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By Tim Absalikov
Founder and Acting CEO at Lasting Trend
Tim is an expert in technical SEO, on-page optimization and linkbuilding. He has over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing for B2C companies in US and Europe.

The legal industry faces huge competition along with a shortage of qualified leads. Do you have a law firm or are practicing law individually and are looking for ways to grow your firm? Are you struggling to get leads for the same? However, deploying professional lead generation services for lawyers will assist you to acquire potential leads more quickly.

The profession of law is very taxing and time-consuming. Furthermore, the task of lead generation for lawyers adds to the challenge. Accordingly, Lasting Trend will help you tackle this challenge by bringing lead generation services and experts onboard your law firm.

Grow Your Law Firm With Exclusive Attorney Leads

The work ethic of Lasting Trend in terms of lead generation for lawyers is clear and straightforward. We believe that the client should receive double, triple, or even more value for every dollar invested in lead generation. However, if that is not happening, then lead generation is not worth the investment.

Scalable attorney lead generation processes and tactics employed by us are sure to create opportunities that attract leads for your legal firm. We strategize and implement plans in such a manner that is sure to capture convertible attorney leads. Read further to know the working of effective lead generation processes.

Find New Clients

The most important aspect of expanding a law firm is finding new clients as per different areas of legal practices. Legal leads for attorneys and lawyers provide you an opportunity to promote your new legal services among them. Consequently, you have a chance to convert them into loyal clients.

Lead generation services help you to create an all-new client base for your new legal practices. They comprehensively study your work areas and marketing motives. Accordingly, they execute the lead generation techniques to attract more exquisite clients.

Build Your Credibility

Plans created by lead generation services influence potential clients of your law firm’s credibility. The lead generation experts design digital marketing campaigns that generate new leads, engage them and establish your authority.

The complete focus is on building your law firm’s brand image and trustworthiness amongst your clients and prospects. Furthermore, this will give them the confidence to rely on your legal services. Additionally, the clients and leads will turn to your website more often. Thereby, increasing your site traffic and sales potential.

Collect Important Information From Your Potential Clients

Lead generation services allow you to gather information from leads. You can utilize this data to learn more about the lead’s persona. Besides, legal attorneys and lawyers can use these details to customize their communications with the leads.

Customized online interactions will foster a stronger and longer association between the two parties. Furthermore, this increases the likelihood of that lead becoming a client. Lead generation agencies provide services to not just generate leads but also to turn them into qualified leads and finally into persistent clients.

Proven Lawyer Lead Generation That Works

Lasting Trend has a proven track record of providing high-quality lead generation services to lawyers. Importantly, our modus operandi is always result-driven. We are confident in our ability to assist your growth.

Keeping up with the evolving era of digital marketing and the legal sector fuels our lead generation methods. Further, we integrate that with our legal marketing expertise to deliver results. Indeed, our experience in generating leads for lawyers will assist you in effectively positioning your law firm’s brand in your industry.

Any Size Firm

The size of a legal firm is never a stumbling block on Lasting Trend’s way to give the best law firm leads generation services. Subsequently, whether your legal firm includes just one law practitioner or consists of several law attorneys, we have solutions for all.

We conceptualize, develop, and optimize lead generation plans in accordance with a legal firm’s size and practice areas. Accordingly, implementing them in a manner to fetch exclusive and qualified leads in our next step.

Any Location

Lasting Trend sticks to its ideology of providing legal services lead generation irrespective of the client’s location. Our qualified experts know which strategies to utilize and which to avoid when it comes to generating leads from local search results.

We at Lasting Trend tailor the lead generation tools to location-specific target keywords. Importantly, we customize each strategy to your area of legal expertise. Conducting location-specific research helps to target potential clients on a localized scale. Consequently, providing an edge over your competitors.

How We Can Help You

Not having enough leads negatively impacts your law firm’s performance. Importantly, leads are the main drivers of the success of a law firm. In fact, the lack of potential clients can sweep even a well-established law firm. Lasting Trend through proper market research and a variety of digital marketing methods helps to generate law firm leads.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC advertising assists in lead generation for law firms practically immediately. Moreover, it is a tried and tested method of generating leads. You’ll obtain more clicks if you concentrate on keywords having a high commercial purpose. Accordingly, you may use a variety of resources on your website to turn these clicks into qualified leads.

PPC advertising gives you the window to remarket your law firm. The more an advertisement appears in front of prospects, the more likely they are to become interested.

Content Marketing

One of the most effective strategies in any lead generation toolkit is content marketing. Of course, the content marketing campaigns can incorporate any kind of write-ups relevant to your legal services that your leads will find engaging and valuable. Develop content that speaks to your potential clients’ needs and generates the best leads for your law company.

lead generation for lawyers

Lead generation services provide specialized content marketing facilities. Moreover, they keep in mind different legal areas of practice while delivering content for lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is way more effective in generating leads than any other form of digital marketing. For SEO-driven lead generation, lead generation experts execute a variety of tasks, including the ones listed below:

  1. Acquire authoritative backlinks.
  2. Thorough keyword research.
  3. Website optimization for lawyer lead generation
  4. Effective link building

Lead generation service providers optimize your law firm’s website for all of these aspects so that it improves your online visibility. Besides that, this will bring in more high-quality website traffic and leads.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent way to promote your legal services while also strengthening ties with your target audience. Importantly, you can communicate directly with present or potential clients. Any social media content you share should be engaging, informative as well as visually appealing.

In fact, linking the social media posts with relevant landing pages of your legal firm’s website will further help you capture more leads. Nonetheless, you receive immediate access to quality leads from social media marketing initiatives.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management is an important factor from the point of view of a law firm’s image. Managing, improving, and optimizing your legal firm’s online reputation is a crucial part of digital marketing and lead generation.

Moreover, this will make your law firm and your website a trustworthy brand among the leads. Attorney lead generation firms help you safeguard your law company from bogus negative reviews. Additionally, they make sure to positively represent your company online, thereby increasing the chances of lead capturing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can prove to be the hero in your attorney lead generator journey. Lead generation email marketing campaigns allow you to create concise emails portraying your law firm’s services. Also, you can track these emails, their open rates, bounce rates, click rates, and much more. This analysis helps you to assess what kind of emails work the best for lead generation. Additionally, email personalization and automation help your law firm to nurture the leads and turn them into clients.

Video Marketing

Incorporating video marketing methods into your law firm’s lead generation strategy will help you get more leads faster. The search rankings and social engagement improve when you use video content on your attorney lead generating websites and social media posts.

Such visual content engages potential leads and establishes your law firm’s authority. It also convinces potential clients of your trustworthiness. Using high-quality law-related video content and video interviews of lawyers, attorneys on your various marketing channels assist in generating leads.

Marketing Automation

Scale the legal lead generation efforts using marketing automation. Moreover, it also cuts down on the time and effort required to carry out routine digital marketing processes. Lead generation firms provide services to automate many digital marketing efforts. These may include email sending, review requests, reminders, email prospecting, and follow-up emails.

Several lawyer lead generation services use automated chatbots to boost the rate of prospects identification and capturing. As a result, these automated workflows elevate the rate of leads to clients conversions.

Web Design and Development

The lead generation website for your law company must convey your firm’s unique brand value and educate the page visitors of your law services’. Digital marketing companies provide web design and development services to optimize your complete website. Moreover, they ensure that the design is professional and matches the industry standard. Furthermore, an authentic web design builds a trust factor in your site visitors’ minds. As a result, higher are the chances of these visitors becoming a lead for your law company.

How Do We Generate Leads For Attorneys

Lead generation for lawyers for a highly regulated sector like the legal industry is very tough. Attorney firms often struggle to survive in such a competitive environment with improper lead generation. Moreover, some of them even face harsh circumstances due to this. Indeed, Lasting Trend connects law agencies with prospects searching for legal help. We offer verified lead generation services aligned with your marketing goals. Our industry-leading insights equip you with the resources you need to generate leads and achieve successful outcomes.

We Build Your Client Growth Engine

The internet is the first place people visit when they have a concern and are looking for legal help. Consequently, such prospects find your website even before considering lawyers. We, at Lasting Trend, use our content marketing services to provide top-notch suggestions to the leads. Also, content like blogs, website content guides them on how to legally act in a specific situation. Hence, they mark your brand as a helpful source.

Unlike your other allies, we do not force the prospects to take any action or provide any kind of details that they may refrain from. Henceforth, they are more likely to come back to your website for legal assistance.

Drive New Client Leads

Promoting a new area of legal practice that your law firm has newly started is an enduring task. Lasting Trend provides niche-based research to cater to the marketing needs of different legal practices.

attorney lead generation

In fact, our team is always up-to-date with the legal industry’s latest regulations. Therefore, the solutions we provide for lead generation for a new legal practice are tailor-made strictly according to it. No matter what the domain is, we have the necessary data and insights to devise result-driven lead generation strategies.


Legal companies and practitioners looking for lead generation for their agency must consider providing free consultation, if feasible. Certainly, free consultations give you the room to capture leads in highly competitive legal practices.

It’s an excellent approach to bring in a new client and meet with them one-on-one. It might be useful to you because it can motivate leads to take action and engage with you. Additionally, this makes the work of converting the lead into a client much more manageable.

Report Analytics

Lasting Trend maintains complete transparency with the services and results. We offer our clients monthly reports to help them keep a track of the trends and data analysis. Notably, clients can measure the progress and identify actionable steps.

The clients can also get real-time access to project dashboards to get a complete overview. The report summarizes the traffic as well as conversion metrics across different lead generation initiatives. Furthermore, these data will help you efficiently strategize future lead generation campaigns.

Choose Your Options

Legal firms and attorneys looking for lead generation services should choose a payout model that best resonates with their sales funnel. However, they should also consider their practice areas and motive behind lead generation before choosing a payment model.

Paying for a lead generation service should not put an extra burden on your marketing efforts. Moreover, a paid lead generation campaign must deliver results for your legal company. The payment model for lead generation must be competitive, cost-effective, and worthy. Lead generation options function according to the leads collected or the revenue generated through the conversion of the leads.

Pay Per Lead Model

Pay per lead is a mechanism for lead generation that is based only on qualified leads. In short, unless the clients receive a qualified lead in their email inbox, there is usually no payment for the service.

Smaller organizations or solo practitioners with limited capacity for new clients may find this to be an excellent choice. However, it is vital to remember that you don’t always have command over the quality of your leads. Also, you cannot always count on the number of leads you will get. You should also check that your pay-per-lead model follows industry ethics guidelines.

Revenue Share Model

Both the client and the lead generation service provider share equal risk in this revenue share model of lead generation. The client agrees to pay a share of the revenue earned by the leads to the lead generation service. The digital marketing agency assumes two types of risk in this model: creating quality leads for attorneys, and expecting the client to convert those leads into clients.

The legal firm has a strong incentive to succeed. Furthermore, the marketing agency has an equal motivation to perform successfully with their lead generation services. The agency makes money if the company does well.

We Generate A Variety Of Different Lawyer Leads

Finding enough leads for a legal firm’s diverse range of practice areas can be stressful. Moreover, not finding enough and qualified attorney leads can slowly pull down your law firm’s image and performance. Uplift your lead generation efforts and witness revenue growth with Lasting Trend’s comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

exclusive attorney leads

Our aim is to ensure that your legal firm receives a steady stream of sales leads. More importantly, we particularly create specific lead generation solutions when working for different areas of law.

Personal Injury Law

We create personal injury leads for attorneys through prudent brand communication and digital marketing plans. We connect your legal firm with different personal injury leads in your practice and geographic area. Real-time and exclusivity of the leads is our forte. Consequently, this empowers your legal firm to stay ahead in the game.

Real Estate Law

Commercial and residential real estate, as well as other categories of property, have numerous differences. Our team at Lasting Trend is aware of the differences between different real estate legalities. Furthermore, this helps us to create targeted lead generation campaigns for the real estate legal industry. We use high-value digital marketing strategies to provide you with the best ROI.

Employment Law

Lasting Trend provides lead generation services related to all kinds of employment laws. These include wrongful termination, wage theft, work discrimination, and workplace harassment allegations. Forthwith, we work extensively with our legal expert team to target some of the most coveted employment law case types. Our digital marketing team works on keyword-driven paid search ads so as to provide you with the most specific leads.

Bankruptcy Law

Lasting Trend generates bankruptcy leads from those who are actively looking for protection from creditors or other financial scams. We connect your legal company to those leads who are in search of bankruptcy legal assistance. Thereupon, we tailor our innovative digital marketing solutions to match each client’s specific needs. Besides, with the use of local SEO strategies combined with the knowledge of bankruptcy law experts, we deliver results that generate constant leads.

Family Law

Our family law lead generation services connect lawyers with leads and prospects at the exact time when they are most likely to require legal assistance. Besides, we create landing pages and execute content marketing strategies to drive lead generation.

Lasting Trend’s online review management services integrate with digital marketing elements to optimize the effectiveness of lead generation campaigns. Fundamentally, we are a one-stop destination for family law firm’s marketing and bringing in qualified leads.

Corporate Law

Our team of corporate law marketing specialists will modify their approaches and strategies to align with your legal firm’s marketing needs. Moreover, corporate law encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Hence, we critically alter our tactics to achieve the greatest potential lead-generating outcomes. Lasting Trend offers a number of scalable solutions to help our clients achieve exclusive and qualified leads.

Types Of Leads We Have Available

A firm practicing in different legal areas may not be having enough leads for each individual legal area. Most law agencies due to the lack of proper leads even struggle to exist. Indeed, Lasting Trend provides different ways to capture leads for your firms. Moreover, we employ tools that quickly cater to the leads’ needs and swiftly connect them with you.

Call back

Visitors to your law firm’s website searching for legal help can connect with your attorneys right away through a call-back option. We provide a short form on your website pages. Clients can fill in their details in this form and ask for a callback. Consequently, you grab a fresh lead for your law firm.

Once you get the details of the leads, your law firm’s manager can analyze from which page of the website did the lead come from. Accordingly, he can connect the prospect with the right attorney.

Opt-In Form

Use our opt-in form facility to generate leads who are really interested in your legal service. Moreover, you can optimize these opt-in forms to suit your marketing needs. These can be used as email opt-ins or for any other kind of promotional campaign. The effectiveness of opt-in forms can drastically impact your lead generation efforts.

We, at Lasting Trend, present the opt-in forms in front of the leads at the most favorable time. Moreover, our digital marketing team works hard on the opt-in form presentation and placement on your website for maximum lead engagement and generation.

How Much Does Attorney Lead Generation Cost

Consistent lead generation is necessary for law firms to sustain themselves in a highly competitive legal industry. Therefore, Lasting Trend provides lead generation services developed strictly according to the needs of the law sector.

The cost of our lead generation services varies according to different parameters of lead generation. We translate every penny you spend on our services into result-driving lead generation tactics. Certainly, our team of digital marketers makes sure to maximize the ROI you get while providing leads that are sure to convert into your clients.

Lead Volume

The cost of the lead generation service depends on the generated lead volume. Lasting Trend maintains cost-effectiveness throughout the service. Moreover, our main focus is always on creating solutions that help our clients to get leads and cases aligning with their practice area.

Our lawyer lead generation professionals will help your company expand by speeding up your attorney lead generation website. We leverage the behavior of your site visitors. Additionally, we integrate lead flows into your website and use retargeting to re-engage page visitors, resulting in significant lead volumes.

Service Area

The cost per lead depends on your service area and location. In fact, the cost per lead differs from city to city and locality to locality. Surely, Lasting Trend devises lead generation solutions in accordance with your legal firm’s location and demography.

Qualified lead generation backed with revenue growth is the foremost target of Lasting Trend. We study and examine the various legal factors in your service area. Furthermore, our team plans and executes the digital marketing efforts around them to boost lead capturing.

Service Category

The kind of legal service category, like personal injury law, corporate law, employment law, greatly alters the cost of generating relevant leads. The cost of lead generation services is different for the different legal service areas. Besides, the cost per lead may differ depending upon the competitive nature of the practice areas.

Lasting Trend’s legal lead generation experts dedicatedly handle individual campaigns for the generation of a particular kind of leads. In particular, the main focus is to bring your prospects to your legal remedies.

Why Our Lead Generation For Lawyers Is Better

We at Lasting Trend do our best to generate leads for you so that you can do your best in your core legal job. We collaborate with you to determine what techniques you’re currently employing to generate new leads. Thereupon, we provide insights as to you how to start capturing more volume and more valuable leads for your company


Lasting Trend offers ready-to-use lead generation solutions. Furthermore, our experts start the work on your lead generation right away. Our swift lead generation initiatives educate your potential clients about your practice.

law firm leads

Quick deployment of lead generation resources saves a lot of your valuable time. The time it takes for a new lead to connect with you depends on the type of lead generation you use. Examine your marketing goals and budget to choose whether to use paid advertising or an organic lead-generating strategy.


Lasting Trend builds a lead generation strategy for you that aligns 100% with your target audience. Target-specific strategies boost the number of leads you generate for your law firm. Additionally, it also ensures that the leads are the most likely to convert.

We provide leads living in your service area, city, or neighborhood and are seeking legal assistance. Fetching such targeted leads helps you to deliver your best. Moreover, it adds to your credibility and reliability in delivering tailored legal solutions.

Analyze & Adjust

Lasting Trend evaluates the analytics of deployed lead generation solutions. In particular, we comprehensively analyze the number and quality of clients, prospects visiting your firm’s website. As a result, we are in a commanding position to compare theoretical and real numbers. Such a comparison enables us to improve the strategies for better lead quantity and quality.

Analyzing the statistics and adapting the efforts accordingly ensures that we match the current industry standards. Moreover, this helps you refine your leads’ quality.


To generate excellent leads for your legal practice, we employ both tried-and-true and cutting-edge resources. Also, we provide a handful of tools to track those leads. Our solutions integrate lead generation tools, and tracking how you create leads is a key component of that functionality.

You’ll be able to track leads coming through different routes, such as phone calls, opt-in forms, and emails. Keeping a track of the leads’ sources helps you to better strategize your future digital marketing efforts.


Lasting Trend never works for two clients competing in the same geography and practice areas. Forthwith, we are able to furnish your legal firm with exclusive new leads. Consequently, such unique leads give you the advantage to stay ahead in the race

Moreover, all our lead generation services gel with a diverse audience. When compared to shared leads, exclusive leads have a higher buy intent, making them a high-value component. Exclusive leads provide an opportunity to refine poorly performing channels.

Why Are We Different In What We Offer

Lasting Trend has been assisting law firms and practitioners with their digital transformation. We guarantee exclusive and value-adding leads. Our dedicated team of attorney lead generation experts works with the aim to fill your sales funnel with qualified prospects. As a result, your company will never experience a sales conversion failure.

Superior Results Using Advanced Technology

Lasting Trend uses enterprise marketing tools and technology resources to derive insights and data. Further, our team transforms these data into result-driving solutions to help legal firms create lead generation opportunities.

We deploy digital marketing software into your sales tunnels in order to fetch you warm and exclusive leads consistently. Moreover, our comprehensive efforts, precise tactics, combined with cutting-edge technology tools, help us scale up our lead generation initiatives. Henceforth, we combine strategies and technology to convert data into results.

We Stay Current Within The Industry

What sets Lasting Trend apart from the competition is its commitment to keeping abreast with ongoing lead generation tactics. Our attorney lead generation specialists are continuously up to date on the newest legal industry standards.

Furthermore, we have experience with and awareness of contemporary legal marketing trends. Thereupon, we create content marketing solutions in accordance with the latest legal developments and updates. Our clients receive factual content that addresses real-world legal concerns. Indeed, this helps you to build a trustworthy brand image.

Saving You Time & Money

Working as a lawyer or running a law firm demands a lot of your time and effort. And to save you both of these, our attorney lead generation service offers fully managed legal lead generation services.

While we work on generating leads and connecting them with your law agency, you can focus on building a fruitful interaction with them. We study your marketing goals and who your target customer is. Significantly, this gives us the ability to create a unique lead generation plan.

Work With Industry Professionals

Lasting Trend has a team of industry professionals who are well aware of the in and outs of the legal industry. Likewise, our team of lead generation experts who generate lead generation solutions for you has in-depth knowledge and experience of digital marketing.

We work in a speedy manner to portray you as a leader in your field. Henceforth, this will build the trust factor and encourage the leads to connect with you.

We Send You Leads That Brings Money Not Trouble

Lasting Trend generates qualified leads for your law firm. Qualified leads spend less time in your sales funnel before making a purchase. Consequently, this lowers the hassle for you in nurturing them and increases your revenue. Moreover, the qualified leads we generate are more likely to return to you for legal help.

The sole motive behind our lead generation services is to boost your sales and not stress. Additionally, we develop your website’s workflows adhering to your lead generation goals.

Check Out Some Of Our Real Results

Our New-York based client, the law offices of Yuriy Moshes, were struggling to generate qualified leads via their website. We began working with them to reshape their website content into simple data-based content. Particularly, commercial and informative keywords were the basis of our content marketing plan.

Better content structure, the inclusion of media elements, and law expert reviews in the content helped them to attract new clients. Consequently, they were able to witness a 50-times increase in their website’s organic traffic in 24 months.

Read the complete case study here.


What Is Lawyer Lead Generation?

Any campaign that encourages your potential clients to submit their contact information with your legal firm is referred to as lead generation for lawyers. The lead generation procedure employs cutting-edge marketing methods to drive quality leads to your law business. Furthermore, legal lead generation services offer resources to grab new leads via sales funnels.

How Lawyers Can Use Lead Generation?

Lawyers can use lead generation tactics to help them distinguish themselves apart from the competition and attract more potential customers. Moreover, you can use lead generation solutions to create power-packed landing pages. This will boost your SERPs as well as conversion rates. Further focused lead generation can accelerate your local SEO.

How Can You Get Lawyer Leads And Get Your Practice Up?

Taking the help of legal lead generation services is the best way to acquire qualified leads. These services provide you with the most targeted leads and that too in real-time. Furthermore, you can use these leads to create a new audience base. Analyze the interests of these leads and plan your complete marketing strategy around this analysis.

How Much Does Lead Generation For Lawyers Cost?

Lead generation cost depends on the service area, lead volume, and legal service category. Examine different lead generation models to make an informed decision on your marketing spend.

Contact Our Legal Lead Generation Team Today

Missing out on passive legal lead generation opportunities is very painful. Furthermore, if it is due to poor digital marketing efforts, it adds to the pain. Supervising your legal firm’s website and managing digital marketing for lead generation will take a lot of your time. Conversely, you could use this time in focusing on your core legal tasks. Relying on the Lasting Trend, however, takes away all these hassles.

We change your legal firm’s online presence into something that increases website traffic and generates more leads. Our lead generation services are focused on collaborating with your law firm and achieving outcomes. Lasting Trend understands that leads are the lifeblood of your business and that generating high-quality leads is how you gain customers. Content marketing for lead generation should make you money, not give you stress. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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