Best Moving Company Marketing Strategies

By Tim Absalikov
Founder and Acting CEO at Lasting Trend
Tim is an expert in technical SEO, on-page optimization and linkbuilding. He has over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing for B2C companies in US and Europe.

Say, you have a small but thriving moving business, and you’ve come to the point where you’re looking for an opportunity to promote your business so you can extend operations. But let’s face it – if you’re not a professional marketer, it’s likely you simply do not know how to do it.

Reputation Management: Reviews on Yelp, Angie`s List and Similar Sites Moving company marketing

What’s an effective moving company marketing strategy? What’s the best way to advertise a moving company? How do you get leads? These are some tricky questions. Here, at Lasting Trend, we know how to handle all of these questions and more. And we are ready to share our expertise with you! This article will cover some basic points of effective moving company marketing, but if you feel that it’s not enough – contact us, we will take care of everything for you.

Customer Avatar and Best Offer Ever

It doesn’t matter if you are wondering how to start a moving company or how to run a successful moving company, there is one thing that is absolutely essential in every step: the marketing strategy.

In order to make your marketing campaign successful, there is one thing you have to do in advance: define your target audience. Whose needs will you most definitely satisfy? To whom should your marketing strategy appeal?  Draw a picture of your average client with his needs, demands, and financial possibilities. This knowledge will serve as a foundation for your moving business.

Now, let’s proceed with three main points that are vital for surviving in today’s modern market conditions:

  • Learn everything about your competitors. What is the major difference between you and any other moving businesses? Why are you better? Can your competitors do something better than you? Consider every tiny detail. Prove that, without a doubt, the client should use your services. But do not get too carried away – do not criticize other companies too much, it may create a bad image for your business.
  • Reasonable prices. The moving industry is over-saturated with different companies. If the client thinks that your prices are too high, he will choose your competitor. But setting prices too low would also be a mistake – you may barely break even.
  • Quality. Needless to say, if your drivers are late, the loaders are sloppy and rude, no one will use your company’s services again. Pay close attention to who you hire to do the job – they are the face of your company and your brand.

Reputation Management: Reviews on Yelp, Angie`s List, and Similar Sites

Word-of-mouth was the best moving company marketing strategy for decades. However, those days are long gone and today it is not enough for a company to just rely on good old “someone telling another person”. Online product and service reviews are the first things a possible client checks.

That is why it is so important for a moving company marketing strategy to keep a record of positive feedback and post it on the company’s website or other media platforms. It encourages clients to choose you, as they will see that a lot of people have used your services and were quite happy with it.

Moving Company Website: Show You Are the Business Your Customers Need

In the moving business, just as in any other sphere, the website is the face of your company. Studies show that whether or not a client decides to make a purchase heavily depends on the impression your site makes on them. “How can you make the website more appealing? How can you boost your ranking in SERP? How can you make sure that absolutely every potential client is able to fill out any online forms? How can one advertise my moving company?” Most likely these are the questions that are flowing through your mind. Let’s deal with it step-by-step.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

If you do not feel that you can handle making and maintaining your website all by yourself, do not hesitate to ask for professional help. Lasting Trend has excellent expertise in promoting websites. And we are always ready to help!

See what we have done here? This is a Call-to-Action (CTA). A statement that makes you eager to use the services or buy the products which are mentioned on the site. Usually, a text has about 3 CTA’s– in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end.

Lead Generation Form

Have you ever faced confusing and unclear forms you have to fill out on a website in order to sign in or register? These are examples of the kinds of forms, which will never grant you a lead. All kinds of forms should be easy to understand, easy to find, and easy to fill out. Moving company lead generation forms are vital for your business, so don’t ever underestimate them!

SEO Friendly: Local SEO

One can talk endlessly about SEO, what is it, how to use it, etc. Let us not waste time and focus on the really important thing for moving companies – local SEO. Use the keywords that will apply to the local search queries like “moving company *location*”. Analyze the most frequently used keywords and place moving company ads that will appeal to your potential clients!

Ensure Website is All Platforms Friendly

Never forget, it is 2019 now and people are using a lot of different devices to surf the Internet. Your website should cause no problems with mobiles or tablets and have no freezing or invalid forms.

Use Real Photos

Stock photos nowadays are not considered to be credible anymore. People see them and think that your company is fake because you don’t have any real photos. Hire a pro to take pictures of your employees during their workday, this will provide a lot of beautiful images to enhance your website.

Custom-Made Review System

Having a unique review system is a great feature that will make you different from dozens of other companies in this market. But remember – it should be rather simple and not too time-consuming.

Call Every New Lead Immediately

People tend to forget about one really important thing in their moving company marketing strategy – phone leads processing. If a person has left you a phone message, call them back right away! An email is definitely a solid tool used in marketing strategies, but the message can easily end up in a Spam box or a person might just forget to open it. If you call your client immediately, this will create a positive image of you. The moving company leads depend on your ability to respond to your clientele’s inquiries with both speed and precision. This is the basic rule to follow in your moving company marketing strategy.

Use a CRM to Automate Your Follow Up

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a program that records every piece of information that your clients give you. This allows you to do better follow-ups, which is crucial in the moving business, as the program automatically downloads the information from the completed form on your website into the cloud. Basically, any new moving company leads are copied to your CRM software.

If you want your moving company marketing automation to run as smoothly as possible, you may consider using dedicated programs, for example, Vonigo, MailChimp, or Infusionsoft to turn your leads into bookings.

Find Common Features and Universal Experiences for People in Your Area through SMM

Want to know how to get free moving leads for moving company? Use social media! Nowadays it is an extremely powerful tool for everyone, moving businesses included. Get your company an account on the most popular platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Post regularly there, discuss interesting cases, show the process of your work – it all builds up the credibility of your business. In other words – free advertising for moving companies!

Find Common Features and Universal Experiences for People in Your Area through SMM Moving company marketing

Social media is a good way to connect with your clients, to understand their needs and problems. It is also a great platform for collecting feedback (remember, it is vital in moving company advertising)! Share successful stores of moving, maybe tell a few lifehacks. If you have enough followers, you may start doing some educational webinars, such as, “how to advertise my moving company”. This will bring a lot of attention to your account, and more importantly, potential new customers.

Paid Ads for Your Moving Business Using Geo-Targeting

The art of marketing is evolving as the business environment continues to evolve. Tendencies change, people change. Customers today are not reacting to the same marketing techniques that had a huge impact on them 10 years ago. So, how should one advertise a moving company?

Needless to say, there are literally thousands of ways to promote your business. However, we will talk about paid ads with geo-targeting, as can be very profitable for moving businesses.

Paid ads can take different forms. They can be Facebook ads for moving companies which are only shown to people in your district, or a celebrity endorsement, such as a blogger or influencer who will try your services and then share the experience with his or her followers. Do not forget about Google Ads, radio, and TV advertising. If you are wondering how to start a moving company, plan your advertising campaign in advance!

Networking and Referral Program

One should not forget about networking with other non-competitive companies when promoting your moving business. Connect with some, for example, realtor companies; make an offer that will benefit both your and their clients. Again, use local influencers to reach a wider audience.

A referral program is a great tool to attract new customers and advertise your moving company. Offer your clients a discount for every friend they bring to you. Just remember – a happy customer is more likely to recommend you than a sad one. So, keep a watchful eye on the quality of your services!


It is absolutely okay if your clients have concerns about your business. Such as, do you have a license or insurance, are you a member of the AMSA or other local State Moving Association? People want to be 100% sure when they choose a moving company. So, it is crucial that you have all the answers and licenses required. Building trust takes years, but losing it – can happen in one unlucky moment.


Of course, one article can’t cover all the aspects of moving company marketing, as the question is very vast with lots of variables. However, we do hope that now you have a bit more understanding of what to do in order to keep your digital marketing functioning in an effective manner. Lasting Trend will always be glad to help you if you need us. Contact us in case you want to place all of your troubles in the professional hands of one of our best marketers.

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