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One of the biggest disappointments for site owners is to see new visitors leave the firm’s site without ordering a service or even leaving their contacts. It happens even after you’ve invested so much money in promoting your site and increasing traffic! Why is this happening, and how to deal with it? Business owners often hear the same answer to this question – you need to use retargeting ads. What does it mean? Let’s understand in detail.

What Do Our Retargeting And Remarketing Services Include

Remarketing and retargeting services are aimed at those users who have already visited the company’s website, were interested in the services, but never left their contacts. In simple terms, this is advertising on other sites that helps to re-attract the attention of leads who have not yet become customers.

What is the difference between the two terms? It’s where marketers differ.

Some experts think that remarketing is a broader concept and includes retargeting (for example, like “a fruit” and “an apple”). That is, remarketing is a strategy for returning a user to the site, and retargeting is one of the possible return tools in every advertising system.

Other experts say that there is no difference between the terms and that they can be used interchangeably.

How did this confusion come about? Most likely, the reason was Google and its terminology. Google calls its retargeting ads “remarketing ads” and includes email in this category.

Multichannel Remarketing

Multichannel or integrated marketing is interaction with an audience across multiple platforms. Possible points of contact are social networks, advertising on Google and on other sites, search results, influencer channels, marketplaces, online communities, instant messengers, email, etc.

Of course, a multichannel approach doesn’t mean you have to advertise everywhere. No need to invest equal effort on LinkedIn, Facebook, PPC and dozens of blogs. Before choosing a channel, you need to analyze what it can give the firm, whether it suits your business model, industry and target audience.

retargeting services

For this kind of research, the digital marketing agency Lasting Trend uses various tools and algorithms that allow you to get

all the necessary information for each channel and its capabilities. With our help, you can reduce the number of channels to strategically important and relevant to your audience. Accordingly, you will save your costs at the same time.

Dynamic Remarketing

The main difference between dynamic remarketing service and regular remarketing service is what kind of advertising the user sees in the future. Let’s say a potential client visits your firm’s website but doesn’t order a service.

  • With classic remarketing, this client will see standard advertising of your company on the Internet. For example, your firm name, specialization, and phone number.
  • With dynamic remarketing, this customer will see ads created specifically for him, taking into account his/her needs and desires. For example, if a law firm has several areas of activity, but the client only needs an injury attorney, he/she will see an advertisement specifically about an injury attorney. It means dynamic remarketing has a personal touch.

As you can imagine, dynamic remarketing is more effective. It focuses precisely on those services that the client definitely needs. But for the best results, you need to set up your dynamic remarketing correctly. This can be done only with high quality by professional marketers who are well aware of the specifics of the industry and the needs of the target audience. Lasting Trend has been doing legal marketing for many years, and we can guarantee the quality of our work.

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is another technique that the remarketing agency Lasting Trend uses to identify customer needs and create a unique ad campaign. After carefully studying the target audience, we divide it into segments, and each of them has its special characteristics.

Here are the challenges we solve with smart segmentation:

  1. Understand the motivation of the target audience and determine what can attract their attention.
  2. Develop an offer that exactly matches the interests, expectations, cultural traditions and tone of voice of the client.
  3. Customize advertising campaigns as much as possible for consumer requests.
  4. Show clients the benefits that are important to this particular group, and not to the “regular customer”.
  5. Use the promotion channels that your audience chooses, and thus optimize the advertising budget.

There can be many segments into which we can divide your audience. As a result, we can create an advertising offer that will hit the target accurately.

Real-Time Bidding With Remarketing

Imagine that you have already developed your remarketing strategy, you have studied the needs of those users who have not yet become your customers. You are ready to once again remind them of your firm and your services. Thanks to cookies, you have information about which sites your potential client visits.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Now you need to make sure that the user sees your ad when entering various Internet platforms. It is not always possible to buy advertising space in real-time. After all, other ad retargeting companies, online stores, organizations also want to offer their goods and services to this user. To beat the competition, you need to win in a kind of auction. You must place your bid, and if it is the best, your ad will be seen by the user. This technology is called real-time bidding (RTB) and can also be used in remarketing.

Continual Tracking and Monitoring

If you want to get consistently high conversions for your remarketing campaign, you need to constantly monitor the ongoing results. In this case, you can quickly react to any data changes and make changes to your strategy in time. Lasting Trend always helps its clients to monitor and correctly “read” statistical data. With our help, it will be much easier for you to analyze and adjust your advertising campaign to attract new customers.

Why You Need Remarketing Services

It’s no secret that legal advertising is one of the most expensive on the internet. This industry is very competitive and has very high CPC rates. Sometimes the cost of acquiring a customer is so high that it can “eat up” all the profits or even make an advertising campaign unprofitable. Classic advertising on the first touch is ineffective here, so the initiation of a second touch – remarketing – comes to the rescue. Users who have previously been interested in your services will make an order faster than a “cold” client. So, retargeting services are the more profitable way to promote.

Better Conversion Rates

Remarketing is a very effective way to increase conversions. In this case, you work with a “warm” audience. Users are familiar with the services of your firm and are interested in them, therefore they are much more active in responding to advertising. The result becomes even better if there is an opportunity to make a personal advantageous offer for the client.

According to invesp, retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to order. SocialMediaToday claims remarketing provides 62% of conversions for purchases while shopping, 39% for food and drink, and 24% of total lifestyle-related conversions.

Reduced Cost Per Impression

Remarketing is suitable for most companies with a limited PPC budget. Cost per impression is significantly lower than PPC. In addition, high conversion comes to the rescue here too. It lowers the cost per click and makes it cheaper than contextual advertising and attracting new visitors.

Improved ROI

ROI (Return on Investment) shows how profitable the project is, taking into account all the funds invested in it. All kinds of expenses are important here, including renting your office, salaries of employees and other running costs. But the level of profit is also important. We’ve already found out that remarketing increases conversions and decreases costs, so it’s obvious that ROI will be higher.

Precise Targeting

Unlike regular contextual advertising, remarketing offers more opportunities for audience segmentation. You can create remarketing lists based on almost any user activity and characteristics. For example, which page the client visited, which service he/she was more interested in, what source he/she came from, etc. This knowledge allows you to create advertisements tailored to the needs of a specific person. You will be able to make unique offers with discounts or bonuses that can convince a customer to visit you again.

Cost Effective Branding

Retargeting increases brand awareness. If the name of your firm will periodically catch the eye of users, it will remain in their memory. And when the moment of final decision-making comes, your brand will appear in the mind.

Also, the constant presence of an advertisement convinces the client that your firm is spending a lot of money on advertising and promotion. This gives you credibility in the eyes of the prospect. On the other hand, the main thing here is not to overdo it or cause irritation.

About Our Process

Our interaction with clients is well-organized and consists of several stages.

  1. The client submits the tasks that we need to accomplish and the goals that need to be achieved.
  2. We research the market and competitors, analyze data on the website traffic and the number of leads.
  3. We develop a new remarketing strategy or adjust an existing one.
  4. Within a few days, the Lasting Trend team completes the assigned tasks.
  5. The client gets new leads and new clients.

In the future, the Lasting Trend team continues to monitor the effectiveness of remarketing and, if necessary, make adjustments to the advertising campaign.

Why Choose Lasting Trend As Your Remarketing Agency

If your law firm doesn’t have a professional marketer, you will need the help of a retargeting company to set up your remarketing ad campaign. The only question is how to choose such a remarketing agency and not be mistaken.

The best way to make the right choice is to monitor and compare retargeting companies using several criteria at once. We are confident that Lasting Trend will withstand such competition and are ready to tell you more about ourselves and our advantages.

Results Focused

Any client wants to get the maximum effect from an advertising campaign in the shortest possible time and at the lowest price. Many marketing agencies promise law firms just such an outcome, knowing ahead of time that a promise cannot be kept. Remarketing agency Lasting Trend works differently with its partners.

It is very important for our team to implement all the tasks that the client has set for us. So, we first carefully study and discuss all the details of the upcoming work, determine the real terms and the final result. We do not build castles in the air in front of the client but rely on specific research, statistics and our experience. The Lasting Trend team is always ready to be responsible for the final result and give guarantees of work.

Ongoing Improvements

Digital marketing is a very dynamic and growing industry. Any changes in Google’s algorithms can significantly affect the website promotion or advertising campaign on the Internet. Remarketing and retargeting services are also constantly evolving. That is why the entire Lasting Trend team continuously monitors all changes in Google algorithms, studies technological innovations, uses the most modern software in its work, and is improving its skills. Our specialists regularly attend training sessions, webinars and courses to know about all the trends in online marketing. We are improving to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

Experienced Digital Team

A significant part of law firms doesn’t have a marketer in their teams or have only one specialist who is forced to independently perform many different functions. And that can be a problem. After all, Internet marketing includes a wide range of tasks and one person cannot be a professional in all these areas. It requires narrow-profile specialists, each of whom is well versed in their field.

It is on this principle that the Lasting Trend team is assembled. The agency employs experts in SEO, PPC, SMM, email newsletters, etc. Together, they form a successful team that tackles the most challenging online marketing tasks.

Remarketing Services Pricing

Service cost is another important criterion that can help you choose the best retargeting companies.

  1. Choose the retargeting agency that can immediately report the cost of their services and justify this figure. Typically, agencies charge 10% of the budget for running ad campaigns on online platforms.
  2. Partner only with agencies that provide you with a detailed retargeting service report. It will help you understand whether to pursue the partnership in the future.
  3. With a full breakdown of services, once again compare the cost of services with other agencies.

The price list for Lasting Trend services is always in the public domain. Also, you can contact our managers to get full information about the terms of cooperation.

Results You Can Get

The effectiveness of remarketing is confirmed by numerous studies and statistics.

  • Retargeting ads are 76% more likely to get clicks than Display Ads (connectIO).
  • People are 70% more likely to convert when they are retargeted (Growthbadger). DataXu says that Conversion Rate can increase up to 150%.
  • 70% of marketers use retargeting to increase brand awareness (IAB).
  • 65% of online viewers notice & consider ads showing products they viewed from another page (eMarketer).

But you should understand that such high results are only possible with the right retargeting campaign setup. If you have poorly studied the needs of the target audience and made an uninteresting and unprofitable offer, then users will not click on your ad and will not go to your site. This is why professionals from remarketing companies should help you.

Our Case Examples

Lasting Trend has very successful cases in our portfolio that clearly show how effective digital marketing can be.

For example, a few years ago, Lasting Trend was approached by a client who had difficulties in promoting his company. His firm was based in a highly competitive area – Midtown Manhattan. Moreover, the office is on the 12th floor, so there is no chance of attracting potential customers by putting up a flashy sign. The company tried to advertise on the Internet, but it did not succeed either.

To understand the reason for the failure, we have conducted a deep research, and then… we just stopped more than 50% of advertising for this company without any regret! We directed the saved budget to other advertising channels and campaigns. As a result, we increased the conversion of the site by 135%.

For more examples see our “Results” section.

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