10 Proven Ways To Generate Leads Online and Find Customers

By Tim Absalikov
Founder and Acting CEO at Lasting Trend
Tim is an expert in technical SEO, on-page optimization and linkbuilding. He has over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing for B2C companies in US and Europe.

After starting your business, you already know the importance of having a presence online. The biggest puzzle to solve is how to collect leads online. The way you establish your marketing strategies for your business to capture leads from your website or even just to get traffic to your website. Or, better yet, something that is most important is to create a website! Should you go outside of your company for digital marketing or keeping it in-house is an important question to ask as well. Lead generation strategies through blog posts, social media, and other outlets is a must – and in this segment we will make sure you have 10 proven ways to generate leads online!

Define What You Will Count as Leads

You want leads – at least that’s what you’ve heard. What does that mean? Every marketer who works online talks about how you need to collect leads and make sure you are using your online strategies the best. First, it’s up to you to determine what a lead is, and how you want to approach lead gen. 

collect leads

There are several strategies you can implement to get leads online. You need to know what will work best for you and your business. This can be a customer that uses your service. You may have an email marketing campaign and it can be someone who is an email subscriber. It could be someone who calls because of interest in your product. Whatever the pathway to take them from potential customer to a lead or customer, you need to be creative. In order to get those customers to turn into leads online, you need to stand out and be engaging.  It’s also important to implement a customer journey strategy so that everyone can get behind and support the strategy. Implementing this type of a strategy also helps you know where in the process of finding new business leads is functioning properly, and what needs to change. Here are ways to find qualified leads that can turn into customers.

1. Invest To Website Design

Anybody can put together a website that they can direct people to. If you don’t take the opportunity to really develop the site which will allow you to capture leads from your website, you are missing out. It doesn’t need to use all of your marketing budget but be sure to spend some money to get a professional designer. You need someone who knows how to generate more leads from your website. You want to establish some on-page content marketing towards your target audience. You need traffic to your website to get potential customers.  How to launch a website is a great place to start.

Avoid Unused Whitespace

One of the easiest things you can make sure happens to your website is to not have whitespace on your page. Your landing page is the first thing that a potential customer can see. Every part of the page is important to increase your conversion rate. The main goal you should think about with everything on your website is how will this get leads for my business. Photos, keywords, and even the sentence structure and setup are key. Using these tools can help your page become a lead magnet.  Always be sure you fill the whitespace.  Here are other marketing mistakes to avoid.

2. Add Trustworthy Elements to Website

You will get those potential customers who attend your website to believe you if you are trustworthy. If you are trustworthy, they will more likely become quality leads. So, how do you increase your trustworthiness? There are a few things you can add to your website to accomplish this.

About Us

The about us page allows the reader to get to know who the company is.  It opens the doors to who is behind the webpage that they are visiting.  This opens up for some transparency to the company and helps the visitor feel like they are making more of a connection to you.          

Add Author to Each Article

For every one of your blog posts, be sure to have the author of the article available as well. This ensures two things. First, this shows the transparency of the articles and shows the expertise of who the writers behind the page are. Second, it encourages the authors to put their best work forward.

Adding Social Proof

One major marketing strategy to help increase your conversion rate is to add social proof.  Having reviews from people who have tried your product will show others interested in your product what they can expect. The more positive feedback, the more likely it is that potential customers will trust you.

Add Successful Cases

Finally, the aspect on how to get leads from website trustworthiness is to add successful case studies. Those who have had success can share their stories, which will give the new person on your page an idea of what they can expect.  It increases the likelihood of the person becoming a quality lead.

3. Optimizing Lead Capture Process

After setting up a well-designed website and you have built up your trustworthiness, now you need to optimize your page. The biggest thing for your page to do is capture leads from your website. Here’s an article talking about technical SEO and how you do that.

capture leads from your website

Add CTA’s

Getting potential customers to your website is great, but they need a call to action.  Tell those who are on your page what your service is and provide the next steps for them to take advantage of it.  Lead them to the next steps in order to become a quality lead.  It’s important to check them on your mobile version as well.

Landing Pages

Your landing pages are there to collect leads. You want to stand out from the rest of the competition.  You probably perform your service well, so highlight why they need to choose you over anyone else.  Again, don’t just focus on your service, but focus on what you do better than everyone else.


Finding new business leads can be tough, and there are several steps for the visitor to go through.  In order for you to know if what you’re doing is efficient every step is to track it.  This will allow you to know where your pain points are, and where you are having success in the process.  There is software available to help with this, the most affordable being Google Analytics.

4. Offer Value to Your Readers

As you look to collect leads for your business, offer free value to your potential customers.  In order to grow your email list, let your potential customers know that they will be getting value by becoming an email subscriber. You can offer templates, examples, tips and strategies just by subscribing. Tips to help them improve what it is they are looking for by offering advice to your subscribers.  This can help establish you as an authority and someone who can provide great value for free, and even more if they upgrade to become a paid participant.  The ultimate goal may not solely be to get leads online.  Initially, the goal could be to get visitors on your site to understand the value of your services so they can become a quality lead.

5. Use Power Words to Boost Conversions

Power words are exactly what they sound like.  Words that are powerful to the person reading them. Powerful means, in this case, words that will elicit an emotional or physiological response to your target audience. Using these words can help influence potential customers to take action and can increase your landing page’s conversion rate. The ultimate goal is to help those visitors on your webpage to take the action you want them to.  This can be either to get them to make a purchase, subscribe to your email list, or something else.  Power words are a key component to a solid marketing strategy. Giving your audience a call to action and using those power words to get to take that action is the goal.

6. Use Pop Up Elements

Adding pop up elements to your landing page directs the visitors to a specific call to action. Strategically setting these up can help increase your conversion rate. Not only that, but they also help your audience know what important call-out information your site is there to let them know.

Welcome Your Readers

One pop up that is effective is to welcome your readers.  Let the potential customers know of any current promotions. Call out what makes your site different. Direct the potential customers to specific areas of the site.  Most importantly, thank them for spending time on your site.         

how to get leads from website

Try us for Free

Let your potential customers know what they can expect, especially the freebies. If you offer a free consultation, or a free quote, let them know. For a free email subscription, tell them. Call out anything that you can provide to them that is free, and valuable.         

Subscribe for Updates

Help guide them to become an email subscriber. Not only is it free, but if they subscribe for updates, that gives you more on your email marketing list. Helping the visitors know where to subscribe by providing a pop up heavily encourages this action and increases the chances of that happening.

Exit Pop-Ups

As your visitors are leaving the page, you want to provide a final call to action. Whether they have already taken action, or if they are leaving before doing so, you want to have an exit message. This grabs their attention for a last-minute moment, so make sure it’s an important issue.

7. Personalize Your CTA

Once you have gone through and created a call to action, the next thing you want to do is personalize it. The more personalized that you can get your CTA the better it will reflect to your audience.  If you stay general in your call to action, to try to catch everyone, you will catch no one. Think of your target audience when coming up with the call to action. What do you offer that will resonate with them?  What do you do that they will connect with? These types of questions will help you come up with a personalized CTA. The more specific you can be, the better targeted it will be and the more it will resonate with those you want to appeal to. Check out this idea for more small business digital marketing.

8. Get a Live Chat

There are several pros to getting a live chat option on your website. Live chat is a great way to show your potential customers and visitors on your landing page that you are available. This depends on you being able to provide this type of service. Having the functionality to provide live chat, especially if it can be 24/7, helps build trust with those visitors. This can be a key component of a lead generation strategy. Most people are looking for quick responses to their questions, and you can provide a component that satisfies that need. As you are able to do that, you will be building positive rapport to increase potential increase in quality leads. The quicker the turnaround time for responses, the better it looks for you and your site, and the better the conversion rate.

9. Improve Your Lead Generation Based on Performance

Earlier we mentioned how important it is for you to track your data. Tracking your data for your lead generation strategies allows you to see where some areas of opportunity for improvement are. Knowing that information is great, but in order to take the traffic to your website from potential customer to qualified leads, you want to make changes. For example, maybe you see you have people clicking on areas of the page, but not the actual CTA, what can you do?  Double check to make sure it’s in a visible spot on the page.  Potentially it’s a little more hidden than you thought. Is the text to get potential customers to click the right text?  Is the button itself blending in to the background, could that improve as well? Here are some examples, specifically for lawyers to take for their websites. Take the tracking information you are receiving and make the small changes to areas you are seeing minimal clicks or data points that show areas of improvement.

10. Launch A/B Lead Generation Tests

Your website may be really good, but what if it can be great? Feel free to try new things! This is a good way to run A/B lead generation tests. You can take something you feel needs to be worked on and make some tweaks.  In doing this, not only are you going to be changing and updating some of those weaker areas. Testing it to see if your tweaks help with the conversion rate is key. If it doesn’t work, try again. If it improves it, great! Keep testing to make sure that it will continue to do well. If it doesn’t, it’s no problem as you will be able to make adjustments again. Doing this on your own is tough, hiring a digital marketing agency can help.

Contact Lasting Trend To Get Your Free Consultation

If you like what you’ve read, and this all makes sense, we would love to help you with our lead generation strategies.  If you understand why you need a lead generation strategy, but don’t know where to start all by yourself, please reach out to us for your free consultation!  We have so many satisfied customers, and we are happy to help you with your lead generation needs.

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