correct placement of the main elements of the site and their appearance. Also, experts carry out the development of clear and convenient navigation on the site.
  • Approval of the project. The customer evaluates the developed design. If necessary, the team makes changes and finalizes the project.

The entire project to create a legal website should be supervised by a marketer who understands the peculiarities of the work of law firms.

Lasting Trend specializes in legal websites, so our marketers and developers have all the necessary skills and knowledge.

Please note that we can adjust the entire workflow depending on the size of your firm and your needs.

Small Firm

If you have a small firm and a limited budget, we can offer you one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest options – a ready-made law firm website template.

One of the advantages of templates is that they are easy to adapt to the desired theme. Therefore, some firms sometimes try to use templates on their own.

However, there are several obvious disadvantages to be aware of.

  • Lack of uniqueness. You may stumble across the Internet to a site similar to yours. For a small law firm, this is acceptable, but for a large, reputable company, this is unacceptable.
  • The speed of work. All templates look stylish, cool and modern on display. But in reality, sites with these templates may work incorrectly and slowly.

That’s why you need to be very careful when choosing templates. Try not to install them yourself, but contact professionals.

Mid-Size Firm

Medium-sized firms have more financial options and can usually order a website with a unique design.

As mentioned above, developing a website for a law firm is a labor-intensive task. To carry it out, our specialists will carefully study the activities of your company to show all your strengths on the site. When developing a website design, we include special elements that encourage visitors to look at your site again.

There is no doubt that users will compare your site with those of competing companies before they make a final choice. Therefore, we will definitely analyze the sites of your competitors, take into account their pros and cons – and use this data when creating your project.

In addition, when creating websites, we always take into account all the technical issues necessary for search engine optimization. Thanks to this, the sites that are created by our specialists are well indexed by search engines. As a result, your law firm’s website will compare favorably with competitors’ websites.

Large Firm

Large firms have their characteristics of work and needs. They work with more customers, process more applications and other information, and therefore they are in great need of process automation. It is large firms that most often apply for the development, purchase and implementation of various digital solutions. In addition, it is large firms that can finance such innovations and improvements.

If your firm is also considering workflow automation options, if you want to implement additional features on the site, you can contact Lasting Trend. We will help you improve your site and establish more convenient communication with customers.

Such an investment in website development for attorneys will be one of the most important business decisions that will allow you to increase the number of customers, and as a result, significantly increase the profit of the company.

Why You Should Hire Us

Working in the online market is not an easy task, especially for those who do not have enough experience in this field. Even if you are great at offline marketing, your skills may not be enough to successfully promote your firm online. Here you need the help of professional digital marketers.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Digital marketing agency Lasting Trend provides a full range of Internet marketing services – website development for attorneys, design, SEO promotion, CRM connection, advertising launch, SMM promotion, etc.

We guarantee you:

  • high quality of our work;
  • compliance with all deadlines;
  • reasonable price policy;
  • detailed reports on the completed stages of work;
  • testing the finished product.

With our help, your website will become not just another resource on the Internet, but a powerful platform for doing business online and promoting legal services. You will receive an effective tool for the development and growth of the company.

Clean, Modern Website Design

Your website is a way to immerse potential customers in your world, tell them about your company, mission, services, etc. It is your showcase in the online world. And like any storefront, your site should be original, recognizable and understandable to the audience.

The first thing the user pays attention to is the site design and interface. There are no uniform rules and a common standard here. But the information on the site should be clearly structured and easily accessible. When talking about your legal practice, you should describe in detail all types of services. It will help optimize your search, as clients are most likely to search for specific legal issues in a particular city or state.

In addition, regardless of the design chosen, your firm’s contact details should be visible on every page of the site and a separate “Contact Us” page. Place in this section all the necessary information and the built-in Google map. Contact details must match your social media profiles and Google My Business account.

Make Your Own Website Edits

You probably know that any site requires regular updates and optimization. For example, a website technical audit should be conducted at least once a year. If the audit shows the presence of any errors, it will be necessary to correct them and improve the resource.

Other reasons might push you to make big changes to your site. If the site was created a long time ago and you have not adapted it to new realities and trends for several years, your resource may need a complete redesign.

Also, you should consider making changes to your site if:

  • the site has a complex and incomprehensible interface;
  • the site does not have the technical ability to regularly publish new content (articles, infographics, illustrations);
  • internal links do not work correctly;
  • your contact information and application forms are not placed on all pages of the site.

In each of these cases, our team can help you. After a thorough review of your site, we will make the necessary changes and make your site more productive.

Fast Development Of Your Site

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that can instantly make your site the best of the best. The creation and development of the site consist of many complex stages, each of which is very important. But if you want to speed up this process, you will need the help of professionals.

Lasting Trend is a team of experienced professionals who have an excellent reputation and successfully implement projects in the legal field. Each of them effectively performs its part of the work. Solving problems simultaneously in different directions, we accelerate the development of your site.

For example, many marketers choose only one of the approaches to promote their sites – SEO or PPC. Sometimes such a strategy justifies itself, but often it leads to the loss of many opportunities. Lasting Trend is different in that our team has specialists who are well versed in both organic and paid. By combining these advertising approaches, your site will quickly become a leader in Google and grow your audience.

Same Day Service

We are well aware that lawyers have a huge amount of work with clients, documents, etc. They can’t spend a lot of time researching issues related to attorney website development, social media, etc. Therefore, Lasting Trend is ready to take on all the tasks associated with digital marketing. We will analyze your position in the market and study your competitors, offer a marketing plan for online development and help you implement it.

Moreover, to save you time and ensure the efficient operation of your site, we are ready to perform current tasks immediately after receiving your request. This is one of the principles of Lasting Trend – we give each client as much attention as they need.

Mobile Friendly

One of the most important factors to consider is optimizing a website for mobile devices. It will help to correctly display Internet pages on various tablets and smartphones.

The site needs to be adapted for the following reasons:

  • Every year the number of users who access websites from mobile devices is increasing. If it is convenient for the audience to use the site on mobile gadgets, this increases loyalty and reduces the number of bounces.
  • Responsive versions increase the number of leads and increase sales.
  • Adaptability to mobile devices is one of the ranking factors for search engines.

Optimization options for mobile devices:

  1. Responsive design.
  2. A separate mobile version of the site on a subdomain.

Which option should you choose? In short, the first option is more suitable for small sites with a simple structure and a limited number of pages. The second option is suitable for large portals with powerful functionality. But these are only general criteria, you should make the final decision only after consulting with professionals.

Our Law Firm Website Design Portfolio

In our opinion, any legal website must successfully solve several important tasks:

  • to tell clients about the main activities of the firm;
  • to spread information about the brand;
  • contribute to the formation of a positive image of the company among specialists and potential customers;
  • attract the attention of customers with their design and useful content, etc.

Every site created by Lasting Trend is sure to perform these tasks. You can see examples of our work in the Results section. If you need attorney website development services, you can contact our company. We will make an informative website for you, where people can easily and quickly find the necessary information, order a consultation with a lawyer and contact you.

Our Prices And Plans

For some law firms that are just starting to move online, lawyer website development costs seem prohibitively high. But if you develop your marketing plan correctly and take into account all the benefits that the site can give you, your opinion will change.

Having an online presence provides a huge opportunity for a law firm to grow and scale. Therefore, the cost of creating a website is a very profitable investment. In addition, there are various options for adjusting costs to fit within the available budget. To do this, you need to consult with the Lasting Trend team, choose the most optimal site development option and a tariff plan for services.

They Trust Us

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Contact Us For Attorney Website Development Now

The main task of all websites of lawyers and law firms is to help potential clients find qualified specialists and tell them about the company’s opportunities and advantages.

Customers want to know who they are dealing with. And it is the sites that can provide all the necessary information about lawyers and their services. In a sensitive area of ​​law, professionalism, trust and confidentiality are of paramount importance, so it is important to demonstrate the experience and excellent reputation of employees.When ordering the creation of a turnkey legal website from Lasting Trend, you can be sure that you will receive a modern and effective tool for your promotion. Moreover, we are engaged not only in the development of sites from scratch but also in updating and supporting existing web resources. By trusting us, you will receive a full range of services related to the online promotion of your company.


What Should You Consider When Hiring Us?

Here are good reasons why you should choose Lasting Trend to create a website.

We have been providing attorney website development services for various companies, including law firms, for more than five years. We have in our portfolio very successful cases and dozens of completed projects of varying complexity.

Lasting Trend has specialists who have over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. Our team is very close-knit, everyone perfectly understands their tasks and clearly follows the work plan.

Complex tasks of lawyer website development do not scare us, but on the contrary, they arouse our interest, excitement, creative thinking and desire to improve. We can create unique business tools and almost any functionality for your website.

We provide our clients with regular and detailed progress reports. We work transparently and openly – you always know how much and for what you pay.

We create websites for your specific business goals. To do this, we conduct detailed analytics, study the scope of the company and find the best solutions for the tasks.

With our help, your website will become not just another resource on the Internet, but a powerful platform for doing business online, promoting services and a tool for the development and growth of a law firm.

What Makes Our Attorney Web Designs Different From Others?

If you dream of a website that will bring potential customers to your business, you should contact Lasting Trend digital marketing agency. Our experts will quickly develop an online resource that will help you tell about your brand, expand your audience, and increase the number of applications.

To achieve maximum results, Lasting Trend employees will first immerse themselves in the specifics of your business. Only after a thorough study of the market can you create a resource that will become a universal tool for attracting customers 24/7.
Thanks to this approach, we create unique websites each time, focused on the needs of a particular customer. You will receive an original product that is completely different from the competition.

We are ready to take over the entire process – from the development and creation of a website to filling content and advertising promotion. The Lasting Trend team has paralegals who will prepare professional articles on legal topics for you so that you do not have to waste your time solving such issues.

Lasting Trend uses modern tools to work, so we guarantee a quality product that will easily promote your business.

How Much Will Your Law Firm Website Cost?

It is possible to calculate the cost of creating a turnkey website only after consultation and discussion of the project. The reason is that many factors can affect the price formation.

What exactly will the site be like?
How many pages will the site have?
What should be the functionality of the site?

These and other questions can make adjustments to the formation of the total cost.
Lawyer website development is estimated as follows: the approximate time of creating a website is calculated and multiplied by the cost of the work of employees who will participate in the project. To estimate how many designers, programmers, analysts and other specialists are needed, we need to understand the goals and objectives

Creating a website takes an average of 2 to 4 weeks, but with a limited budget and limited time, you can use some template solutions that will speed up the whole process. If you don’t need some super complex and unique functionality on your site, the work will be done in the shortest possible time. You can find out more about the cost of services in the Prices section. During the consultation, we will discuss the details and find the best solution.

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