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If you are interested in the topic of Google Ads (Google AdWords), you have already taken two big steps forward. First, you realized that advertising on the Internet can make your company successful. Secondly, you realized that advertising on Google is an essential part of almost any marketing strategy.

So, now you have to take the third step – to make the online advertising service Google Ads your effective tool for brand development.

Of course, if you are the owner of the law firm and have a lot of cases, you are unlikely to find enough time to understand the service on a professional level. It would be wiser for you to entrust the management of Google Ads to real experts with extensive experience.

On the other hand, to monitor their actions and understand the reports, you should have at least a basic understanding of how this service works. That’s why we need to talk about it in more detail.

Google Ads Services From Lasting Trend

Let’s learn the basics first. Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising service that allows you to place your ads on the Google search results page. The platform has settings for targeting, budget limits, site selection, and other tools for creating effective ads.

Lasting Trend offers assistance in creating and managing a Google Ads account so that all platform services give you the best results.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search is the digital marketing approach that Google Ads focuses on. The service allows you to place contextual advertising in Google search results or on partner sites in its media network.

Thanks to the principle of Pay Per Click, the client of the search engine pays for the result – for clicking on the link. Ineffective ad views are not paid.

However, for your advertising to be truly effective, you need to fulfill a lot of conditions. Such as:

  • Collect relevant keywords.
  • Compose clickable texts for advertisements.
  • Design a landing page.
  • And, of course, win an auction between advertisers who use the same keywords. To rank higher in the SERPs, you will have to pay more than your competitors.

As you know, in the legal field, the price of keywords is very high. And any mistakes in the settings of advertising campaigns can cost you dearly. Therefore, it is more profitable for you to hire experienced marketers who will help you save your money.

Remarketing And Retargeting

According to Baymard Institute, for every 100 potential customers, 70 of them will leave without purchasing. This is especially frustrating when you’ve used PPC to reach new audiences.

But you can try to win back those leads – through remarketing and retargeting. In this case, you are working with an already heated audience that knows about your company, so your chances of success increase here.

To be more accurate with retargeting, you need to have as much information about your audience as possible. And Google can give you a large number of such statistics. For example:

  • data about site visitors in Google Analytics;
  • data on YouTube viewers who have watched your videos or visited your channel;
  • data about users who downloaded the application from the Play Market, etc.

Retargeting can increase the number of client requests several times over.

Google Shopping Campaigns 

It is another tool that helps buyers and sellers find each other. Most often, Google Shopping is used as a service to advertise goods from online stores, but it can also be used to promote certain types of services. Advertisements appear on all possible Google sites – from search to YouTube.

Thanks to the service, users can easily find products and compare prices without going to the advertiser’s website. This is especially true if users are exploring the product on a mobile phone.

These shopping ads provide the customer with the information they need before the customer even visits the website. It means that when users click on the link, they make an informed choice, and they are interested in the product. Therefore, shopping ads have a higher transaction rate than search ads. So, the transaction cost is lower.

Landing Page And Conversion Rate Optimization

I already mentioned the Landing Page a little earlier. I said that links in contextual advertising should lead to pre-prepared pages. How these pages are designed will greatly influence the visitor’s decision.

Imagine that a law firm advertised for the services of a divorce lawyer, and the link in the ad leads to the home page on the firm’s website. In this case, the visitor will need to independently search the website for information about the desired service. As practice shows, customers most often just leave the site and click on another ad.

But if the link leads to a page dedicated specifically to the services of a divorce lawyer, the conversion from this ad will be much higher. The client, having entered the landing page, will see the information he needs and make a choice in your favor.

As you understand, such a result is possible only with a clear, concise and thoughtful design of the landing page.

Display Advertising

Perhaps I will not be mistaken if I say that display advertising is one of the most familiar and understandable types of online advertising for consumers. It consists of text, images and a URL that leads to the desired site.

The first such banner appeared on the Internet back in 1994. Since then, the online market has changed a lot and display advertising now has to face very strong competition. And yet it continues to work quite effectively.

Moreover, display advertising can have different formats:

  • statistical (still images with text);
  • animated (GIF);
  • interactive (answers to questions, games, etc.);
  • video, etc.

When using display advertising, you need to be aware of the Google Display Advertising Specifications. Better yet, entrust the ad campaign to marketers who have experience with display advertising.

How Our Adwords Company Works

Before concluding a cooperation agreement, marketers must explain to you exactly what kind of Google Ads services they can offer you and how they plan to work with you. There are certain steps any decent and experienced AdWords agency in NYC will take to make your return on investment (ROI) as high as possible.

Digital marketing agency Lasting Trend starts any collaboration with research:

  • we`ll study the keywords and negative keywords associated with your brand;
  • we`ll define your main competitors and target audience;
  • we`ll conduct a thorough audit of previous PPC campaigns.

Then we, as the Google Ads company, will review your Quality Score. The name speaks for itself – Google assesses your ad on a scale from one to 10, with 10 being the best.

Creates A Strategy & Goals

After we have determined the current situation and your position in the market, we need to understand in which direction you want to move. In other words, we need to define your goals. Depending on the tasks set, we will develop a marketing strategy. Among other things, we will choose which types of online advertising we will use in Google Ads.

Launches New Campaigns

Now it’s time to start one or more campaigns. Each of them will be associated with one of the services that your company offers. At this stage, it is very important to choose the right keywords, which can significantly affect the result. We also need to select a campaign type, set preferences for different types of devices on which ads will be shown, and define geotargeting, bid type, and campaign budget.

Manages Campaigns

One of the important rules that we always follow at this stage is the daily control of each campaign. Thanks to this rule, we can see the problem in time and fix it. In particular, we monitor the reaction of the audience and the spending of funds. If necessary, we change the campaign settings to achieve better results.

Sends Performance Reports

Our second crucial rule is the observance of full accountability to our clients. Every month we provide detailed reports on the effectiveness of your advertising. At this point, together we can adjust bids, change the landing page, and run some tests. You should participate in all these steps so that you can align the changes with your company’s mission.

Benefits For Your Business

Some clients get a little scared when I tell them that they will be taking part in organizational processes. They think that Google Ads is too complicated and it is better to choose an easier way to advertise yourself. I don’t agree with this.

Firstly, you don’t need to know much about how this online service works. Understanding Google Ads settings is the task of the Lasting Trend team. You only need to set goals and monitor results.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Secondly, by opting out of the Google Ads service, you limit your advertising opportunities. But you do not want to give up your place to competitors, do you?

To understand this issue in more detail, I will tell you about several advantages of the service.

Incorporating Google AdWords Into Your Marketing Strategy

The service has flexible settings and allows marketers to work with a large amount of information. With the help of these statistics, you can adjust to a specific target audience, and choose the time and place of the show. With the help of geotargeting, you can significantly reduce the area where your ads will be distributed.

Also, you can quickly adjust to the intent of the target audience. For example, if a user, being 500 meters from your office, enters the query “injury lawyer” into the search bar, he will see exactly your ad.

So, Google Ads adjusts to your marketing strategy and allows you to optimize your ads.

Manage And Improve Quality Score

As I mentioned above, Google rates each ad on a scale of 1 to 10. These scores help you understand if your ad campaign is doing well. If there are issues that you haven’t noticed before, Quality Score will tell you about them. This is how Google helps you improve your advertising campaigns by pointing out the flaws.

Google uses three factors to determine Quality Score:

  • ad;
  • keywords;
  • landing page.

The higher your ad rank, the less you will pay per click and the better your ad position will be.

Get A Discounted Price On Each Click

Understanding the requirements and rules of Google Ads allows marketers to influence the cost per click. AdWords specialists use a range of techniques that can affect the price. For example:

  • selection of rarer keywords and long queries;
  • use of negative keywords;
  • landing page optimization;
  • using different rates for different devices;
  • setting up time and geotargeting, etc.

If each of the methods is applied correctly, this will positively affect the overall rating of the account. Google Ads will begin to regard your company as a reliable partner, and advertising costs will decrease.

Staying Ahead In The Competition

Beating competitors is the cherished goal of any company owner. But to achieve it, you need to understand at what level the competitors are now, what strategies they use and what advantages they have. Google Ads will help you figure it out.

For example, you can get a list of competitors thanks to keyword analytics. The report will show a list of competitors for the main keywords, as well as your role among them. You can see what percentage of search query coverage you are taking. Also, with the help of Google, you can get information about the quality of competitors’ ads, landing page loading speed, etc.

These statistics will help you develop new hypotheses and strategies and improve your company’s position in the market.

Deliver Fast Results

If you’ve ever advertised offline, you know how long and expensive it can be. Moreover, often you cannot track the result here.

For example, you ordered the distribution of flyers near the subway. In this case, you will never get accurate statistics about exactly who received these flyers and how many. Or you decide to place a banner on the street. This advertisement will be in the same place for a strictly defined period. And even if you realize after two weeks that the advertisement is not producing results, the banner will still hang for a month, because you paid for the month.

In Google Ads, it works differently. You can make adjustments, change settings, narrow or expand the target audience, and change geotargeting at any time. You can influence the advertising campaign right here and now, and at the same time, you always have clear statistics. Therefore, your chances of quick success increase dramatically.

Who Adwords Agency Services Are Useful For

I think you have already clearly seen that any business in the Internet era cannot do without advertising on Google, which means that it cannot do without Google Ads.

However, you may have doubts about whether you need the help of a Google Ads agency. You probably want to save your budget, and the thought “I can handle it myself” or “I have in-team managers who will do all the work” appears in your head.

In the first case, I’ll tell you clearly and unequivocally – no, you can’t do it yourself. If you carefully read my previous explanations about how Google Ads works, you understand that this is a difficult service to manage. You will have to spend a lot of time studying it, and without such preparation, you risk completely failing any of your online advertising campaigns.

In the second case, I will tell you that in-team managers can cope with the task if they have regular experience with Google Ads. It’s no secret that Google regularly changes the algorithms of its services, and you need to constantly monitor these changes. If your managers work more often with offline advertising, you should entrust Google Ads to an agency.

Specifics Of Adwords Consulting

Google Ads agencies can offer you several options for cooperation.

Option 1.

The agency will set up the account “by your hands”. This means that AdWords experts will tell you what to do and how, and you will put it into practice.

Option 2.

The AdWords company will do all the necessary work after discussing the action plan with you. In the process of such work, you will know how Google Ads is used for your project.

Perhaps here you may have a question, “Why should we order a paid consultation when we can call Google Ads support and get answers to our questions for free?”

Indeed, Google support is distinguished by its courtesy and friendliness, they will answer any of your questions. And if they do not know the answer, they will make every effort to find a solution. But Google Ads support will not guide you from the very beginning of setting up your account to the end, it will only answer specific questions and solve specific problems in your account.

Do not forget that Google is a commercial company, their task is to attract profit. They are interested in you spending as much money on Google Ads as possible. Therefore, you should not completely rely on their advice.

Why Use Help Of Professionals 

Now, when you have an understanding of what a Google Ads agency will do for you, it is high time to ask yourself whether you really need it right now. There are reasons to ask this question, and the main one is that it can be expensive for you. So, if you have a small company with a pretty tight budget, maybe it would be better for you not to spend your money on an AdWords management company. Wait a bit, use organic search, and focus on other ways to expand your business.

Once you’ve gotten to the point where you can allow it, contact a professional AdWords company. Do not try to do it yourself if you lack the necessary expertise. To run a Google Ads campaign successfully, you need deep knowledge about, for example, keywords searching, bidding, how to run tests, and much more.

Though there are lots of free online services that provide information, it all requires time and effort. And we all know these are the most in-demand resources for business owners! That is why there are digital agencies like us, Lasting Trend. We value your time and want to help you to direct your attention where it is needed the most. Get a free consultation and stop worrying about this aspect of expanding your business!

Results You Can Get

Potentially, ads run with Google Ads can give you very high results. Research and experience of many companies show that your profitability can increase significantly. This efficiency is due to many reasons, such as:

  • access to a huge audience (over 2.9 billion unique monthly visitors and 5 billion daily interactions);
  • the ability to show ads to the most loyal audience or those who are ready to order right now;
  • you need to pay only for the target action. Thanks to the Pay Per Click algorithm, the advertiser pays only for clicks to the website, and not for ad impressions, as in other types of advertising;
  • the ability to track the effectiveness of advertising and quickly respond if an advertising campaign is unsuccessful, etc.

However, Google Ads is no guarantee of your success. It’s just a handy tool that you need to know how to use. If you don’t have these skills, you can run into a lot of difficulties and waste your advertising budget. Therefore, those firms that want to get high results turn to Google Ads agencies for help.

Why Choose Lasting Trend

Choosing a Google Ads agency is always associated with certain difficulties. Every marketer promises you mountains of gold and lightning success. But can you believe such words? My advice is to trust concrete results and actions, not promises.

When we talk about contextual advertising and the use of Google Ads, the experience of marketers matters the most. That’s why I’m hiring longtime experts at Lasting Trend. Oir team has AdWords specialists who focus on PPC, carefully monitor all changes in Google Ads, test different approaches, develop new hypotheses and strategies.

with Lasting Trend
4.5 times
than in-house team
marketing director, senior SEO, content writer and junior designer

Our main task is to help our clients achieve the goals they have set for themselves. For this we use the skills and knowledge that we have accumulated over many years of work in online marketing.

Our Case Examples

Now I will show you a concrete example of how effective the Lasting Trend team is.

LaptopMD is a company whose main sphere of operation is computer and iPhone repair, and data recovery. But it is based in a highly competitive area – Midtown Manhattan in New York. Moreover, the office is on the 12th floor, so there is no chance of attracting potential customers by putting up a flashy sign.

The company decided that the only chance for them to stand out from numerous competitors would be to launch a Google Ads PPC campaign.

After four months of our work, we got the following results:

  • 77.62% growth in the total number of qualified leads, branded included.
  • 135.00% rise in the total number of qualified leads, branded excluded.
  • The average cost per lead reduction by 34.16%, branded included.
  • The average cost per lead decreased by 54.12%, branded excluded.

As you can see, the right Google Ads settings can give you really good results and help you promote your business.

You can find more of our cases in Results.

Google Ads Services Prices And Plans

AdWords agencies all have different fees. Make sure to discuss the payment terms before you start working with a company. Here are the most common types of fees.

The Flat Fee. In this scheme, you always pay the same price, regardless of the amount of work. Of course, the figures can change due to alterations in the budget or initial demands.

The Hourly Rate. Basically, the more the AdWords manager works, the more money he gets. It is calculated by hours of work spent multiplied by the hourly rate.

The Percentage of Ad Spend. This is the most common scheme in this sphere. Google AdWords agencies charge you with something like 10 or 20 % of the total cost of the ad. This is quite profitable for small and cheap campaigns. Some say that this model is unfair to the clients if they want to increase the budget, but that is just not true. If you invest more money in your ad, you surely require more work done. A PPC manager has to handle the bigger campaign and bring more leads (which is profitable for you). So, now you can see that it is fair.

The Performance-Based Fee. Absolutely beloved by clients for its transparency (AdWords consulting agency is only rewarded based on the results), this type does not work that well in real life. And it is not because the job was done poorly. The PPC manager can control only his sphere of business – paid ads. He does not have complete control over every business process in the company. But the result of his work is closely connected with the quality of the landing page, a precisely working sales funnel, a professional sales team, and many other factors.

The Hybrid. There are as many payment schemes as there are AdWords management agencies. Some of them prefer taking a percentage of the total spent, combined with a standard price for some routine tasks, such as regular reports. Others first calculate how much time an account will take, decide on their hourly rate, and after that, take that as type number one, the flat fee.

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How does Google AdWords work?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising service that allows you to place your ads on the Google search results page.

These ads look almost identical to regular search results. They are distinguished only by a small mark in the form of the word “Advertisement” in green. You may notice such ads at the top, bottom, and side of the search results page.

Google shows these ads after users enter their query into the search bar. At this moment, the service understands what it is that interests users – and gives them relevant ads.

This choice is made based on keywords. Moreover, these words necessarily participate in the internal system auction, where advertisers offer their rates for each word. The advertiser with the highest bid will be able to advertise. Depending on the bid value for keywords, ads will occupy different positions.

In addition to the bid, Google also takes into account the relevance and quality of your service and website.

Why is AdWords important?

Google Ads is one of the main and most powerful online advertising methods. Its main advantage is that search advertising gives your business “warmed up” buyers who have already shown interest in your services and are ready to order them.

The use of search advertising allows you to get new customers on the first day of launch, and the effectiveness of this advertising channel is one of the highest.
Here are some other benefits of an advertising service:

You get an instant result, as advertising is shown immediately after replenishing the balance in your account.
You determine the budget for advertising, and at any time you can pause the demonstration of advertisements.
You monitor the effectiveness of the campaign in real-time.

In short, Google Ads is the fastest way to get customers off the web. With the help of properly configured advertising, your website gets to the TOP for specific key queries.

Is Google AdWords free?

Those who are just starting to work with Google Ads always ask questions about the cost of working with the service. The answer to this question has several parts.
Creating an account is a free procedure. If you need Google tech support, you get it for free too.

However, the launch of any advertising campaign will require financial investments from you. Keep in mind that Google Ads uses the Pay Per Click algorithm, which means that you will have to pay for each visit to your site.

Cost per click can vary greatly. For example, legal keywords are usually expensive. But marketers who have been in the industry for a long time know how to pick effective keywords at a lower cost. You can find out the cost of the services of such an agency on the Prices page.

In general, the money spent is justified, since you get a large influx of potential customers and the conversion from advertising is usually high.

In addition, it is possible to adapt contextual advertising to almost any budget, and advertising will still be effective.

What are the three types of Google Ads?

All types of Google Ads advertising campaigns can be divided into two main groups – search advertising and the display network. In each of these options, it is possible to choose the type of campaign for a specific product.

A campaign type is a collection of different features and functionality. For example, they determine where ads will be shown and what functionality can be used.
Here are all nine campaign types and where they appear:

1) Search Campaigns.
2) Google Display.
3) Video Advertising.
4) Google Shopping.
5) App Advertising.
6) Local Advertising.
7) Smart Campaigns.
8) Performance Max.
9) Discovery Campaigns.

The choice of campaign depends on what goals you have set for yourself. For users with a formed demand for the service, it is best to launch search and shopping advertising campaigns. Ads on the Display Network and YouTube will help create demand and convert cold audiences to hot audiences. You can combine the launch of different types of campaigns for greater advertising effectiveness.

Get Audit From Our Google Ads Company Now

And finally, I want to remind you of the need to audit contextual advertising from time to time. The task of the audit is to detect flaws in ongoing advertising campaigns in Google Ads.

Lasting Trend also provides customers with such a service. I can point out a few common reasons why clients ask for an audit:

  1. The business owner himself set up and launched advertising campaigns and is not quite sure that he did everything right.
  2. The advertising campaign has been outsourced, and the business owner wants to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the work performed.
  3. An advertising campaign is conducted by a full-time marketer, and to verify his work, the business owner turns to professionals.
  4. More money is spent on customer acquisition than the business owner can afford.

Upon completion of our work, you will receive a detailed analysis of your Google Ads account. After implementing all the fixes, you will most likely be able to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Lasting Trend