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If you are looking to attract more customers to your handyman business, some old-school methods will not be helpful. Handyman advertising on the internet is a new way to promote your business, gain more traffic and generate leads. If you have not done so, you are missing out on big opportunities.

Using Pay Per Leads in a handyman marketing plan handyman advertising

It’s crucial that you build your handyman marketing plan if you want to continue to grow your business. Here is an overview of ten of the most important elements of marketing a handyman service, with ideas on how to manage and a few tips that will help you edge out the competition – and maybe even corner the market.

1. Importance of Handyman Advertising

If you are a handyman looking to add more customers, you may be asking yourself, “how do I market my handyman business?” Advertising is an important dimension of handyman marketing. When you advertise handyman services, you can make your services known to thousands of strangers at once.

Handyman marketing through word-of-mouth has limited potential. Advertising will dramatically increase the number of handymen leads you can generate for your handyman business. Advertising will also let existing customers know about services they may be unaware you offer.

2. Start With Optimizing Your Handyman Website for SEO and User Experience

The best handyman website ideas emphasize excellent handyman website design. A website that loads quickly is extremely important, as internet users are impatient. If your site struggles to load, they will just move on to the next possible handyman website. A prominent navigation bar at the top makes it clear to visitors how they can get the information they want.

You can also direct more traffic to your home handyman website through search engine optimization (SEO). Using a paid service to find the right keywords for your handyman website may be a worthwhile investment. Handyman advertising should also involve directing traffic to your website by embedding links to your website on other high-quality websites

3. Monitor Your Reputation and Leverage Customer Reviews as Part of Your Handyman Advertising

Your handyman ad should appear next to excellent customer reviews when someone does a handyman search. If you advertise handyman services, you can use social media to monitor what people are saying about your handyman business.

Handyman marketing should also use Google alerts to know when your business name is mentioned on a website. Social media listening tools such as Hootsuite and Digimind can provide useful data for tracking public sentiment toward your business.

Good customer reviews are invaluable to a successful handyman business. Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews online. Most people are happy to do so, but you need to (gently) remind them.

4. Handyman Leads With PPC

At this point, you may be thinking “advertising sounds good, but how do I get handyman leads?” Handyman advertising is a great way to generate handyman job leads.

One of the best handyman marketing tips is Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It is a particularly cost-effective way of getting handyman leads, as you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advertisement.

PPC targets advertising based on your provided keywords. So, you can have your advertisement appear when someone searches “how do I find a good handyman?” for example. This is a more targeted form of advertising than using a handyman services directory, for instance.

5. Using Pay Per Leads in a Handyman Marketing Plan

The best way to get handyman work is by generating leads, which includes the contact information of potential customers. A pay per leads (PPL) style handyman advertisement differs from PPC because you only pay if people request more information.

Google Local Services ads are the most comprehensive way of using PPL. This is probably the best place to advertise handyman services. Google Local Services ads use customer reviews on Google as the content of the ad, making it one of the more superior handyman advertising ideas.

There are a few platforms that specialize in pay per lead marketing. Thumbtack works like a directory for local businesses. It has a built-in referral form for prospective customers to contact your handyman job leads.  Being listed on the site is free; a business only pays when people use the referral form. TaskRabbit is a similar website that specializes in one-time, informal handyman tasks, such as cleaning garages. A one-time customer from TaskRabbit can easily be turned into a repeat customer.

6. Ads and Retargeting in Handyman Advertising

Retargeting is a further variation on how to advertise handyman services online. Basically, they are handyman classified ads that are targeted to people who have already shown an interest in the service. It’s a useful tool to have in any handyman marketing plan. It uses internet browsing histories to show your handyman ad to people who have previously been on other handyman-related websites. This way your handyman advertising feels more natural and you know the people seeing it are open to what you have to offer.

7. Content Marketing as a Part of Handyman Advertising

Content marketing is a form of indirect handyman marketing. Traditional online advertisements are becoming less effective at generating handyman leads. This is because people have learned to block them out. Sometimes it is better to give people something they actually want to read and then have your business name appear next to it, such as through a sponsorship.

This type of advertising is not just reserved for large corporations. Small businesses can do it too. For example, you could maintain a handyman blog where you share tricks and tips for home maintenance. This is in the more creative end of handyman advertising ideas. It is an opportunity for you to have a little fun with your handyman advertising and share your passion for the job.

8. Newsletter for Handyman Advertising

Newsletters are an excellent place to start if you want to understand how to get handyman jobs using content marketing. This technique is similar to having a blog, but here your posts are sent like handyman letters via email. When you write something, your message lands directly in a potential customer’s inbox, guaranteeing they will see it. However, to be a successful digital handyman, you have to have a reason to write. Just like blog posts, you can share tips and tricks for home maintenance. Most people will be pleased to receive regular emails sharing such useful advice so that they will be more open to your handyman marketing plan.

9. Facebook in Handyman Marketing

You may be wondering, “should I advertise my business on Facebook?” The answer is a definite “yes.” Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days, and you should absolutely have a handyman Facebook page. A Facebook page serves a similar role as a handyman website. Use it to list all the essential information people need to know about your handyman business. People also want to know, how does your service stand out compared to another handyman? You can answer them with a Facebook page where people leave and read reviews about your service. It can also directly generate handyman leads as people can contact you directly on your Facebook page.

10. Customer Service as Part of the Handyman Marketing Plan

If you told any handyman, “I’m thinking of starting my own handyman business,” the first thing they would tell you about is the importance of customer service. There is perhaps no more critical strategy in the world of handyman advertising ideas. Too many companies treat customer service as an afterthought, and they’re making a terrible mistake. Customer service begins with always doing a good job but could include sharing handyman ideas and tips on your blog or newsletter.

The first step to evaluating your customer service strategy is to find out how well it’s working in the first place. Also, by implementing a few guidelines discussed below, you will be able to convert price shoppers into customers:

  • Don’t waste time or resources trying to avoid price shoppers

People have a right to ask “How do I find a good handyman?” So don’t punish people for shopping around. Price shoppers want the lowest price. Make sure to factor them into your handyman marketing plan. You can capture their business by tailoring your service offerings to what they want.

  • Make sure your CSRs know all of your services and the entire service area

One of the best handyman advertising ideas is simply to have knowledgeable customer service representatives. People contact the handyman business because they think the handyman knows more than they do. If your CSRs don’t seem to know what they are talking about it will not instill confidence in the potential customer. Moreover, your CSRs need to anticipate customers’ needs, so they should have comprehensive knowledge of services available

  • Listen to your customers

This is an excellent piece of handyman marketing advice. A handyman solves people’s problems and people want to be heard when they have a problem. A handyman can really endear themselves to customers by sincerely listening to what they have to say. This is a great way to build and maintain long-term relationships with customers. Additionally, you can receive invaluable feedback that you can use to fine-tune your handyman service offerings.

  • Know your worth

While you should accommodate price shoppers, don’t allow yourself to be intimidated into accepting a low fee. When you know the worth of your services, you can explain to potential customers why you charge a certain amount. This is a great handyman marketing technique. Demonstrating that you have a deep understanding of your business will assure people they can trust your handyman services. You can also negotiate your fee on the fly, by modifying services to only give people what they want. You can mix-and-match your services to reflect what a customer needs and what they are willing to pay.

  • Smile when you speak

There is no better handyman ad than giving a giant, friendly smile. Similar to the idea to “whistle while you work,” a smile shows people that you love what you do. Generally speaking, people are more trustful of people who smile because it reflects a cooperative attitude. There is nothing worse than an uncooperative handyman, so people are always on the look-out for that.

Handyman advertising? – FAQ

Q: How do I market my handyman business?

A: Coming up with some creative handyman advertising ideas is the best approach to handyman marketing. Here are a few to get you started with your handyman marketing plan.

1. Put together a website

A website is your home base on the internet and serves as an anchor point for all your handyman advertising. If you put up a handyman ad on the internet, then you need a place for the advertisement to link to. People want to follow through on what an advertisement offers while still browsing the internet. Without a website, people will not be able to follow up instantly on your advertisement. Do you trust people to remember or write down a phone number from your ad and then follow up later? Don’t bet on it.

2. Design and print materials you can hand out.

Print still has a role to play in handyman marketing. Despite the prominence of the internet in modern advertising, good old fashioned printed advertising can still be effective. This can be as simple as having some business cards with you at all times. Posters and banners can also be printed and posted around the city you serve. You can print off flyers and distribute them in high-traffic pedestrian areas. In an increasingly digital world, people find comfort in having something tangible they can hold and feel.

3. Print yard signs.

You often see these signs used by businesses similar to the handyman, such as roofing contractors, yard maintenance, and other general contracting. In this handyman advertising strategy, you negotiate to keep a sign in a customer’s yard for the duration of the work being done. For these kinds of signs, it is best to be concise. State that you offer handyman services and list a website or phone number.

4. Put a sign on your truck or vehicle.

When you first thought to yourself, “I’d like to try starting my own handyman business,” the first image that came to mind may have been the handyman truck. It is an essential part of a handyman business and allows you to get around to service calls. When you are driving your truck to service calls your truck gets seen by many people! Take advantage of this by making your truck tastefully stand out from other vehicles. Make sure you prominently display your handyman services and a phone number or website to contact you.

5. Use social media.

Social media is an essential part of any modern handyman marketing plan. Maintain social media accounts for your business, such as Twitter or Instagram. These are useful for giving your business some personality and help people better personally connect with you. You can post updates, share handyman tips and build a community around your business this way. Ask questions to get your followers engaged. Post interesting content and give people a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to be a handyman.

6. Take advantage of free advertising.

What’s better than free? With a little creativity, you can incorporate free strategies into your handyman marketing plan. The most obvious are referrals from people you have already done handyman work for. Make sure that your service is so good that people won’t be able to help themselves from telling all their friends about it. A website that ranks high on google due to SEO is another example of free advertising. Hanging out on internet expert communities such as Quora and answering questions about home maintenance is another good idea.

7. Network.

Connecting with other handyman professionals is a good way to generate handyman leads. Some handymen may have too many leads to handle on their own and will share them with you. Perhaps you have a certain specialty when it comes to handyman work. Other handymen may want to recruit you for this service if they cannot provide it themselves.

8. Join the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.

Getting a certification from ACHP can add legitimacy to your handyman business. ACHP also hosts events for handyman education and networking, helping expand your business contacts. A good handyman is always learning new things as the available tools and techniques change. An ACHP membership can keep you informed of broad changes happening in the industry. They also maintain a free handyman directory, so joining ACHP can also help generate handyman leads.

Q: How to get handyman leads?

A: Beyond basic handyman advertising ideas, buying leads can also be a great way to grow your handyman business fast. This is especially true if you are just getting started. Not only does it get you in front of customers immediately, but it also allows you to piggyback on the trust of a more established company. There are six tips you should know before paying for leads:

1. Remember that you paid for a lead, not a customer.

Getting a lead is just the first step, and a person’s business is not guaranteed. Just because they showed some interest doesn’t mean they are ready to give you their money. You are still in a marketing phase when you follow up on handyman leads. Stay in a mindset of persuasion and marketing right up until the moment they commit to doing business with you. Just like a detective following up on leads, many of them will be cold and won’t turn up anything useful.  

2. Follow-up immediately.

Given the fact that handyman leads are so tenuous, it’s best to get started right away. Conversion rates for handyman leads are often as low as 10 %. The quicker you work through your leads the quicker you will find the 1-in-10 who are truly interested in paying for your services. The longer you leave a lead to stagnate, the more likely the potential customer will have found a different handyman.

3. In-person quotes convert higher.

Your quote-to-close rate is essentially what your conversation rate is. For every service quote, you give to someone, how many actually end up doing business with you? This is an important formula for tracking the success of your handyman leads. It can be easy to offer people quotes by email or phone. However, if you can find time to visit them in their home, a greater connection will be made. This better connection will increase your quote-to-close rate substantially.

4. Focus on the lifetime value of the customer.

Customer lifetime value refers to the amount of money a customer is likely to spend with your business during their lifetime. This means respecting the value of long-term customers. If someone has come to you regularly for handyman services for years then you don’t want to lose that business. In such a situation it may be worth it to offer them a discount to retain their business. Get in a habit of doing quick cost-benefit analyses in these situations.

5. Use the 80/20 rule to your benefit.

This rule states that 80 % of any phenomenon is generated by just 20 % of the potential causes of that phenomenon. For example, in any sport, the top 20 % percent of athletes will win 80 % of the time. The best 20 % are responsible for creating 80 % of the winning phenomenon.

How to get handyman leads? handyman advertising ideas

The same applies to your customers when it comes to your business. You can take advantage of this in a number of ways. Identify your best customers and give them extra attention. Identify the neighborhood or city that gives you the most business. If a customer is highly demanding and isn’t in your top 20 %, seriously considered how much attention you want to give them.

6. Start with small jobs.

Don’t take on more work than you can handle when you are starting out. It will be disastrous for lead generation if you don’t do your best work on a job because you are stretched too thin. If you start small, it will be easier to underpromise and overdeliver. This will delight your customers and have them coming back to use your services again and again.

Q: How do I market my business locally?

A: Local marketing has multiple benefits for businesses in a number of ways. As a business owner, you have the chance to demonstrate to new home-based customers your products and services. You can raise awareness in the community about your company. Your enterprise can easily become a household name by being front and center in the neighborhood where you are located.

1. Participate in community events.

One of the first steps in answering the question of “how do I market my business locally?” is to become a part of your community. You could sponsor a local kids’ baseball team or donate to the local food bank during the holidays. Be genuine about it, but understand that the goal is to raise your standing amongst the community.

2. Encourage clients to tell you what they think.

You shouldn’t be afraid of honest feedback. This kind of information is the best way to improve your business. Based on customer feedback you can devote all your attention to the few problems that seem to come up the most. Customer feedback also allows you to test out new service options. Through customer feedback, you can also learn what your competitors are doing.

3. Use Google local.

Google Local is the name of data organizing efforts that Google does around local businesses. There are a few set-up steps to get your business on Google Local. After that, your business listing will appear on Google search engine result pages. Specifically, when someone searches for a relevant keyword such as handyman your handyman ad will pop up. This is a good local marketing tool because it will only show your business listing to people in close proximity.

4. Set up niche Meetups.

Meetup.com is locally focused because it is for arranging in-person activities associated with specific hobbies. For example, in your town, there may be meetup groups dedicated to learning a new language or how to repair bicycles. Think about meetup groups you could organize around the theme of home maintenance. How-to workshops are always popular. While you are sharing skills with people, you can connect with them as potential customers for your handyman business.

5. Organize and attend charity events.

Similar to the first tip, this strategy is all about raising your profile among the community you serve. Event marketing is a great way to introduce yourself to potential new clients. Doing good and giving back to the community can also boost morale among your employees. Promotional products play a role in this strategy. Pens, coffee mugs, and tote bags with your business logo on them can be used as rewards for charitable donations.

6. Use Groupon.

Groupon is a service that offers discount deals for local businesses. The catch is that the “coupon” only becomes valid if enough people sign-up for the deal. A handyman can offer things like 2-for-1 specials or a special discounted spring-cleaning package. There is no fee to sign-up to be a business on Groupon, but they take 50 % of the revenue you create on their platform. This is a volume-based strategy. Ahead of time, you can determine how many people need to participate in the deal to make it worth your while. You know that you don’t have to commit to the deal unless you reach the required number of participants, so there is less pressure involved.

7. Organize networking mixers.

Marketing your business locally can be done through networking mixers. This is a good way to cross-promote your business with other similar businesses. Meeting with landscapers, contractors, pest control companies and interior decorators will let you create a network of like-minded people. If you do handyman work for someone and they also have pest issues, you can refer people you have met at networking mixers. The pest control company can do the same for you.  

8. Use local directories and social media groups.

Many small communities and neighborhood associations in larger cities maintain Facebook groups. They use these groups to share tips and advice, get to know one another, and discuss the issues affecting their community. There are casual marketing opportunities if a handyman can be a useful and welcomed member of these groups. Don’t market yourself in a very obvious way, as that comes off as self-serving. There are also many local business directories a handyman should be a part of. Spend some time online researching directories that specifically serve your geographic area.

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