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Most firms have significant problems with their overall website performance. One of the causes of this challenge is flawed keyword research. Finding a method to follow in creating the best strategies for your site can be complicated or overwhelming. For this reason, you need adequate help to boost your site performance.

Does your website win business clients? If it doesn’t, there’s no cause for alarm. Our SEO keyword research services will ensure that your online presence improves and your firm is more appealing. We ensure that each targeted keyword provides the best results that your firm needs. Lasting Trend marketing services are both affordable and highly effective.

How Our SEO Keyword Research Services Work

At our agency, our ideology is straightforward. For every amount your company spends on campaigns, including research, you must get an exponential result. Without these types of outcomes, then the KW research isn’t at its best. Here’s more detail about how our keyword research service works:

If Your Website Doesn’t Have Any Research

Sites without adequate keyword research services wouldn’t attract enough business clients. The process of performing research may be strenuous, but we can help make the right changes. For better comprehension, here’s how we can provide substantial help:

  • Knowing the Target Audience: We’ll research and discover your target audience demographics and immediate business needs. Lasting Trend will figure out the specific motivations of your audience and the factors that affect their buying behavior.
  • Finding Keywords From Reputable Similar Firms: Lasting Trend can perform competitive keyword research and detect terms that other reputable firms in your practice area or region use. As a firm, we’ll incorporate these “search terms” into your website.
  • Using Long-tail Keywords: Lasting Trend provides a convenient long-tail keyword research service to various clients in different niches. Our team of competent individuals discovers long-tail KW opportunities to attract clients in little time. Note that these types of keywords are suitable for visitors close to the point of purchase.
  • Performing Local Keyword Research: We’ll engage in local SEO to get in touch with actual clients for your website. You can benefit from visitors searching for your local service or product.
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If Your Keyword Research Didn’t Get Expected Rankings

Ranking platforms the right way may require a significant amount of time and practical research. Following an improper technique of ranking your firm wouldn’t yield a desirable result. For this reason, your firm will need to opt for content edit that may also apply in google AdWords keyword research. Here are the crucial aspects of reviewing:

  1. Keyword Intent: One of the essential aspects of your website to review is the intent of the target keywords. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, your site wouldn’t be among the top-ranking websites if the objective is wrong.  For instance, a law firm wouldn’t have high rankings for the term “real estate attorney,” but they may rank sufficiently for “real estate attorney consultation.”
  1. Informational Keywords: These keywords are easy to rank, but only a few are transactional. In other words, you may have too many informational keywords if you have lots of visitors and no clients.
  1. Missed Opportunities: Reviewing missed opportunities on your website is imperative. Marketing agencies typically have a problem of missing important keywords that may result in getting fewer clients. For this reason, Lasting Trend offers every firm, deep research that helps you get the whole pie.

If You Don’t Have Time For Babysitting Your Website

Babysitting your site is simply spending more time than you need on keyword research for search engine ranking. Time is valuable for your company, and we understand that in our agency. We equally value your time, and our advanced keyword research process ensures that none of it gets wasted.

When we work on your firm’s website, here are the fine-tuned processes you can enjoy:

  • Deep and Detailed Research: After we have an accurate understanding of your goal as a firm, we’ll perform niche keyword research. Our research checks all the boxes of your needs or wants as a company and ensures website growth.
  • Appropriate Keyword Usage: We don’t use common keywords or the read and quit ones. Instead, we employ those that convert. In other words, these terms will drive high conversion rates. 
  • Chance of Expansion: When you’ll gain more customers, you may need more people to help you operate business. Which can play a role in growing your business in the future.

If You Have a Content Department That Shows Low Results

Keeping your keyword services in perfect condition may be difficult, especially when your firm takes responsibility. Problems with your keyword services will ultimately influence your company’s outcomes. 

You shouldn’t keep getting low results from your content department. When you work hand-in-hand with us, we will offer a fresh perspective to your business. Hence, you can benefit from a more effective strategy. Here are a few significant factors that will reverse the low results from any content department:

  • Presence of detailed analysis, including PPC keyword research on the various niches
  • Significant experience in competitor analysis for highly competitive niches like law and medicine.
  • A good technique of maximizing enterprise marketing tools and software. We have a significant understanding of the latest trends in digital marketing. Our agency also makes good use of indicators (KPIs) to measure business growth.

Why Choose Lasting Trend for Your Keyword Research

At our keyword research company, we provide unique solutions for every client. Most typical companies use general templates that don’t meet their client-specific goals. For this reason, Lasting Trend employs effective strategies that meet clients’ needs and prevent financial losses.

Here’s a table that effectively outlines our services compared to general keyword research companies or In-house teams:

In-house Team
Lasting Trend
General SEO agency
Personal customer care
The in-house team use 100% of their time for your projects
Each client will get a personal manager that oversees and takes responsibility for the results of the project.
Clients receive unexplanatory or abstract reports every month. It’s challenging to know the real-time state of the project.
One client per market
The team will only work on your projects
We refrain from working with clients that compete in the same niche or geolocation.
General SEO agencies don’t pay attention to the competition. Instead, they take as many clients as possible.
Deep research
Depending on the size of the team, they typically don’t have adequate experience for proper keyword research
Every research that we undergo is significantly deep and detailed. Our findings yield profit for your business due to its uniqueness and specificity.
Big SEO agencies have deep research options, but clients need to filter the unwanted ones.
Niche understanding
In a standard setting, in-house teams understand entirely your niche as a client. The team also helps in highlighting the keywords that are necessary for the firm.
Our first step is to understand every part of your niche, down to the minute details. After having the appropriate picture and significant knowledge of your niche, we find the most beneficial or profitable keywords.
General SEO agencies don’t take out time to understand the niche. Instead, they perform automated and ineffective research.
Pricing depends on the salary of each member of the team. Can be as low as $2500 for one intern-level full-time employee to $10k+ for a team.
Starting at $1999
Avg pricing starting at $3999

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What Results You Get

Getting the best result from an agency is the most essential requirement for your firm. Lasting Trend understands keyword research is the first and imperative step to attracting clients and offering the best service. 

We provide deep analysis in an accessible and affordable report format. Note that this scrutiny may also include PPC keyword research. Clients can see the essential recommendations on the best way to use keywords. Ultimately, your website and firm will experience the following results:

  • An Engaged Audience: With the proper keywords we provide, your site will have a high number of site visitors. These individuals will bring traffic to the site and increase engagement. We ensure that your readers get what interests them from your site through specific topics.
  • Accessibility to Customer Insights: Lasting Trend ensures that clients can see the steps to building their site, including the response from visitors. Hence, you can understand customer behavior and watch how it meets your company goals.
  • Higher Conversions: Apart from the increased site traffic, clients will also experience increased conversions or sales. In other words, the actions that the audience takes will result in business growth.

What Our Clients Are Saying

After providing our services to various establishments, learn what our clients have to say:

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Smaller Websites With 1-5 Services
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360° Marketing

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Our Recent Case Studies

See our work at Lasting Trend and how it significantly increases results. At our agency, we observed that creative content from us attracted new clients. One case study is the New York-based law offices of Yuriy Moshes with an excellent reputation. This firm wasn’t pulling in leads from their site, and this required our expertise.

After our intervention at Lasting Trend, the firm went up the ladder by a whopping increase of ten clients per day. Other significant statistics include a break-even point of nine months and the first results in six months. For more details about the process of achieving those impressive results for Yuriy Moshes, click here.

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It takes time to put your website in shape by yourself or a general SEO agency. Hence,  please refrain from babysitting your website content, and leave it for Lasting Trend. Our expert keyword research is client-specific and focuses on getting exceptional results. 

Effective keyword research and content should provide high financial returns without unnecessary challenges. Whether you’re a law firm or an establishment offering services to customers, contact us today. Lasting Trend offers outstanding keyword research to build your business.

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