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In today’s competitive marketing landscape, businesses need to make substantial investments in building content marketing strategies. Why? Because it’s an undeniable fact that SEO optimized content delivers resounding success.

Google considers content as one of the most important ranking factors. So, if you want Google to see your website as “good”, you need to put time and effort into your content. However, it’s not enough to have well-written, engaging content. The notion of good content has two perspectives – the readers’ one and the SEO – and with the help of website optimization services, you can take care of both.

Read on to learn about our process of content optimization and why it’s so important to approach it professionally.

Content Optimization: What Is It?

Content optimization is the process of enhancing written content in a way to get more readers and fetch you a higher conversion rate. It can include different kinds of activities, such as search engine optimization, copy improvements, user experience changes, link building, adding meta and title tags, and relevant links, and technical fixes. The bottom line is that we aim to deliver your content to the largest possible target audience.

The job of a content optimization specialist is to make sure your website shows up for relevant searches. This means that your pages should be optimized to match the search intent of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Content Optimization vs. SEO: Why Optimization Matters for Your Business

For those who are new to the topics of website content optimization and SEO, these concepts might look the same. But it makes sense because both of them strive to achieve the same goal – increase your website’s visibility and increasing conversion rates. They also use some of the same techniques, such as keyword research. Still, they are different.

SEO focuses on improving your website performance through organic methods to rank higher in the search engines. To put it simply, SEO is defined by keyword usage.

As for content optimization, it goes beyond keywords. As you know, search engines crawl website pages, but it’s not only restricted to articles.

What a content optimization strategy does is inform the user about you and your brand through images, infographics, videos, and podcasts as well. Proper optimization relies not only on keywords but also on making the entire pieces of content work in your favor.

Keywords and optimization are very connected, and marketers shouldn’t neglect either of them. A content optimization system will work efficiently as long as it’s tied to other digital marketing measures.

Content Development and Production

In some cases, producing well-written articles that follow rules of web optimization is enough to significantly increase the website ranking. This is exactly what happened to our client. With our content optimization strategy, this law firm’s site responded well to the target audience’s struggles and managed to climb up the rankings.

But in order to maintain the results, we need to put in motion constant content production. This means building an engaging website that connects with the audience through unique content. This can be a tough job to accomplish unless there is an entire team behind it.

As part of our website optimization services, we also keep in mind the technical elements. Even though they aren’t visible to users, it helps search bots find your website more easily.

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Content Optimization for Search Engine Robots and Human Target Audience

The key to content optimization is to appeal to both search bot and real people who will access your website. Interestingly, there are many overlapping requirements. Here are some guidelines that we follow:

  • Good content – We write content that has value for your readers. For example, describe products or services that you offer in blog posts. Since you know your business better than anyone, your readers will be interested to know more about it.
  • Fresh posts – Your existing content works for a while, but you need to keep your audience interested. Our goal is to produce up-to-date, informative, helpful, and educational content on a regular basis for maximum results. Search engines will pick it up as well.
  • Natural-sounding – The worst thing for your image is trying to optimize content only for search engines. We avoid keyword stuffing, over-linking, or creating content that’s low quality.
  • Smart use of social media – This way, you will build relationships with users on different platforms and receive great feedback in return. In the long run, it will help your website’s growth and improve brand recognition.

Optimizing Text

Poor quality texts that don’t contain elements for content optimization strategy aren’t just useless. A bad piece of content might even have a direct negative impact on companies and their competitiveness. We make sure that the quality of your texts is up to the highest standards, and they genuinely make your company’s communication more effective.

From the perspective of SEO, we optimize your texts for organic search by including the following information about the content pieces:

  • Title tags: They are featured prominently in the search engine results pages and serve as meaningful ways to describe your page’s content for your audience.
  • Meta descriptions: Similarly, those are descriptor texts for each result, so we craft them carefully as well.
  • Keywords: Based on keyword research, enrich the text with relevant words and phrases without making it overstuffed.
  • URLs: We keep keyword-rich URLs simple, consistent, and organized.

Bonus point: 100% original and high-quality content is likely to earn you natural links from other websites.

Optimizing Images

A big mistake many websites make is not classifying images into SEO optimized content. If you don’t optimize them, images can consequently have a negative impact on your SEO because of their size. What you thought could drive conversions might contribute to bad user experience instead.

Content with optimized images increases user engagement, and we take advantage of this fact. In order for images to work properly, we focus on HTML attributes that need to be optimized for search engines, such as title tags, figcaption, alt text with targeted keywords, etc. Our specialists apply other techniques for maximizing the images’ potential, depending on the goal they’re pursuing.

Expert Help with Content Optimization

The process of getting your content optimized to perfection is a complicated multi-step process. Below you can find our step-by-step approach:

  • Content strategy: Assessing your website’s strengths and weaknesses in order to prioritize our future activities.
  • Content gap analysis: Reserching existing gaps between your and competitors content.
  • Keyword research: Finding search terms that your audience uses to find your services online.
  • User intent matching: Creating strategy to meet your potential client’s intent.
  • SEO copywriting: Writing keyword-based content.
  • Content creation: Producing content that optimized for SEO, intent and conversions.
  • On Page Optimization: And finally, optimizing the content page according to Google best practices.

Our writers and content optimization specialists will generate the type of content your target audience needs. We approach each case individually, and our clients (mostly small and mid-sized businesses) are very happy with the results! You can check our clients’ reviews and top 15 New York SEO Services Companies and see that we work efficiently according to the Top 90 SEO Companies in New York.

Now you know how your business could benefit from strategic content optimization services. And Lasting Trend specialists are happy to assist you in this journey!

We’ll develop a marketing strategy to promote their businesses in major search engines as well as the online space in general. Let’s start with a free consultation!

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