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Contextual advertising is a powerful tool for promoting legal services on the Internet. Its advantages are fast and clear results, flexibility and high efficiency. But you will not get the expected effect if the advertising campaign is set up incorrectly.

Usually, PPC (pay per click) does not work if the advertising account is configured with errors, as well as with incorrect segmentation of the target audience and incorrect calculations.

You should order an external PPC audit if:

  • the effectiveness of advertising has decreased compared to the previous period;
  • if you think that contextual advertising does not work in your segment;
  • advertising costs more than profit;
  • you are not sure about the correct advertising settings.

A fresh look and objective advice will help you get out of a difficult situation.

PPC Audits At Lasting Trend

The purpose of PPC auditing is to show you what is working well in your account and what can be improved.

The online PPC audit includes:

  1. Analysis of campaign settings.

Incorrect settings in 95% of cases are the cause of the ineffectiveness of the ads. So we check:

  • advertising settings;
  • account settings and structure;
  • keywords and search queries;
  • negative keywords;
  • ads; ad extensions;
  • rates.
  1. Analysis of statistics of advertising campaigns.

It is an equally important indicator by which you can identify the problem. So we check:

  • conversion cost;
  • CTR;
  • transactions, etc.

When the PPC audit is completed, Lasting Trend provides its clients with a detailed report with recommendations.

Tool-based PPC Audits

To conduct an audit, we will need access to your Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook ads, etc. Of course, during the work, we will not limit ourselves to these resources only. To analyze keywords, search queries, negative keywords, we use tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. Such professional tools are quite expensive, so small firms usually do not use them to set up their advertising projects. As a result, they lack the information and statistics to set up their ads correctly. Lasting Trend can help with these issues.

Comprehensive PPC Audits

The tools that we use in our work help not only to analyze contextual advertising. We look at the situation on a larger scale and study all possible factors that can affect the entire campaign.

Our team does not limit ourselves to the technical part of contextual advertising but looks deeper. We analyze the landing pages of the client’s website and the advertising activity of competitors, and also offer ways to improve the effectiveness of advertising without increasing the budget.

Our PPC Audit Process

The analysis of the advertising cabinet includes three main stages.

  1. Data collection. First, we get to know the clients, identify problems and goals. Then we analyze the niche, segment the target audience, determine the level of competition. A prerequisite for our cooperation is access to Google Ads and Analytics advertising cabinets.
  2. Technical audit. We analyze account KPIs, check settings, analyze statistics, etc.
  3. Conclusion and strategy development. Our PPC specialists provide audit results with a detailed description of all the problems that were found in the cabinet settings. Also, we give recommendations on how to eliminate shortcomings and help form a strategy for promoting a business using contextual advertising.

Of course, the second stage is the most labor-intensive. 

PPC Audit Services

Reviewing Account History, Business, And Industry

To find errors in an advertising campaign and make it more profitable, we must have a good understanding of your type of business. Lasting Trend has been working with law firms for a long time and has a lot of experience.

Also, we use web analytics system counters to find out the history of your account and the entire site. Counters show the number of site visitors, their actions on the site, time spent, browsing depth, traffic sources and the resources to which visitors go. They also record the number of visits from mobile and stationary gadgets and the geography of visits.

In addition, call tracking should be set up. It tracks phone calls, thereby helping to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of PPC.

Assessing Ad Group Relevancy And Account Structure

Ads account structure is an important element for developing and further optimizing your advertising project. Mistakes, incorrect structure and other shortcomings affect the efficiency of budget use. It is necessary to conduct a PPC audit only taking into account all the parameters and principles of formation in the account. Then it will be easier to find weaknesses and see the full picture of work on further optimization.

All keywords should be structured by service groups and categories. For example, campaigns often have a division according to the type of requests: high-frequency and low-frequency, targeted and general, permanently active and seasonal, aimed pointwise at one city or one region.

Conducting Keyword Research

Performing a PPC audit is impossible without keyword analysis. The quality of the keywords affects the rank of the publication, which has an equally strong impact on positions and cost per click.

We pay attention to the following details:

  1. Ads should only use targeted keywords that are relevant to your business.
  2. If keywords have a fairly high CTR but few conversions, this is a wake-up call. Perhaps the key is irrelevant.
  3. The number of keywords may vary depending on the group, but do not exceed the number of 15-20 words. As practice shows, a sufficient number is 5 or 10 words. If the number of keywords in a large group exceeds the norm, it is worth dividing it into small groups with high relevance.

Irrelevant and ineffective keywords that spend the budget and do not bring conversions are added to the list of negative keywords.

a clear understanding of the US market and specific industry niches
experience and expertise needed for the project
reliability and responsible handling of sensitive data
practical resources and specialized tools

Analyze The Quality Score Of Ads

Quality Score is a Google metric that determines and assigns a score from 1 to 10 for each ad. Quality Score is used to calculate CPC in Google Ads. According to Google, the worse the ad, the more you will have to pay to show it.

Conversely, if your ads perform well, they will also rank higher in the auction, and you will receive additional benefits:

  • lower cost per click;
  • higher ad position;
  • the ability to use extensions.

That’s why we monitor Quality Score so closely.

Evaluate Ad Extension 

Google Ads allows you to apply more than a dozen extensions to your ads. Extensions contain additional information and make ads more visible on the search results page.

According to the official support of Google Ads, when adding an extension, the CTR of an ad increases by an average of 10-15%, depending on the subject of the site, the type of extension, and other factors. It means that extensions allow you to increase the effectiveness of advertising, while there is no additional charge for them. In addition, extensions visually increase the size of the ad, significantly distinguishing it from competitors’ ads.

Assessing Landing Page Relevance

The ads, keywords, and landing pages are considered relevant if they match the user’s query.

In particular, a relevant landing page must meet the following criteria:

  • dedicated to the particular service that you advertise in your ad;
  • tells in detail about your offer;
  • allows you to quickly call the office or contact you online;
  • technically optimized for promotion.

Relevance reflects the usefulness of ads, keywords and landing pages to the user. Google Ads takes this indicator into account when ranking ads and determining the cost per click.

Goal Overview And Analysis

All advertising projects of your company may have different goals. A lot depends on your overall marketing strategy. For example, a campaign might aim to:

  • increase your brand awareness;
  • increase traffic on your site;
  • increase the number of leads, etc.

Depending on the goals, advertising settings in Google Ads may vary.

If the goal is to build a brand, it is better to set up payment not for clicks (CPC – cost per click), but payment for impressions (CPM – cost per 1000 impressions).

If the main goal is to get a direct response, it is important to optimize the cost per direct response (CPL – cost per lead, CPA – cost per action). As you can see, in each situation the settings will be different.

Review Performance

Many metrics help measure the effectiveness of advertising: number of impressions, reach, conversion rate, CTR, cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, and so on.

We recommend comparing CPC, CPM and CTR to choose the most suitable payment model. If the CTR is high, it will be more profitable to pay for impressions. This payment model is also better suited if the goal is to increase brand awareness.

It is important to take into account the duration of the advertising campaign. For example, if it is launched for several months, it is advisable to analyze the intermediate results at least once a month to notice possible risks in time and make changes.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

An instant PPC audit will be useful for companies that launch advertising on their own, without the involvement of third-party specialists. It is usually a small or medium-sized business where the manager understands contextual advertising well enough to set it up on its own and get moderate results from online advertising, but not well enough to improve these results. Usually, fine-tuning of contextual advertising is ignored, which is why the overall effectiveness of advertising remains low.

Also, contextual advertising audit is relevant for companies that already work with a contracting agency or freelancer, but are not sure about the quality of the services provided. In such a situation, an audit of the account by an external party will confirm or dispel doubts and provide information for further improvement of advertising.

The Importance Of PPC Auditing for Your Business

Contextual advertising is an important tool of modern business. But with the wrong settings, PPC can turn into the cause of your losses. To understand how much advertising really costs, you should regularly analyze your marketing campaign.

Also, PPC auditing is required to:

  • eliminate gross marketing errors, due to which advertising does not bring the desired result;
  • understand how much each client costs, and reduce these costs;
  • make strategic decisions when planning an advertising budget.

Thanks to the verification of the ads, it becomes clear what was done well and in what aspects errors were made. Based on these data, it is possible to suggest ways to eliminate shortcomings and methods for optimizing marketing costs.

Helps To Remain On Target

The regular PPC audit helps to identify errors and correct them in time to increase the effectiveness of the project. Even small mistakes can prevent you from achieving your goal.

For example, the goal of your ads is to increase the number of calls to 100 per day. But if it’s hard to find a phone number on the landing page, customers won’t be able to call you. You will not achieve your goals, although all other indicators (reach, CTR, etc.) will be very high. An audit will help identify this problem.

Prevents Waste Of Resources 

Correcting errors identified during the audit is an opportunity to significantly save the advertising budget. However, Lasting Trend is well versed in other tools for the development of advertising projects. One of them is A/B testing (split testing).

Our specialists create alternative versions of the project with different settings, new design elements, calls to action, etc. Then our team compares both options and chooses the most profitable one. In this way, we can test our hypotheses and experimentally evaluate the preferences of the audience to decide whether something should be changed or it is better to leave the existing settings.

Time Saving

The patterns and relationships are immediately clear here. The more effective your advertising is, the faster you can achieve your goals and make a profit. Sometimes this can be decisive. For example, if you have recently opened your law firm and need to get new clients as soon as possible. You need to return your investment in the business and establish your position in a very competitive market. It is very important that customers find out about you today, and not in a week or a month. In such a situation, every day is crucial. And errors in advertising settings are unacceptable.

Campaign Refinements

Unfortunately, any PPC loses its relevance over time. For instance, competitors can improve their advertising campaigns, offer new services and better prices. Google can change the requirements for contextual ads. The audience can move to new online platforms. There can be many such big and small reasons. 

Even if you use very thoughtful settings at the beginning of an advertising project, they will still lose their relevance gradually. You need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse and follow all updates to make adjustments to the advertising projects. Or you can order PPC audit services from Lasting Trend. We will help you respond to all changes in time and help you be productive.

Relevance And Keywords

Relevant ads get more clicks, appear in higher positions, and generate more success than irrelevant posts. They can also lower your CPC and save you money.

Three components can make your ad relevant:

  • well-chosen keywords;
  • correctly composed ad;
  • well-designed landing page.

All three elements must match each other. The number of keywords in an ad should be limited. The ideal formula is one ad and one keyword. Think carefully before inserting two or three keywords into your ad. It can blur the subject and attract an audience you don’t need, which means you will waste your money.

Why Choose Us For PPC Audit Service

Cooperation with Lasting Trend provides customers with the following benefits:

  • the audit is performed by specialists with extensive experience;
  • the work is always completed within the agreed time;
  • reasonable prices;
  • after the audit, the client receives a detailed analysis of the state of advertising campaigns and a list of actions that will increase profits and reduce PPC costs.

We can help you develop a strategy to promote your company’s features and services.

We will give you advice on:

  • management of rates based on goals;
  • segmenting your audience;
  • connection of additional tools;
  • adjusting landing pages for specific requests;
  • changing the system for calculating the effectiveness of contextual advertising, etc.

With our help, you will know exactly how to develop your advertising project further.

Sharing Our Results

To increase conversions by 135 percent and reduce costs by 61 percent. Would you like to have such an effect after auditing your ads?

We understand that the concrete results of our work say much more about Lasting Trend than any words. Therefore, we recommend that you go to the Results section on our website and see our real cases. 

In particular, you can take a look at the “LaptopMD PPC Campaign” case. That’s where you’ll see the numbers above. We have described in detail how we were able to achieve such an impressive result.

In this case, the Lasting Trend team provided PPC audit services for the client, studied the client’s competitors, selected keywords, etc.  We have completed all the work required to restart the advertising campaign. In the article, we described in great detail what tools and technologies we used. In the end, LaptopMD was very pleased with the result and became our regular customer. Perhaps this is the best confirmation of the quality of our work.

Our Prices And Plans

The cost of a PPC audit at the digital marketing agency Lasting Trend depends on how deep the analysis you require and the amount of time spent on such a volume of work. If you order our service for the full customization of contextual advertising, our specialists will conduct an automatic PPC audit for free, as this is an integral part of the work. You can see the cost of the full package of our services in the Prices section.

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Contextual advertising is the fastest way to get traffic to your website. If the advertising campaign is set up correctly, and all the opportunities that Google gives are used 100%, then an active target audience comes to you. In this case, the conversion can be very significant. PPC can bring in profits that are many times higher than the costs of setting it up, launching and maintaining it.

But if you make even a few serious mistakes when setting up your ads, you risk losing your entire advertising budget. Moreover, even the most effective advertising projects should be reviewed and updated from time to time. We recommend conducting the first online PPC audit within 3-4 weeks after the start of the PPC when the first statistics accumulate. Indicators even for a short period will help to understand whether contextual advertising works in principle.Do you want to attract more clients? Want to check if your ad is set up correctly? Do you want to know which advertising parts of the campaign are making money for you and which are not? To find answers to all these questions, contact professionals.The digital marketing agency Lasting Trend is ready to help you. Order our PPC audit services and open new business opportunities!

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