Marketing For Family Law Attorneys

Do you practice family law but don’t have enough clients? Unfortunately, this is a common situation in all niches of legal practice. This problem arises even for experienced lawyers if they are not used to doing marketing.

However, let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s. For what reasons is the practice of a particular lawyer developing poorly? Maybe because “the market is too complicated” or “there are few customers in this city”? Perhaps this is true. But the main reasons lie elsewhere.

The development of legal practice is hampered by the inner convictions of lawyers that the practice of law is not a business, but a meaningful mission. The second problem follows from this – lawyers do not want to engage in marketing and do not spend effort on advertising their law firm.

Besides, family law attorneys have the additional difficulty of finding a target audience. There are many categories of the population that you can help:

  • married couples who want to get divorced;
  • couples who want to conclude a marriage contract;
  • parents who want to resolve the issue of custody of children;
  • people who want to adopt a child, etc.

Understanding your target audience is one of the most important factors in successful marketing for family law attorneys. We will discuss these and other aspects in more detail in this article.

Family Law Marketing Services We Offer

Many lawyers who come to Lasting Trend for the first time believe that all law firms use the same marketing tools to promote themselves online. Of course, this is not true. Each type of legal practice has its specifics, and this must be taken into account when developing a promotion strategy.

For example, when we are talking about criminal law, decisions are often made on the fly, without delay. Such urgent situations occur much less frequently in family law, but the emotionality and sensitivity of the issues can be even higher. All these nuances affect the choice of marketing tools.

Moreover, marketing strategies can differ significantly within the same niche and largely depend on the characteristics of a particular law firm. Let’s take as an example the digital marketing services for family law firms offered by Lasting Trend.

For Family Lawyer

For a long time, it has been believed that the best way to find a lawyer is to get recommendations from friends and family. Studies reveal that people still use this principle. However, the situation is gradually changing – people get used to the Internet and look for a law firm using Google. The anonymity provided by the Internet plays an important role here.

For example, if a person has been in an accident or injured, he can freely tell his friends about it, who will recommend a lawyer. But when it comes to delicate family matters, people become more secretive. It is easier for them to look for a family lawyer themselves and anonymously than to tell friends about their problem in the hope of getting advice.

What conclusion can a family lawyer draw here? Engage in family law marketing to be on the first page on Google! Then a potential client will find you and turn to you for help.

How to achieve such a result? Lasting Trend recommends that you perform SEO optimization of your site as soon as possible and increase organic traffic. If your site is outdated or you still do not have it (there are such firms too), order the development of a new website. Without these options, online success is impossible.

For Divorce Lawyer

More than 600,000 divorces are filed in the United States every year. This means that the services of divorce lawyers are relevant, and the competition in this market is quite high.

How to win this battle and get the client’s attention? In our opinion, pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be one of the most successful ways to promote your firm. Such advertising will allow you to quickly increase the audience of your site and get new customers.

Many law firms are moving away from PPC due to the high cost per click. Indeed, huge advertising costs are characteristic of the entire legal field.

marketing for family law attorneys

However, digital marketing professionals for family law firms know that it is possible to find good keywords at low prices in this type of legal practice. For example, the keyword “divorce lawyer” can cost half as much as the keyword “injury lawyer”. Of course, this opportunity should be used.

For Child Custody Lawyer

Such complex and sensitive issues as child custody always require deep study and analysis. Hasty decisions are unacceptable here. People who are interested in this issue first carefully read articles and other materials on legal websites, and only then choose a law firm.

This is one of the reasons why content creation is so important to family law firm marketing. In addition, content helps with SEO website promotion. Lasting Trend has a team of experienced paralegals and copywriters who help law firms fill their websites with useful content.

We believe that when discussing issues relating to children, lawyers should demonstrate their humanity, tact, attentiveness and care as much as possible. All these qualities are well manifested in such types of content like videos and podcasts. There you can hear the intonation of the voice and manner of speech, see the body language, etc. This helps instill confidence in customers. That is why when creating this kind of content, the direct participation of a lawyer is required.

For Child Support Lawyer

In cases where a law firm wants to actively promote only one of its services, it can use a landing page. It is a small one-page site, where all the necessary information about the legal service is briefly and clearly stated, as well as the contact details of the firm. The landing page can be linked to the firm’s main website and used in advertising. This page is easy to target.

For example, a law firm might have a website about family law in general, but also a landing page about child support only. During the online advertising campaign, all ads will lead not to the main site of the firm, but to this one-page site. This will be very convenient for visitors, as they will not waste time searching for the necessary information. They will be able to get acquainted with the service right on this page and fill out a contact form.

Using a landing page usually significantly increases the number of leads and the conversion rate of an advertising campaign. Therefore, the Lasting Trend team quite often uses this internet marketing tool for family law attorneys.

Our Family Law Marketing Plan

The development of any marketing strategy begins with a study of the current situation. For a firm’s promotion plan to be effective, we must obtain a large amount of basic information – about the entire niche, main competitors, local specifics, and so on.

Studying a law firm is also part of the preparatory phase. The Lasting Trend team conducts a strategic analysis to understand what are the key marketing challenges facing the law firm and what needs to be addressed first.

Of course, the basis for our analysis is the data obtained during the website audit. A competent SEO audit allows us to:

  • identify errors on the website that prevent it from working correctly;
  • check whether the structure of the resource meets the requirements of search engines;
  • find growth points for search traffic, etc.

In short, a website audit helps us identify pain points, from which we begin our work. Next, we use a whole range of approaches to optimize and develop your site.

In many ways, these tools depend on the type of client. If our client is a family law firm, we draw up a marketing plan, focusing on the needs of just such a firm.

Optimization Your Website

The site audit that we talked about above is part of a large and complex process – internal site optimization. This work package also includes:

  • analysis of competitors;
  • compilation and clustering of the semantic core;
  • development of the site structure, which simplifies site navigation;
  • compilation and implementation of meta tags;
  • technical optimization of the web resource;
  • performance of work to correct errors and improve the site in general.

But also an important part is off-page optimization, which is carried out outside the website to improve its reputation for search engines.

These are works such as:

  • audit of the current reference mass;
  • increasing the external reference mass of the website;
  • distribution of link weight between pages, etc.

Combining both types of optimization, Lasting Trend achieves maximum efficiency in website promotion. Moreover, when performing tasks, the SEO specialists of our agency use only safe and permitted methods. For example, to increase the link mass, we use outreach, link building, social media marketing for family law firms, etc.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Creating Useful Content

Website content is a powerful marketing tool. It generates traffic from the SERPs, keeps visitors on the site and convinces them of your expertise. Texts help a random user make a decision about buying a product or ordering a service.

Therefore, it is important to place only high-quality content on the website that describes in detail your activities and your services. Your articles should answer all customer questions about your firm and your qualifications.

It is important to remember that content for law firms is very different from the articles that regular copywriters write for online stores and commercial brands. Only professionals who are familiar with legal issues and know the law can write texts of the required level.

In addition, the tone of voice plays a crucial role here, especially when we talk about content marketing for family law attorneys. This is why we strongly recommend that you only trust content to agencies that have experience working with law firms.

Jumping On Social Media Marketing

Oversaturation with outdoor, television, and banner advertising has caused “advertising blindness” among users – many of them do not perceive this information at all. But new influence channels came to replace quite quickly – these are social networks.

Numerous studies in different countries show the same trend – the amount of time spent on social networks is growing from year to year.

As of 2019 and 2020, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 145 minutes per day, up from 142 minutes in the previous year. In the US, this time is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

Now let’s see which social networks eat up our time the most:

  • Facebook – 2 hours and 24 minutes each day.
  • Youtube – 40 minutes.
  • Snapchat – 30 minutes.
  • Instagram – 28 minutes.
  • Pinterest – 14.2 minutes

At first glance, it seems that Facebook occupies an unattainable height. Recent data reveal that the younger generation has turned their focus to other social media. Apps like TikTok and Instagram will become GenZ’s favorites in the years to come.

Keeping track of these trends is essential if you are advertising and promoting your brand on social media.

If you still don’t have an official social media account, it’s time to create one. Do not isolate yourself from this huge audience!

But at the same time, you must understand that each social network has its own rules, and the audience in each media is also different. You can try to figure out these subtleties, but it will take you too much time. Moreover, each social network regularly adjusts its requirements and you will have to carefully monitor all changes.

Therefore, we recommend contacting social media marketing specialists for family law firms who understand the specifics of your industry and at the same time are well versed in cross-posting, hashtags, native advertising, etc.

Collection And Monitoring Reviews

Client feedback is one of the important tools for building a brand and promoting law firms. But practice shows that dissatisfied customers write reviews more often than satisfied ones. And that can be a problem. Because potential clients are guided by reviews and recommendations when choosing a lawyer.

It means that every law firm should purposefully engage in collecting positive feedback. Moreover, it must be real reviews from real customers! No cheating or fakes! It is best if the review contains customer contacts, photos or videos, as well as specific numbers and facts confirming the effectiveness of your work.

Try to get at least three or four positive feedback about your work per month. It will require some effort from you. You can directly ask the client to record a video or fill out a short questionnaire with a few simple questions. You can also use, for example, callbacks, when people voluntarily share their impressions of cooperation with you.

However, don’t forget that testimonials can be a very effective marketing tool only if they are written correctly and used at the right time and in the right place. Here you can not do without the recommendations of family law marketing specialists. Lasting Trend is always ready to help you with this task.

Building A Referral System

And now the good news for those lawyers who are used to working the old-fashioned way and focus primarily on referrals. Internet marketing for family law attorneys also allows you to attract new clients through a referral system.

Here’s how it works. The law firm offers cooperation to other companies on the following terms:

  1. The partner places on his website a unique link to the website of the law firm.
  2. If a new client comes to the law firm thanks to this link, the firm will give the partner a part of the income or other reward.

The conditions of the referral system for different affiliate programs may be different. The remuneration for a referral can be fixed and one-time, or it can depend on the activity of the client (for example, it can be a percentage of his expenses). Also, the reward is paid depending on the target action of the referral: click, transition, subscription, ordering services.

Why Hire Us For Your Business

Lasting Trend digital marketing specialists have all the necessary knowledge to bring your site to the TOP of search engines.

Here are just a few of our skills that we will use to promote your brand:

  • knowledge of the technical aspects of building sites, link building, understanding of search engine algorithms;
  • building a communication strategy, and active presence on social media;
  • development and implementation of an email strategy, setting up the trigger, regular information, commercial, promotional and other types of email newsletters;
  • knowledge of web analytics methods and tools for effective traffic conversion;
  • writing high-quality unique optimized texts based on search phrases from the semantic core of the site, rewriting your texts taking into account the semantic core.

At the same time, we have many years of experience working with law firms, which simplifies and speeds up our interaction with you.

Unique & Relevant Content For Your Website

Creating content only at first glance seems like a simple matter. But in reality, this process is multifaceted and can perform different family law marketing tasks. For example, Lasting Trend offers the following services:

  • Copywriting (writing new unique selling texts).
  • SEO copywriting (writing optimized texts using keywords).
  • Creation of a text for a landing page (preparation of a selling text for advertising a specific product using a landing page).
  • Rewriting (processing and rewriting existing texts to achieve uniqueness).

Our company has assembled a whole team of paralegals who produce content for law firms and create high-quality texts.

Proper Branding

Customer trust in a brand is an invaluable asset that must be protected at all costs. It is one of the main factors that influence the choice of the client. And this applies to law firms even more than other companies.

We are ready to help you build a brand at all stages – from defining the mission and target audience to complete brand packaging and online promotion. Launching a new website, redesigning an old one, creating social media accounts, filling them with professional content, expert blogging, and mailing lists – all these services Lasting Trend performs for the clients.

Our Clients Rave About Us

Digital marketing agency Lasting Trend is a long-established team with well-defined internal processes.

We strictly control the fulfillment of all agreements with clients, we are responsible for meeting deadlines and obligations. We have experience working with large projects and budgets, including in cooperation with law firms.

It is important for us to achieve our clients’ goals. And we confidently accept the challenges associated with this.

Enhance Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management is one of the essential elements of successful business development. Often, firms enter online reputation management when the number of customers is already on the decline. However, it is more effective to respond and fix the problem in a timely manner even before customers start to refuse services and partnership agreements.

You can combine your reputation management with digital marketing and SEO. For example, a well-optimized search will help show positive reviews about your company in the first place. Constant work on optimization hides negative reviews in the background when searching for queries. There are other ways to develop your online reputation.

Social Media And Online Advertising

Today it is impossible to conduct business without representation in social networks. Even small businesses have official accounts because social networks cover the key needs of modern business at minimal cost.

At the same time, there is a myth that SMM can be done by anyone and firms don`t need to turn to professionals. In fact, social networks have long become a separate market and place of sale. Incorrect positioning, low-quality content, misunderstanding of the strategy and goals – all this will at best lead to a decrease in the number of subscribers, and at worst, it will negatively affect the attitude towards the brand and sales. Think about this when developing the marketing strategy for family law attorneys.

Get More Referrals

Finding new clients through referral programs and back-links is a great idea. In fact, your partners are looking for clients for you, receiving a reward, and you spend less time and effort, but still develop your law firm and your website. You increase traffic, get new customers and increase sales of your services.

Of course, this chain only works if the referral system is well-established, including from a technical point of view. You can contact Lasting Trend for help if you need help with this.

Family Law Marketing Pricing

You have already seen that the digital marketing agency Lasting Trend uses a wide arsenal of digital tools to develop its clients’ websites. We choose which of them to use, depending on the goals and tasks. That is why we cannot give you a clear cost of services in advance.

However, we always work honestly and openly with clients, so we can guarantee you the following:

  1. Before the conclusion of the contract, you will receive a full price list for our services. You will be able to compare this with the prices of other agencies and make sure that our prices are fair.
  2. When concluding a contract, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the service packages that have a fixed price.
  3. After signing the contract, you will receive a list of tasks that Lasting Trend plans to complete for you during the next month. If necessary, you can reduce or change this list, which will affect the monthly payment.

After completing the tasks, we will provide you with a detailed and understandable report, where you can check the estimate.

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

Testimonials and Reviews


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Contact Our Family Law Marketing Experts Right Now

Family Law is one of the most difficult areas of legal practice in terms of marketing.

Family law attorneys are involved in solving problems that may affect all family members, and such work requires special sensitivity and caution. But in the promotion of the family law firm, on the contrary, a certain rigidity and clarity of actions are required. Otherwise, you will not be able to defeat numerous competitors who are also not sitting idly by.

To become a leader in this niche, a large number of skills are required – understanding the market and its features, the ability to correctly select the digital tools necessary for the successful online development of the company, etc. Therefore, it is better to use the support of a marketing agency that has experience working with law firms.

The Lasting Trend team will develop an optimal promotion strategy for you using a variety of approaches – SEO, SMM, Email marketing, PPC, copywriting, referral systems, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Hire Us For Your Business?

The legal industry is going through a difficult period right now. While the whole world is consistently moving to new technologies, law firms continue to work the old-fashioned way, using a paper document system. This complicates the interaction with partners and customers, who are increasingly expressing their dissatisfaction. And if at the same time you do not have a website and accounts on social networks, you give the success of your company to your competitors.

You can solve all these problems with the help of the digital marketing agency Lasting Trend. Our team of specialists will help you increase your online presence in all possible ways:

– create and promote a website;
– create a landing page;
– create and develop official accounts on social networks;
– launch email marketing;
– create a referral system;
– launch a PPC campaign, etc.

Also, we will give you additional tools for working with clients. For example, chatbots or a simple contact form on the site will allow you to keep in touch with customers at any time of the day, as well as on weekends.

With the help of our professional copywriters and paralegals, we will create or expand your blog on the website, which will become another way to communicate with clients and confirm your high level of expertise.

In addition, our SEO knowledge will help you improve your promotion and make your advertising costs more rational through a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy for family law firms, careful selection of keywords, quality targeting, etc.

What Are Family Law Marketing Services That We Offer?

Digital marketing agency Lasting Trend provides law firms with a wide range of services in the field of marketing and advertising, PR communications, design, creation and promotion of web solutions, as well as the production of media products.

1) SEO optimization. We will bring your site to the top of search engines.
As a result you will get:
– improved technical condition of the site;
– higher quality and relevance of content;
– additional sales channel;
– increase in brand awareness on the Internet;
– compliance of the site with the requirements of the search engine and the needs of the target audience.

2) PPC advertising. We will bring your potential client to you.
With PPC, you can:
– increase brand awareness;
– expand the potential audience;
– increase customer focus and brand loyalty;
– perform remarketing and retargeting;
– conduct lead generation, and more.

3) SMM promotion. We will make your brand recognizable.
Social networks will help you:
– attract new customers;
– tell customers about their services;
– get feedback from the audience, etc.

Also, we offer our clients other types of services – website design and development, website audit, email marketing, company branding, etc. Each of these services can become an important stage in the website development and the entire firm.

How Can We Do Marketing For A Small Family Law Office?

Marketing for a small law office comes with one obvious problem: a limited advertising budget. Such a firm is not able to withstand large competitors who are pouring huge amounts of money into PPC, billboards and other forms of advertising.
In this situation, small law firms need to look for other ways to grow, and Lasting Trend is ready to help. We recommend the following approaches:

1. SEO optimization. High-quality SEO site optimization has a longer-term effect than, for example, PPC. Optimization brings results, even if you stopped investing in website promotion for a while.

2. Development of social networks. The audience, which solves all its life issues through social networks, is gradually increasing. People choose everything here – from food and clothes to a doctor and a lawyer. Don’t miss out on this audience. For small firms, social networks are a good platform for finding new customers.

3. Remarketing. This is one of the most effective types of advertising because it is aimed at those users who have already shown interest in your firm and your services. Remarketing works with an already warmed-up audience, so the results are higher, and investments in such advertising are justified.

Of course, any of these methods of promotion will bring maximum results only if you can prove your expertise to customers. Blogging, case descriptions and reviews on the site will help you with this.

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