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One of the most challenging situations that business owners like you encounter is website performance. Creating high-quality content/blog posts that are SEO-optimized, yet appealing to your target audience is among the common reasons.

Understanding your audience is the first step toward creating high-quality content. Consumers seek content that addresses real challenges or problems in their lives. It is not enough to publish content that has your brand and image over it. To have maximum impact and distinguish yourself from the spam, promotional messages, and average online blog articles, you must build a connection with consumer needs.

Does your website generate adequate traffic, and leads that result in a boost to your business clientele? If not, we can help businesses like yours create smarter content using our SEO copywriting services. At Lasting Trend we creatively design the perfect solution for your brand. Our marketing services are also both effective and affordable.

Do you want content that meets the above goals? Do you want content that ranks well on search engine result pages (SERPs) and also persuades readers? Explore how our SEO copywriting agency can help your business.

SEO Copywriting Services at Lasting Trend

With the growing relevance of high-quality website content, there are numerous options to choose from as regards SEO copywriting service providers. Lasting Trend SEO copywriting services with affordable SEO copywriting rates is your ideal choice and here is why!

At Lasting Trend, we believe in the power and enchantment of a properly structured content strategy. Our SEO copywriting service combines SEO web copywriting knowledge and skill with well-written articles, each containing relevant keywords. 

These keywords are chosen according to your needs and your business focus points and significantly contribute to increased conversion and website traffic.

Our philosophy is simple – for every dollar spent developing content, you should gain exponential benefits. If this is not the case, then such content is not worthy of the money spent. To ensure we consistently uphold this ideology, we produce creative, researched, and expertly written content for each client.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

If Your Website Doesn’t Have Any Content

When it comes to improving website visibility and performance, content is always king! Why? 

Unlike humans, search engines (Google) can’t see, smell or taste. What it does is use AI technology (algorithms) to analyze web copies, and recognize the relevance of your content compared to other websites (competitors) for any given search query.

The challenge most business owners face is that they don’t have web content or cannot produce enough content. Thus, they cannot compete with websites that pay SEO copywriting writing services providers to increase their search engine visibility.

When you hire Lasting Trend, we can easily change that. You will have a team of website copywriting SEO experts who are trained to produce high-quality blog posts. These contents are 100% optimized with detailed keyword research, and necessary media (images, graphics, custom infographic, etc.), CTA, and required word count. How do we do it?

  • We identify pages and keywords that rank and convert the most for competitors and similar firms within your niche. Then incorporate our research findings into your website.
  • We will create a content publishing calendar. This ensures that every week, you are a step closer to achieving your success.
  • Finally, let our SEO-optimized copywriting experts create content. We believe that content should be produced by professionals who are familiar with your niche or industry. (E.g. paralegals in Personal Injury law firms create content related to personal injury law.)

If Your Content Didn’t Get Expected Rankings

SEO copywriting is about creating useful, valuable, and compelling content that targets specific keywords.

This increases the relevance and authority of your content and improves its search engine ranking for specific keywords. SEO copywriting helps you target your ideal clientele/audience and solve specific problems with well-written content.

Typically, SEO copywriting takes a while to begin to see significant changes. However, if nothing happens, then it may be deficient and its effectiveness dampened. In such a scenario, you will need a professional editing service or content editor for:

  • Thin content (content with little or no benefit to the end-user)
  • Content distribution
  • Content management (including, how often was content published and, if it was ever updated).

Additionally, your content may not yield the expected ranking even though it was well-written. This is maybe a result of wrongful intent or content written in a bad key, causing loss of potential clients. Allow our professional content creators to produce the magic for you! 

SEO copywriting

If You Don’t Have Time for Babysitting Your Website

Do you prefer to outsource website copywriting SEO? We understand how valuable your time is and wouldn’t waste it.

Our content experts are happy to use their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for SEO copywriting to improve your Google search ranking. Our SEO copywriters also have excellent grasp of on-page SEO, service page SEO, and technical SEO. We provide a single point of contact for every SEO needs. Our marketing processes are tailored to your brand’s needs. When you trust us with every SEO aspect on your website, you get:

  • Expertly crafted content that doesn’t damage your reputation
  • Posts that generate more traffic and converts
  • Opportunity to scale your business in the long term.

Now you understand how we will handle your website SEO copywriting. If you let us know what your goal(s) are with your SEO content, we are delighted to help you reach your goals.

If You Have Content Department That Show Low Results

You may have an in-house team that handles your content or used a general SEO content strategy before, but did this help you achieve the desired results?

To realize the best results, Lasting Trend offers expert knowledge and experience in all aspects of SEO. Thanks to our growth-oriented and data-driven mentality, we deliver more than what you and your business may be used to from your content department and other SEO agencies.

We are always happy to assist if your SEO copywriting service is no longer effective. We can provide a fresher, more creative perspective and develop a more efficient content strategy. We guarantee:

  • Detailed niche researches,
  • Competitor analysis, and 
  • Enterprise marketing tools and software; knowledge and experience of latest trends in the digital marketing industry.

Contact Us! Let’s talk about how Lasting Trend can help you rejuvenate your content. We will create a content strategy that is tailored specifically to your brand’s needs.

Benefits of Working with Lasting Trend

Lasting Trend provides custom copywriting services for each client. Instead of stuffing your marketing program with general templates, we use strategies targeted at specific clients’ needs. An ineffective website post isn’t only about losing money and resources but also about harming brand reputation and losing prospects.

In-house Team
Lasting Trend
General SEO agency
Personal customer care
The in-house team devotes 100% of their attention to your tasks.
Each client is assigned a personal manager who is responsible for the project’s outcomes.
The client receives a monthly dry report that makes it difficult to understand what is currently being done on the project.
One client per market
Only your projects will be worked on by your team.
We never accept two clients who compete in the same niche or geographical area.
General SEO firms accept as many clients as possible.
Publish and pray
Depending on the team size, they may have insufficient time or not possess the requisite skill to create the best content.
All of our posts are the result of extensive research.
Larger corporations may use “templates” with outdated/invalid data, resulting in low-performance content.
Expert content
Only if the team includes an SEO copywriting content expert. Otherwise, the writing is outsourced to a copywriter who is unfamiliar with your niche.
We collaborate with niche professionals who create authoritative content. We avoid publishing articles that contain significant inaccuracies.
Content is written by copywriters who learn about the topic while writing the articles.
Pricing depends on the salary of each member of the team. Can be as low as $2500 for one intern-level full-time employee to $10k+ for a team.
Starting at $1999
Avg pricing starting at $3999

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The Importance of Optimized Content for Your Business

Good content is the foundation of an effective online media marketing campaign.  Through optimized content, you establish yourself and your brand as trustworthy experts in your niche/industry.  

Your SEO and copywriting should communicate your message, educate your readers, and persuade them to purchase your services and products over your competition.  In fact, creating high-quality content is among the most important factors you should consider to attract clients/customers and create lasting interest in your business.

Even if they don’t need your services/products right away, they may subscribe to your newsletters and/or emails and use the service/product later. People appreciate expertly written content and our goal is to provide such content to our clients. Lasting Trend may help you with:

  • Blog Writing
  • E-Commerce Writing
  • Landing Pages
  • Press Releases
  • B2B Copywriting
  • Email Campaigns & Newsletters
  • PPC

Remember, clients and customers, go for brands they can trust. Use your SEO-optimized high-quality content to establish relationships and trust between your business and audience.

Customer’s Reviews on Our Copywriting Services

Our stats don’t lie – learn what our clients think about our services.

Testimonials and Reviews


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Content Creation Case Example

Our client, the Yuriy Moshes legal firm in New York, has a superb market reputation. However, they weren’t getting any leads from their website when they first contacted us. While law practice is within the service industry, it can no longer rely on word-of-mouth referrals from previous clients. A strategic web presence is critical to stand out from the competitors.

The firm established a clear goal for itself: to get the phone to ring ASAP. To ensure a transparent deliverable for their goal, we created content that generated new customers. This allowed Yuriy Moshes’ law firm to witness how our services directly benefited them.

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We understand that you are too busy running and managing your business. Adding services pages to your websites, expanding the copy and content within each page, keeping your blog updated with fresher articles, etc. may be a second priority.

Don’t worry, leave it for the Lasting Trend! Our creative SEO copywriting content solutions are directed at partnering with you to achieve desired results. Effective content should generate more leads and revenue, not headaches and depression.

Whether it’s a business service or law firm, contact us let’s discuss your situation or project.

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