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By Tim Absalikov
Founder and Acting CEO at Lasting Trend
Tim is an expert in technical SEO, on-page optimization and linkbuilding. He has over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing for B2C companies in US and Europe.

The Immigration Lawyers and Attorneys industry has gone through some very difficult years due to the pandemic. Given the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world, many countries, including the United States, have closed their borders for a long period. Tourism and migration processes were actually frozen. Embassies and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services temporarily stopped their work. It was a big blow to the entire industry.

However, experts expect immigration lawyers to see profit growth through 2027. One of the reasons will be the gradual recovery of the country’s economy, and hence the need to hire foreign workers. The number of applications for work visas and legal residence permits for foreigners will increase significantly.

However, this does not mean that the growth of clients in your law firm will happen automatically. You will need to find ways to withstand more competition and attract the attention of immigrants. One of the real ways to do this is to use your site and SEO. Why? Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Our Best SEO Descriptions For Immigration Lawyer

If you work in the Immigration Lawyers and Attorneys industry, an official website is vital for your law firm. And the reasons for this are absolutely obvious.

The main target audience of immigration lawyers is people who are abroad and are just planning to get to the USA. It means they will not see your advertisement in the press or on television. Any offline advertising will be ineffective here.

Of course, there are other segments of the target audience. For example, foreigners who are already in the US and need legal assistance. These may be problems with the extension of a visa or the execution of some additional documents. But even in this case, it is very likely that immigrants will look for a lawyer online.

Now let’s see why, of all online promotions, you should focus on SEO. The answer to this question may be the critical situation that immigration lawyers found themselves in during the pandemic. During that period, many lawyers, noticing a drop in their income, stopped rolling over their online and offline advertising. They couldn’t pay for it. As a result, their billboards and PPC ads quickly disappeared from the eyes of the audience.

However, website optimization works differently. Even if for some reason you cannot pay for SEO services now, your previously well-optimized site continues to rank on Google for a long time and brings you customers and profit. It can help you get through the crisis more easily. With the improvement of your financial condition, you can continue to optimize the site, strengthening your position. No other type of website promotion will give you such a lasting effect.

Increase Your Growth With Us

Above, we have listed only some of the benefits of SEO that are extremely important for the Immigration Lawyers and Attorneys industry.

Other factors are relevant for all types of sites, regardless of their subject matter. Here are some of them:

  • Increase traffic. SEO includes many technologies and approaches that help improve a website and bring it to the top positions. Thanks to this, its visibility increases and, accordingly, the audience grows. As you understand, the larger your audience, the more likely it is to find customers.
  • Brand development. A strong reputation and image are of great importance for a law firm. Clients do not want to work with those lawyers who have many failed cases in court and whose qualifications are questionable. Your website will help you prove your level of expertise by posting your case studies, awards, and blog posts with relevant recommendations. Creating a content plan and selecting keywords for your blog is also part of SEO.

So, SEO is a way to develop your company and strengthen its position in the market. Lasting Trend has extensive experience in website optimization, and we are ready to help you reach new heights.

Grow Revenue

From a financial standpoint, the immigration legal services is a rather complex practice area as it has a low ROI and high associated costs.

seo description for immigration lawyer

Statistics show that law firms give more than half of their income (55.4%) to payroll. The main expenses also include rent & utilities (5.8%) and purchases (1.5%).

In such a situation, the desire of lawyers to increase their profits is understandable. We will not deceive you and say that achieving a high level of income is easy. But at the same time, in our opinion, there are very real ways to increase your audience and customer base, which will affect the growth of your profits.

For example, the team of SEO experts from Lasting Trend recommends doing:

  • SEO audit to identify technical errors on the site and eliminate them;
  • research competitors’ websites to identify their strengths and weaknesses;
  • researching the keywords you need to use to promote your website, etc.

Based on the information that will be obtained during these stages, we will be able to develop a marketing strategy, optimize the website, write the best SEO description for immigration lawyers and attract new clients.

By the way, continuing the conversation about finances, you should remember that despite the high cost of optimization services, SEO promotion usually costs customers less than other advertising methods.

Gain Exposure

Please note that when we talk about increasing the audience on your website, we mean not only its quantity but also its quality. We have a difficult task here – we need to increase the number of relevant visitors.

One of the ways to attract the target audience is to create texts with the right set of keywords. In short, keywords are the queries users enter into the search box. For example, “immigration lawyer” or “immigration attorney”. By these key phrases, the users can search for a law firm. If your website ranks on the first page of Google’s search results, your chances of getting a new client will skyrocket.

The bad news is that getting on the first page of Google is quite problematic. Usually, the competition between lawyers is very high, and each of them wants to become one of the leaders.

But we also have good news for immigration lawyers.

  1. Although the number of immigration lawyers in the US is growing (3.1% per year on average over the five years between 2017 – 2022), their total number is smaller compared to other practice areas. It means that the competition in digital marketing is lower here.
  2. Lower competition affects keyword value. If you compare the cost of key phrases, you will see that the query “injury lawyer near me” costs an order of magnitude less than “immigration lawyer near me”.

In addition, your marketing strategy is of great importance here. If you do not have enough funds to promote your website for the most popular and expensive keywords, you can focus on the cheaper queries. They are much easier and faster to bring to the first page of Google.

Yes, most likely, these queries will be less popular and will attract a smaller target audience. But if you bring 30-40 simple queries to the top, Google will pay attention to this, positively evaluate your efforts, and it will be easier for you to promote more complex keywords in the future.

Google Domination

The immigration services industry has been in the US for a long time. Here are the industry’s top operators who have been promoting their companies online for many years. To achieve a dominant position in Google along with these leaders, you will have to put in a lot of effort and invest a lot of money.

Also, your digital marketing strategy can play a huge role here. As you develop your action plan, you should consider what tools and approaches will be most effective in promoting your immigration law firm.

According to experts from the digital marketing agency Lasting Trend, in this area of ​​practice, you should pay great attention to local search, as well as language policy. For example, when developing a website, don’t forget about different language versions. After all, you are targeting foreigners who, quite possibly, do not know English very well. It will be easier for them to find your law firm if you create a website in their native language.

However, keep in mind that each new language adds more work to SEO professionals and requires more research, time and money.

In-house Team

As you can see, any area of ​​legal practice has its characteristics that must be taken into account when promoting a company online. How do you hire specialists who really understand this?

One option is to hire a law firm marketer who will see all your work from the inside and be able to quickly respond to any changes in the situation. In this case, you must add the salary of this specialist to your monthly expenses. In addition, do not forget that digital marketers use various tools and platforms in their work, the cost of which is quite high. Without these tools, the effectiveness of the marketer is drastically reduced. Think about whether you can afford all these costs.

The second option is to hire a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with law firms and understands the peculiarities of the Immigration Lawyers and Attorneys industry. Of course, you also have to pay for agency services. But here a whole team of professionals will work for the development of your company, each of which has a narrow specialization and deep knowledge in their field. Also, such agencies usually have all the necessary arsenal of digital tools.

Therefore, we recommend that you first compare the cost of marketers in both cases, and only then make the final choice.

Increase Traffic

Before we start talking about increasing traffic, we need to find a starting point. In other words, we need to understand what kind of traffic your website has at the moment. Therefore, it would be appropriate to ask the question here – do you have a visit statistics counter on your website?

This counter is an important tool that helps keep track of the number of unique users. The long experience of Lasting Trend shows that many website owners don’t set up a counter and don’t control the number of visitors.

Even after you install the counter, it will take you several months to collect the overall statistics. And only after that you`ll be able to understand how effective your website promotion methods are and how quickly your audience is growing.

Now a few words about ways to increase the number of visits. Some of them we have already listed above. This is the use of multiple language versions of the website, local SEO, website audit, use of keywords, creating the best SEO description for immigration lawyers, landing pages, Google My Business (GMB) accountб etc. Also, we can add link building, content strategy development, improving website navigation and other approaches to this list.

Do you want to know which of these methods is the most effective for your website? Request your first free consultation from Lasting Trend to get advice from our experts.

Why Choose Us

Perhaps we should repeat here one more important thought. To become a leader in Google, you need not only money but also an understanding of how this search engine works. If you mindlessly pour money into promotion, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result.

You should take into account that there are already experienced players in the immigration services market. They have firmly taken their positions and are not ready to give way to newcomers. During their activity, they managed to invest huge amounts in their online promotion, and it will be extremely difficult for you to catch up with them.

The only way to achieve high results with high competition is to develop a competent marketing strategy that will take into account all the features of your legal practice.

Digital marketing agency Lasting Trend has a successful track record of working with law firms such as the New-York based law offices of Yuriy Moshes. Therefore, we perfectly understand your industry and your needs. Moreover, over the past five years, we have developed a huge team of paralegals who write professional articles on any legal topic. It will help you quickly and efficiently develop your blog on the site, attracting a new audience.

So, we have experience, new digital technologies and an excellent team of professionals on our side. It’s the best combination to make your website successful.

The Cost Of Our Services

The cost of services is one of the most pressing issues that always concern customers. And that’s good because the cost of promoting a website is a factor that should make you choose a marketing agency.

On the other hand, it is rather difficult to name the exact cost of SEO services. The price can be affected by the level of optimization of your website, the presence of technical problems, the geographic location of your law firm, the goals set, etc. There are too many unknown variables in this equation to immediately find the correct answer.

However, we understand that clients want to have at least a rough idea of ​​the costs that await them. That’s why we offer three service packages, each with a clearly defined price.

If there is such a need, we can adjust and change the list of services depending on your marketing strategy. We discuss such issues before signing the contract, and then – if necessary – monthly until the start of a new stage of work. Also, every month, customers receive a detailed report on exactly what tasks Lasting Trend has already completed and what work it will perform in the future. That is, customers can fully control the entire process of website promotion and track all costs.

Read Our Client Testimonials

Testimonials and Reviews


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Get More Immigration Clients Now

Experienced businessmen know that any crisis is a period of not only difficult decisions but also new opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a real test for the Immigration Lawyers and Attorneys industry and has changed the distribution of power. New waves of immigrants who rushed to the United States after the opening of borders and the restoration of the work of embassies give the immigration lawyer a chance to strengthen its position in the market.

According to experts, the market size of immigration lawyers and attorneys grew by 5.2% in 2022. Immigrants need help with applications for legal permanent resident status or naturalizations, as well as other types of industry services.

In such circumstances, your task is to make yourself known as loudly as possible and make sure that foreigners can easily and quickly find you. You need these new waves of immigration to bring you as many clients as possible.

How can you do it? Here you should think about where foreigners will look for information about law firms. Perhaps some of them will use the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. But many immigrants do not have reliable contacts in the US and therefore will only look for information on the Internet. That’s why you need to have a quality website and constantly develop and promote it.

Final Thoughts

Interesting data was published by Chambers Business Intelligence in 2022. The company regularly conducts research for The Chambers USA Guide and has found an important pattern. With the onset of the pandemic, the number of immigrants willing to praise and leave positive feedback about their legal service providers has increased significantly.

This trend was observed for several years, that is, the entire period when immigrants were limited in their ability to move and were in great need of legal support and advice.

What conclusions can we draw from this study?

  1. Here is another proof that crises are a way to attract new customers and gain their trust. Judging by the growth in positive reviews, immigration lawyers in the United States did not sit idly by, but actively worked and successfully helped foreigners to the extent possible.
  2. Obviously, law firms have been able to help foreigners at a distance thanks to the Internet and modern technologies. Long distances did not interfere with quality customer service. Therefore, you should also make sure that it is easy for immigrants to contact you online. You can use various tools and platforms for this – social networks, email, chatbots and website application forms, etc.

And, of course, you need to promote your website so that your potential customers can find you. Even though the competition between immigration lawyers is lower than, for example, among personal injury lawyers, it is still very difficult to become a leader in this ​practice area.

You can’t do without the help of digital marketers. Lasting Trend is ready to help you improve your website in a variety of ways. One of them is SEO optimization, which will help you to get to the top positions in Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does SEO Work For Immigration Lawyers?

If you are the owner of a law firm and you still do not have a website, you are making a big strategic mistake that slows down the development of your business. At the same time, if you have a website but have never promoted or optimized it, you are making an equally grave mistake. We are especially talking about the website of immigration legal services.

SEO is a prerequisite for improving your site. It is a long and laborious process that may include many steps, such as:

– Website audit. It will help you find and fix technical errors.
– Link building. It is a strategy for placing backlinks to your resource on third-party websites. For example, on online platforms dedicated to immigration to the United States.
– Website navigation. This is a structured simplification of the website to improve the user experience of working with your resource.
– Content optimization. It is the creation of relevant content for publication on your website. For example, these can be articles about immigration in the News and Blog sections, as well as descriptions of specific immigrant situations in the Cases section.
– Use of keywords. We can say that this is part of content optimization, but it is so important and voluminous that it is worth mentioning separately. These are the keywords and phrases that are used in the articles on the website and in the best SEO descriptions for immigration lawyers, and through which users can find you in the search engine. These words include, for example, immigration attorney, immigration attorney in New York, attorney for immigration New York, immigration lawyer, etc.

Each of these optimization methods can give good results and help you to promote your website. But the best solution is an integrated approach. To find out what work needs to be done on your website first, contact Lasting Trend. We will conduct a free audit for you and advise on all issues related to SEO services.

How Much Does An Immigration Lawyer SEO Campaign Cost?

The cost of SEO services depends on many related factors. In particular, the geographic location of the firm and the level of competition in the region may play a role. We can distinguish three main price categories.

1) The highest prices for SEO services are recorded in three states – New York, California and Florida. The numbers here start from $4,000-5,000 and rise as high as possible.
Statistics claim that the largest number of Immigration Lawyers and Attorneys businesses in the US is in California and Florida. These are 22,375 businesses and 16,894 businesses, respectively.
In these states, it will be difficult to break into the TOP in Google – due to high competition and high prices.

2) Large cities in other states are included in the second group. Here prices for SEO services start from $2,500-3,000. By the way, Texas is one of the three states with the largest number of businesses – there are 13,573 of them. It is quite easy to explain – foreigners try to immigrate to big cities because here they are more likely to find work.

3) The lowest prices for SEO services – from $2,000 – you can find in small towns with low competition between immigration lawyers. There are quite a few law firms that deal with this practice area. Therefore, it is easy for them to reach the TOP Google for local SEO.

The minimum package of services of the digital marketing agency Lasting Trend starts from $3,000 per month. Also, customers can choose only certain services depending on their marketing strategy. For more information, you can contact our managers.

Can Local Search Really Help Your Immigration Law SEO Campaign?

Local SEO is playing an increasingly important role in website promotion. This is because Google began to pay more attention to maps.

For example, earlier in the search results, there were 2-3 advertisements in the first place, and then there was an organic issue. Later the situation changed. Maps took the first place in the search results, and advertising moved to 2-4 places, pushing the organic content even lower.

This means that even if you are in the first place in an organic search, the user may still not see you, since your link is at the end of the search page.

However, if your site gets into the SERPs in the maps, it will be in the first place and you will immediately be in the user’s field of view. This is why local SEO matters so much.

In addition, do not forget that immigrants quite often settle compactly in one territory. A striking example is Chinatown in New York, where the Chinese community lives. There are a lot of similar ethnic areas in different US cities.
Therefore, for immigration lawyers, local SEO becomes even more important. If you run a law firm and deal with immigrant cases, local SEO is a must.

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