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Nowadays, businesses are constantly finding new ways to promote themselves, their products and services, or expand their brand awareness. And we all know the usual sources, that are currently booming like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. However, today, we would like to discuss a more conservative way to let people know about you – LinkedIn marketing.

Over the years, this platform has been continuously increasing its number of users – the current base is estimated at around 500 million users. And many very successful and prominent companies work hard on their LinkedIn marketing strategy because they understand that even though there are a lot of up and coming ways to promote yourself, it would be a huge mistake to ignore one of the biggest networks for specialists in the world.

However, just like any other platform, LinkedIn marketing requires a certain knowledge of its specifics. Lasting Trend has been working with this resource for a long time now and has a deep understanding of how to market on LinkedIn in New York. To share our expertise with you, we have compiled a list of 14 tips, each one of which was tested and has shown a positive result. Follow them and let your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy increase your brand awareness to its maximum!

1. Complete Your LinkedIn Company Profile (Fully)

First things first – to make your LinkedIn marketing solutions useful and to increase the number of visitors to your Company Page, it is mandatory that you fully complete your profile. By doing this, you multiply the number of page views by two.

To make your LinkedIn marketing work, you need to have these points completely filled out:

  • Company logo
  • Company description
  • Website URL
  • The size of the company
  • The industry in which your company operates
  • Type of company
  • Company location

You can do this in the “Overview” section, which is right on your Company Page.

Please, do not think that you can do all of this in a sloppy manner. LinkedIn marketing is very sensitive to small details. The company logo should only be in high resolution, as well as the cover image. It should represent your brand clearly and noticeably. And do not forget about the “About Us” section – people will need information about you, so the more information you provide, the better for your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

One may wonder, why even bother with all of this? The reason for this thorough approach to a Company Page is that it is much easier for a person to trust an unknown company if he or she has as much information about it as possible. That is why your company size, industry, location, and website – all of this information is crucial for building the initial relationship. Moreover, the completed profile looks clean and more professional.

2. Post Industry Trends, How-Tos, and Thought-Leadership Content

Naturally, the first question that pops up, in the mind of a person not acquainted with LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy, is what to post? Should it be like a blog? Or funny pictures? Or just statistics and research?

There is no universal answer to this – you should always adjust your message to your target audience. For example, you can post ironic tweets on Twitter or funny pictures on Instagram, but such an approach will not bring results on LinkedIn.

There is quite a simple way to find out what types of posts will be useful for LinkedIn marketing: has gone through more than 10 million articles posted on LinkedIn, especially to find out what is trending there. They were looking for the top phrases in the headlines of the articles that got the most shares. The result was two topics: How-to articles (“Z ways to…”, “How to make…”, “How to get…”) and Industry trends (“The future of…”, “in the world of…”, “…of the year.”

3.  Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

How can you market on LinkedIn so the number of followers will increase six times faster? The answer is very simple – you have to post something at least once a month to outrace your competitors who do not post at all.

However, posting once per month is not enough. To keep people interested in you and your LinkedIn marketing strategy working, it is necessary to post no less than once a week. If you find this difficult to make happen, leave it to Lasting Trend. Our NYC specialists will come up with a posting schedule and will rigorously follow it, letting you focus on the other spheres of your business.

Useful fact: when your Company Page gets more than 150 followers, your “popularity” grows substantially! Compared to the pages with fewer followers, you will get five times more views!

4. Thought-Leadership Content

Who knows better about how to use LinkedIn for marketing than LinkedIn itself, right? In their guide, they advise companies to be helpful and stay away from being too pushy in promoting your products or services. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Be helpful – that means that the content of your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy should be in some way useful to your followers. It doesn’t matter how – answering questions, explaining some tricky moments in a particular sphere, helping people do their job better, it all counts.
  • Do not push too hard – the desire to use your Company Page for selling your products and services is entirely understandable, but don’t get carried away. If it looks like you’re desperately trying to sell something, you may lose that trust.

Aside from that, your LinkedIn marketing strategy can also benefit from posting so-called thought-leadership content, as it’s a perfect way to increase your audience. These are thought to be the most useful types:

  • Your vision on what’s happening in the industry and of the trends
  • Share your company’s values and ethos with your customers
  • Explain why you are the best solution for your clients

5. Your Post Will Perform Better If It Includes

  • It helps people a lot if you provide them with some additional context about your content
  • Bright and clear images help your LinkedIn marketing solutions stand out from your competitors
  • Though hashtags may seem quite childish, it is a perfect way to attract a new audience
  • Using questions, bullet points and, surprises, and emojis makes it easier to read your text and improve visibility.

6. Engage Your Colleagues and Employees

One more way to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy would be to get your employees and colleagues involved. If they engage with your posts, share, repost, or discuss them actively, these actions bring attention to your Company Page and your content.  Imagine that all your employees shared your latest post with all of their friends. The number of views would sky-rocket!

7. Understand What Content Does Well on Your Company Page

A perfectly working LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy requires constant monitoring of your posts. You can do this in the “Updates” section. Aside from basic data like clicks, impressions, or social actions, it also provides you with a clickthrough rate (CTR) and an engagement rate. Watch these indicators – if they are above average, then you are on the right path!

8. Tag People in LinkedIn Posts

Creating an excellent post that has value for your readers is only part of the job. Now, it’s time to tag people. One may ask – how is tagging connected with LinkedIn marketing? The algorithms of LinkedIn work in the way, that if someone was tagged in a post, his connections and followers would notice this content too! And if anyone of their followers shares the post as well – imagine the number of new views!

However, do not get too carried away. You can’t just tag everybody. A tagged person should be somehow connected with the post, like quoted or referenced. Also, if you think that this post could be interesting for someone else, you can tag this person. Though again, use it carefully – not everybody likes being tagged or being used in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

To avoid any conflicts and misunderstandings, here is a little life hack – before tagging, send them the post. Ask them whether it is an interesting topic for them or not.

9.Upload Native Video

If you want to know tips on how to market on LinkedIn, here is one – never forget about video content. Nowadays, it is conquering the whole world, and ignoring this trend would be a huge mistake. Social platforms want you to stay on their network rather than letting you go on with external links. That is why native videos are believed to be a very effective option when it comes to LinkedIn marketing. Native video means that this video was directly uploaded on the platform, so there is no need to follow the link. Lasting Trend wants to share with you some popular LinkedIn marketing ideas in New York for native videos:

  • Content overview – very efficient, saves time for your customers and make the content clearer
  • Leave your review on a book, film, or article – any relevant content (or not, if that’s appropriate)
  • Often share the client’s video feedback.
  • If you are planning to launch a long video, consider posting a teaser (or a trailer) first.

10. Learn About Your Followers and Visitors

If your Company Page is running smoothly and you have a nice number of users, then you may consider using the following LinkedIn marketing solution:

Under the section called “Follower”, you can receive all the data about the demographics of your customers. You can also see where are they working, the location, which industry, and much more. Thanks to this information, you can make our content correspond with their interests or job functions.

Under the “Visitors” section, you can see the same info about people who are not following you but still visit your Company Page.

11. Add Social Media Buttons or a LinkedIn “Follow” Button to Your Website

We live in a world where social networks play a huge role in the life of people and businesses. And if you have accounts on different platforms, it would be a wise LinkedIn marketing solution to use all of them for cross-promotion.

Put a link to your Company Page in your blog articles, email signatures, and other marketing communication tools. Also, don’t forget to add a “Follow” button to the landing page and links to the LinkedIn profile on different social platforms.

12. Study Other Company Pages

There is a very powerful Facebook tool called Facebook Pages to Watch. The name speaks for itself, right? LinkedIn marketing has a similar tool named Companies to track. It can be found in the “Followers” section, right at the bottom of the page.

“Companies to track” lets you see companies that are like you in the key indicators, like the number of followers, growth rate, and so on. With this data, it becomes easier to compare and analyze, for example:

  • Taken the same amount of followers, is your Company Page showing as rapid growth as your competitors?
  • Can you compare your updates and page activity with a similar Company Page?
  • Which content is most useful to them?

This is competitors monitoring 101. Analyze them, see what’s working for them, and then ask yourself, if you could implement this too.

13. Optimize Your Company Page for Searches

Optimization is crucial in today’s marketing; LinkedIn marketing is no exception. There are two major ways to do it: inserting keywords and using links. The right keywords allow Google to show you on people SERP and links on your blog, website, or other platforms generate a target audience.

Bonus: if your employees add your company in their workplace or experience, a direct link to your Company Page occurs.

14.  Explore LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn marketing offers you three kinds of ads you can use:

  • Sponsored content is an advertisement that is displayed right in the LinkedIn feed.
  • Sponsor’s mail is an ad, which enables you to distribute individualized, up-to-date content through LinkedIn Messenger.
  • PPC and CPM ads.

Do You Need Some Help with LinkedIn Marketing?

We’ve tried to be as brief and positive as possible. However, it is hard to grasp the knowledge of years of practice in one article. Frankly, nobody expects you to. Lasting Trend, New York digital marketing company, will gladly take away all of the stress from you. Delegating this task to a professional agency will save you a lot of precious time. Get a free consultation now!

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