Technical Seo Audit Services

Technology might seem like it has streamlined website creation. However many business owners struggle with site performance headaches. Examine your website goals. 

  • Do you want to bring in more clients?  
  • Increase conversion? 
  • Improve rankings on a search engine page?  

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to take the necessary steps to make your objective a reality. There are solutions to improve your website, and at Lasting Trend, we can help you.

Our SEO technical audit services pinpoint problems and issues with your website’s SEO process. Once you have a clear, definitive plan to improve the site, then you can sit back and watch your business grow as your website brings in more clients. 

What Is Included In A Technical SEO Audit

Your website is a lot like an automobile. It needs regular maintenance to run smoothly. Remember, search engines are ever-changing. Maybe your website functioned well six months ago but has now taken a nosedive in performance. A technical SEO audit lets you stay ahead by catching problems early. 

Competition in the digital marketing space remains intense. Staying at the top of your game takes work. SEO remains the favored way to guarantee a website’s success. 

Even the best-designed website cannot stay on top if its SEO is subpar. Carrying out a detailed technical audit SEO provides you with the analytics needed to form strategies to improve. 

Our detailed SEO technical audit focuses on finding the bugs that prevent your website from functioning correctly. We’ll use site analysis and competitive analysis to examine your site. 

Our Process

We can boost your website by carrying out a site technical SEO audit. Our skilled team will analyze your site from start to finish. We then brainstorm a strategy to provide sustainable and measured progress. You’ll get the deliverables you want and stay ahead of your competitors. 

technical seo audit

Remember, carrying out a technical SEO website audit is only the first step in our process!  We want to work with you to develop a long-term plan so continue to reap ongoing professional benefits. 

Conduct A Technical Seo Audit 

Our technical SEO audit services thoroughly examine your site. You are not simply getting a single-page technical SEO audit but a complete site examination with clearly defined strategies. 

  • We crawl your website – nothing can hide! 
  • Review your sitemap to ensure it’s clear, concise, error-free, and up-to-date. 
  • Look over the browseable versions of the website and HTML 
  • Check and double-check all internal links.
  • Carry out speed tests on the site
  • Examine HTTPS content 
  • Compare all site metrics using analytics
  • Audit all backlinks 
  • Recrawl the entire website to make sure nothing was missed. 

Analyze The Audit Information

Our team takes the time to analyze the audit information obtained to develop viable solutions. A website technical SEO audit aims to find potential problems that impact the indexing and crawling of your website by search engines. Our detailed steps render very concise analytical information. We also brainstorm ideas to work on a plan. 

Document The Issues

When carrying out technical SEO audit services, we document all issues we encounter. Only with complete transparency can we overcome what problems are hindering your site’s success. 

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Testing the technical parameters of your site helps us spot errors, make a note of the problems and then strive to rectify them. We want your website to load quickly and all internal linking to function like a well-oiled machine. After documenting all broken links and making notes of any unnecessary redirects, we can remove the problems. 

Share Our Insights And Provide A Plan

We believe in teamwork with our clients, so you are an integral part of our process. Our team wants to involve you in all aspects of the audit and then examine the SEO technical audit fixes. We want to work closely with you to provide insights and formulate a clear-cut plan for ongoing and future success. Problem-solving is our specialty. 

What Issues Our Consultants Resolve

Our consultants use their years of SEO experience to resolve technical and development problems. Whether complicated or straightforward, the experience our team brings to the table can quickly obtain solutions to the most challenging issues.

Websites can easily have improperly configured robots.txt file issues and more. Whether you are experiencing hundreds of problems or thousands of issues are holding your website back from organic traffic, we will find them – correct them! 

The below issues are just a few of the things that our consultants regularly tackle: 

  • Canonicals, redirects, and links: We look to ensure that the links on your website, including the canonicals and redirects on all point to the HTTPS pages. Redirects are not ideal and can cause issues with crawling. You don’t want Google bots to encounter redirects constantly – you do not want to waste your crawl budget!  
  • An SEO technical audit looks at mixed issues when secure pages load unsecured content such as videos or images. The page speed and security take a nosedive. Browsers often can load complete pages due to unsecured content or server issues. 
  • Check internal linking for broken internal URLs and orphan pages to improve usability. 
  • Look for problems with page titles such as long SERPs.
  • Pay particular attention to JavaScript and technical search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Check out the sitemap for blockages. 
  • Examine links to find hidden Javascript, broken internal URLs. Look for pre-next tags without crawlable links. 

Why You Need Technical SEO Audit

An SEO technical audit catches technical issues that ruin the user experience and the bot’s ability to perform its job. If your website has been doing well in Google, it can still lose its position if issues are not addressed promptly. If your website starts to fall behind the competition, then your business loses out on potential clients. 

If Your Website Doesn’t Attract Any Clients

Do you have a nicely designed website but it fails to generate traffic? If you don’t have visitors visiting your website, then you are losing out on potential clients. Our skilled consultants can run a technical SEO audit to see why your site is trending down on visitors. Once we have gathered the analytics, we will increase your website’s growth by improving its technical side. Our team will draft an effective game plan going forward for continued success. 

If You Had Marketing but Stopped To See Results

Have you had successful marketing, but then it stopped producing results? The most common cause of this is tech debt. Sometimes, to deliver immediate results, corners are cut. You’ll experience a spike of good marketing, but then things will start to spiral down. The cause of this is referred to as ‘tech debt.’  

Tech debt occurs when a project is quickly rolled out to meet a deadline. It functions well for a short time, and then it starts to lose steam and falter. Let us help you overcome tech debt. 

If You Have Marketing Department But They Don’t Have Time

Do you have a marketing department? However, they simply lack the time needed to carry out a technical SEO audit homepage, much less a full technical audit SEO. Our consultants will run a tech SEO audit. We can then report any errors to your marketing department while making helpful suggestions on resolving the issues. 

Let us help your marketing department get your site running smoothly again. We will provide a complete analysis along with suggestions on how to fix the various problems effectively. 

Why Choose Lasting Trend

In-house Team
Lasting Trend
General SEO agency
Personalized customer service
It takes an excessive amount of time and 100 percent dedication for an in-house team to carry out many functions.
Each client receives a personal manager who is responsible for the results of the project.
Clients receive a single dry report each month. Typically, the results are not immediate but take time to render results.
We focus on each client
The team only works with your projects.
We are solely dedicated to a single client per geographic location. We do not take on the competition while working with you.
General SEO agencies take on numerous clients from one geographic location (often the clients are fierce competitors)
Superior audit quality that provides accurate results.
Team members often lack sufficient experience.
We only provide full SEO audits when the client truly needs them.
Big companies often provide only a quick audit and then give suggestions such as ‘title too long or ‘h1 duplicates’. The report lacks depth.
Team can take the time to fix the errors they encounter
An in-house team rarely has the skills needed to fix all of the problems.
Our consultants can fix all issues that we find in our report for an additional fee.
The team can fix all errors, but the price is considerably higher than the standard SEO Audit cost.

The Results You Get

Are  you tired of working with big agencies where you are just a number? Do you find dealing with in-house teams frustrating because they lack the time or innovative skills needed to make changes? 

Why put up with lackluster SEO assistance (even if they are in-house)?  Instead, let our team of consultants work closely with you to achieve real results after we perform a complete SEO audit? 

Reporting Sheets And Documents

We back everything with a detailed ‘paper trail’ by providing reporting sheets and documents. Our team wants to share what they have found every step of the way. Transparency remains centerstage for us. 

Consultation And Support

Our team offers more than an SEO audit. We couple our products with our experience to meet the needs of our clients. 

Your success is our success which is why we take our partnership with you seriously. We know that in the professional arena, you need to be able to market and promote your company effectively, so we give you the tools and guidance you need to succeed. Our goal is to help you beat the competition and rise to the top by giving you our full support and consulting skills. 

All information is shared with you, and we make suggestions on how to fix the issues and errors we find. Upon receiving your go-ahead, we will implement the necessary solutions to help you achieve success. 

We know what it takes to drive organic traffic to your website and to increase your ranking. Our team at Lasting Trend will lay out strategic SEO campaigns tailored to meet your business’s particular needs.

Learn about our tailored marketing solutions, full-service digital marketing, and complex marketing. We are here to meet all of your needs with full support and help you achieve the top position we know you are craving. 

Start improving your traffic, achieve greater conversion, and receive better ROI. 

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Client’s Case Examples

Law firms are notoriously competitive on search engine sites. When the law offices of Yuriy Moshes first sought our services, they were receiving only a couple of hundred visitors to their website per month. Traffic was down, and that meant they were experiencing a significant downturn in conversion. 

Upon running a technical SEO audit the first month, we started to rebuild their website using our compiled information. After conducting market research, launching digital marketing, and completing a website audit, we boosted their organic traffic. Hence, they started to receive the results they envisioned by leading the top of Google’s search results. 

Request Your Free Consultation

We know it’s hard to maintain a website. You have to stay on top of everything that is changing in the tech world. It takes time, ongoing education, and dedication you might need in other areas of your business. 

At Lasting Trend, we offer technical SEO audit services so we can decipher your website’s stumbling blocks and implement the changes needed to improve ranking. We will work closely with you. By working alongside each other, we will seek to meet your business’s particular needs so we can create a complete 12-month plan for success. 

Let us lift your website to the top of a Google search!  Contact us today to learn more and request a free consultation.

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