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Generating quality leads has to be the most important function of a business website. Without those, even the most qualified and experience business owner can go unnoticed by potential customers. Getting high traffic on your website can be gratifying, but what if the leads don’t follow?

That’s where A/B testing services can help, and nobody does A/B testing better than Lasting Trend.

With the addition of a single feature on your website, like a hyperlink leading to a business contact or the right call to action message, your lead generation and conversion rate can increase exponentially.

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Lead Generation Services That We Provide 

Our lead generation services work because we create them specifically for each client. We don’t prescribe to a “one size fits all” business model, so everything we do has been researched, tested, and optimized to hit the sweet spot of effectiveness for every individual client.

And since clients all have unique needs, we create unique solutions as a lead generation marketing agency.

Target Audiences Creation

Whether it’s a law firm or a mom-and-pop pharmacy, very business has an ideal niche market in mind. And no matter what the business has to offer the public, their business succeeds by identifying the target audience and finding ways to effectively communicate who they are and what they can do to that audience. This can be a huge challenge, as business owners sometimes take it for granted their audience already understands what they can do based solely on the business name.

Finding and cultivating the target audience comes down to knowing how to speak to the target audience in ways that are informative and instructional while sounding intelligent and receptive. And Lasting Trend excels as at; the social media lead generation agency cost while finding ways to reach the target audience of any business.

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Lead Flow and Funnel Strategy Planning

One example of Lasting Trend’s business strategies as a lead generation and advertising agency includes the lead flow and funnel approach, a systematic technique for creating leads that become candidates for regular customers.

To find the target audience, this strategy works by first identifying what the company offers. This stage, referred to as the top of the funnel, serves as the introduction point for the business and the potential customer. It’s where the business gets to make the first step in communicating who they are and what they do, and can involve everything from messaging to graphics.

The second stage, or middle of the funnel, allows the business to engage their target audience with more information. This information can be detailed summaries of their company and backup information such as testimonials or in-depth research on the company’s models and practices.

The final stage, the bottom of the funnel, is where the target audience gets to make a decision about becoming a client. Businesses do this by offering calls to action, consultation offers, and ways to reach out and connect.

Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads

Search engine optimization, or SEO, serves as the brick-and-mortar support foundation of any successful online business. Whenever someone types words into an internet search engine, the specific words they choose to type determine what the search algorithms will bring them. It’s therefore important for a business website to understand the most common words used when a potential customer searches for a business. For example, a shoe cobbler website needs to know whether most potential customers use the word “shoe cobbler” or “shoe repair.” It’s a tiny difference, but it can mean the difference between being discovered or ignored by a search engine.

The more attention a business pays to its SEO content and marketing agency lead generation, the better the odds of the business showing up first on search engine results and making better use of internet advertising tools like Google Ads.

Landing Page Design, Development, and A/B Testing

The landing page of a business website serves as the first introduction point for new customers and a familiar place of comfort and expertise to established clients. Every landing page has a unique look and feel to it, and since it serves as an extension of the business, design and development serves an important role in the success of that business.

Lasting Trend also employs AB testing service, or A/B split testing, which allows our clients the chance to find out which website segments works best for their intended audience. Rather than employ the traditional trial and error approach to business messaging, an A/B split testing service allows a business to make the best decisions about their business with data created from using original testing material. The “A” serves as the controlled group, or the original variable, while “B” shows the new version. And Lasting Trend has one of the best AB split testing services available on the market to boost agency lead generation.

SEO Content Marketing

As stated before, SEO content can mean the difference between fame and obscurity when it comes to advertising and communication. Use the right words in your website, and a search engine’s algorithms will identify your website above others and put your business at the top of the potential client’s search results.

And since no two businesses operate with the same word choice, it’s important to identify the right words to specifically communicate to the search engine’s algorithms so the potential clients can find your business website.

SEO lead generation also means ensuring the words used in advertisements find the search engine sweet spots, thus bringing more attention to your business website.

CRM and Marketing Automation Set Up

On the surface, CRM software and marketing automation might seem like two terms for the same challenge of engaging the potential clients and target audiences.

In actuality, they are two different tools that can be used together to increase customer awareness about your business. Customer relationship management, or CRM, gets used primarily for sales purposes while marketing automation does the heavy lifting as marketing communication.

Using both can be extremely effective in getting a potential customer to learn about your business and take advantage of the services being marketed with specific SEO driven language.

Lasting Trend can help your business by setting up the CRM and marketing automation to work in tandem, turning potential clients into reliable customers through lead generation marketing.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Lead Qualifying

A business’ success ultimately rests in the ability to convert a curious potential customer into a paying client, so it becomes important for a business website to qualify its leads so they can focus on the most likely converts.

Lead qualifying, which serves as an important part of the funnel process, helps determine which of the curious visitors have the higher likelihood of making an actual purchase. This process allows the business owner to focus their lead generation marketing efforts on the potential customers, which in turn save everyone time, energy, and resources for everyone involved: the business owner engages with the clients most likely to buy, and the client who wants the service gets the attention they need to make the purchase.

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

All the strategies, word choices, and customer attention will mean useless if the business owner fails to convert potential clients into paying customers, so optimizing the conversion rate between the two serves as the primary function of any business website.

Lasting Trend understands best way to achieve that conversion rate optimization varies with every client; the strategy that works best for one business might be catastrophic for another business, even if both businesses offer the same services. That’s why we take the time to communicate with every individual client and create business strategies unique to every situation. One size fits all might work for many professionals, but Lasting Trend wants to do more for every business they work with as a lead generation agency.

Reasons Why You Should Contact Us

Lasting Trend enjoys the challenge of creating effective plans for their clients, and we understand that every client has a unique problem to solve. Your success is our success, and the best way to find that success means communicating and adapting with our clients every step of the way.

Constant Improvements

The business world constantly changes and evolves, which means a successful business never remains stagnant with success. Even when things work, Lasting Trend has one eye on the horizon, anticipating those changes and making plans to meet those future challenges through marketing lead generation.

Experienced Team Of Specialists

Whether it’s a team of seasoned copywriters, a professional with a lengthy history in the specific field, or the best tech people in the business, our team of specialists stands ready to face any business challenge and find creative and practical solutions every time as a lead generation agency.

Perfect End Results

Your success is our success. We want your business to succeed, so we have the proper motivation to do right by you and every client we handle. Your business is our priority, and we want the end results to speak for themselves.

with Lasting Trend
4.5 times
than in-house team
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Pricing Of Lead Generation Marketing

SEO Service

Smaller Websites With 1-5 Services
  • Technical & Mobile SEO Checkup
  • On-site SEO
  • Niche Keyword Research
  • 4 Content Scripts
  • Basic Link Building
  • Keyword Position Report

360° Marketing

Websites With 6-30 Services or E-commerce
  • Everything from Starter Plan +
  • UX, UI Design
  • Advanced Link building
  • Local SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media or PPC Management

Enterprise SEO

from $10,000
Multi-site Projects or Large E-commerce
  • Everything from 360 SEO Plan+
  • Sales Funnels
  • Satellite Website Networks
  • Multi-Channel Paid Ads

Lead Generation Case Studies

The New-York based law offices of Yuriy Moshes already had a stellar market reputation when they reached out to Lasting Trend to help develop a stronger web presence. To accomplish that goal, Lasting Trend ordered a separate phone line to track calls that originated from the company’s website. This allowed the law office to see how much they benefited from Lasting Trend’s efforts.

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