How Lawyers Can Leverage TikTok for Business

By Tim Absalikov
Founder and Acting CEO at Lasting Trend
Tim is an expert in technical SEO, on-page optimization and linkbuilding. He has over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing for B2C companies in US and Europe.

Written in collaboration with Nastasya Sai, a creator with 1,8M+ TikTok followers.

Becoming a TikTok lawyer sensation may just be the missing ace in your legal marketing strategy. You’ve likely heard of TikTok! Whether it’s through the 2020 dance crazes, or the viral challenges and debates cracking up the internet space. But have you seen #LawyerTikTok?

TikTok is a social video-sharing platform that allows users to create short mobile video clips (max. 60 seconds). And no, you don’t need a professional videographer to start crafting your videos.

With 689 million monthly active users it’s among the all-time fastest-growing social media platforms and the third-most downloaded app worldwide. In 2020, it set a new record for most app installations within a quarter. Data Analytics suggests that the platform will have over 1.2 billion users worldwide by 2022.

Furthermore, this isn’t an app for only young folks. Though initially popular with teens, its adult base is increasing exponentially. As of 2020 summer, only 32.5% of overall users were under 20. This means that 67.5% of TikTok’s total users were either in their 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond.

So, what does this entail for you and your law firm? Potential clients are currently on TikTok now and more are most likely to join within the coming months.

Despite its seemingly limitless potential, several attorneys remain unsure of how to get started marketing on the app. However, there’s a growing number of forward-thinking lawyers using TikTok to generate high-quality leads, hence achieving their business development goals.

Explore this blog to learn more about lawyers on TikTok who are doing well. We’ll also highlight viral TikTok ideas and TikTok business profile ideas you can leverage to grow your law firm TikTok page and generate leads.

Are you a lawyer or a law firm looking to learn how to leverage tools like TikTok? Are you looking for an effective approach to re-engage your referral network and showcase your business expertise? Learn more about how social media coaching can improve your business.

Why Lawyers on TikTok should consider marketing on the social platform

TikTok is currently among the most valued social media networks for lawyers! This is because it’s quite easy for anyone on the platform to reach “stardom.” Recently, it’s relatively easier for attorneys to go viral on TikTok compared to other social networks.

Whenever a TikTok user visits his/her account, they see videos of people they follow and featured videos on the #ForYou page. So when you first register your account, TikTok automatically features your video clips on the #ForYou page a couple of times. This is similar to the discover page on Instagram. This means that your first content can go viral and gain huge exposure around the globe.

Furthermore, TikTok allows users to link their blogs and other social network accounts from their profiles. So your TikTok views can lead to significant traffic to your other channels thus potentially generating leads from various ways.

TikTok Strategies – Building an Effective TikTok lawyer Profile

Some businesses mistakenly withdraw from using the platform because the audience is a bit younger. However, these businesses misunderstand TikTok’s exceptional ability to reach millions of viewers within seconds. Here’s everything you need to get started and TikTok business profile ideas to start leveraging the platform to generate leads for your legal practice.

  1. Define clear goals for your strategy and develop realistic metrics and measurements to track them. Goals may include brand awareness, website traffic, and lead generation. 
  2.  Identify and define your target audience. Your videos are created to engage, nurture, and grow your target audience. Be as detailed as possible when considering the specific group of people you want to reach.
  3. Create genuine and valuable content. The content should be educational, insightful, and helpful like tutorials, listicles, and how-tos.
  4. Your bio should include links to your other social network channels and blog. This is so important if you want your followers to connect and engage with you on other platforms.
  5. Explore trending hashtags and partake in challenges.
  6. Post regularly. When you first sign up, it’s crucial to engage your audience with consistent posts – ideally, 5x daily.
  7. Collaborate and co-create videos with industry influencers and thought leaders.
  8. Save every video you create before publishing it. You may need to repost it if it did achieve the required engagement the first time.
  9. Interact with users and respond to comments. Interaction is the core of TikTok. For your brand to earn more visibility, don’t just post consistently, but also endeavor to interact with other accounts.

Looking for additional tips and tricks? Learn about social networks that work best for you or your law firm. Further, learn how to leverage them to generate more leads.

TikTok lawyers with Viral TikTok ideas

Anthony Barbuto @thelawyer

Anthony Barbuto is the most followed TikTok lawyer. He has amassed 2 million followers on TikTok and 36 million+ likes on his videos. He’s well-known for creating original, relatable, fun, and entertaining videos. Anthony is especially famous because he blends his legal prowess with his personal life, allowing followers to see his personality.

Mike Wasylik @mikewasylik

Mike is an attorney living in Florida. He loves to discuss on Tiktok, legal issues concerning foreclosures and debt collection. His account currently has 58.6k followers and 171.4 likes.

Ali Awad @ceolawyer

Ali has approximately 150k followers and 3.7 million likes on his videos. He presents on TikTok, legal issues concerning injury law. One of his viral TikTok ideas is using three different languages to communicate information and advice.

Tom Kherkher @attorneytom

Tom is a personal injury TikTok lawyer in the Houston, Texas area. He has amassed 500k followers on his account and 14 million+ likes on his content. His video contents are both educational and hilarious to keep his audience engaged.

Lawyer Talk @lawyertalk

Lawyer Talk is an accident (serious injury and wrongful death) attorney based in Florida. She also likes to discuss controversial topics like politics. Her account has 14.8k followers and 153k likes to date.

Calina Plotky @galawyer

Calina is a family lawyer that lived in Georgia. She has 400k followers and over 13 million likes on her videos. She addresses Tiktok, legal issues concerning divorce, child custody, etc. Calina has also found a way to incorporate her struggle with a chronic illness, interstitial cystitis into her content. This viral TikTok idea has made her more personable to her followers.

Kelly Chang @lawyerkelly

Kelly is a divorce TikTok lawyer in California who provides dynamic, entertaining, and informative videos. Her content on TikTok has amassed 350k+ followers and over 8 million likes.

How Can TikTok lawyers Turn Followers Into Clients?

Indeed, your engagements (numbers of followers and video likes) on TikTok don’t directly translate to leads and clients. However, you’ll inevitably gain more visibility for your business. You can direct these engagements back to your website by adding your URL in your bio.

But here is a point to note. CTAs like “contact me to learn more” rather than “reach out with any questions” in your marketing strategy will likely backfire. People don’t want to view unsolicited marketing on their feeds.

Creating content that’s unique and authentic for your practice niche and personality, can help nurture and grow strong followership. Posting genuine videos can help your audience to relate better with you and ultimately trust your brand.

See your TikTok marketing strategy as a marathon. Not every individual that views your content will require your services right away. Hence, using the platform is a helpful tactic to stay visible, relevant, and memorable. So, when your followers need legal services, you’re a clear choice.

FAQ section:

How many TikTok followers do you need to be verified?

TikTok has many strict criteria for an account to be verified. Among them is a consistent daily follower growth. An account that consistently gains between 500 and 2000 followers daily is considered for verification.

Does TikTok professional account cost money?

To cut through the fluff, it doesn’t cost anything to get a TikTok Pro Account. A professional account doesn’t give you access to extra video editing features, however, you get access to additional analytics for your account.

How much does it cost to verify a TikTok account?

Long story short, zero dollars! Verification is granted for free to users who’ve been chosen by the TikTok team. Beware of scams! The only way for your account to get verified is by meeting the verification criteria and get chosen by the TikTok staff.

Is it illegal to buy followers on TikTok?

Buying TikTok followers, likes, or views isn’t illegal. Similar to other social media platforms, when you run ads, you’re basically buying views. TikTok doesn’t prohibit buying followers, although they have standards, guidelines, and recommendations that are subject to change.

How to target on TikTok?

If you have a specific audience you wish to target on TikTok, you can create a custom audience from existing TikTok users. Simply upload their TikTok IDs as a CSV, ZIP, or TXT file.

We made the Best Marketing Strategies for your Law Firm TikTok page

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