Instagram Ads

It is impossible to ignore the effectiveness of Instagram in promoting various products and services. However, businesses need someone to help them navigate this platform successfully.  Without an Instagram marketing agency, businesses can miss out on opportunities, which would be a shame.

So, let’s take a look at what we can offer and how modern businesses can use this to their advantage.

Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Work?

If there is the best time for Instagram influencer marketing, it is now. The number of active Instagram users has been steadily growing for years – more than 1 billion. Since its acquisition by Facebook, businesses and Instagram marketing firms have gained access to the most advanced targeting options of any platform.

75% of users take action after seeing an ad, such as visiting a website. And almost the same number of people are more likely to purchase a product via this mobile app. When you combine these statistics, you understand the value of an Instagram advertising agency.

It opens up great opportunities for increasing website traffic and conversions, which is what an Instagram management service will help you achieve.

What Is an Instagram Marketing Agency

An Instagram management agency handles campaigns for businesses aimed at connecting with their audience, increasing awareness about the brand, and boosting their leads and sales. A social media agency brings expertise on Instagram algorithms to the table. They have already encountered all sorts of problems and know how to deal with them.

By far, the biggest benefit is saving your time. Instead of trying to figure out the ins and outs of social media, businesses can outsource experts in this particular field.

An Instagram marketing company will complete the tasks more efficiently while you focus on your main line of business. After all, when potential customers flood in after a great campaign, the quality of your product and service need to match the highest standards.

Instagram growth agencies have learned that spending $1,000 on billboard results in just a couple of hundred passersby seeing it. Plus, you have no control over demographics or ways to gather precise data. However, Instagram influencer marketing helps you create a targeted ad campaign, which is far better than the traditional approach. The results are already here – partnering with influencers has become a key plan of action for many retail brands.

The best Instagram marketing agency will guide you through a proven formula that will incredible results. In the end, it will all be worth it, and you will never go back to your old ways.

How Our Instagram Advertising Agency Works

Here is a recipe for a bad ad – no research into the company or its message, no audience in mind, and no correction to the running ad. If you want to avoid that, Lasting Trend will take care of the following steps.


The best influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram start with thorough preparation. We need to assess what your business goals are and coordinate them with future advertisements. Also, we will need to pinpoint what audience we need to attract.

Design and Development

Once a social media agency completes the general outline of your Instagram strategy, it is time to put the gathered information into practice. Here is where another perk of using an Instagram marketing agency comes in. We develop several versions of the future ad, so you have different options to choose from.

When we utilize Instagram influencer marketing, the content creator is partly responsible for the design and development. They can use their creative abilities to enrich the ad and adapt it to the audience.


Our Instagram growth agency will use specific techniques to get the ad on the platform. This is a multi-part process that should be done with care and precision.

Even if some businesses shoot an advertising video on their own, they need the help of an Instagram management agency to implement it. Otherwise, they will not maximize the flow of user engagement and, subsequently, lose potential profit.


No Instagram marketing company can say that their job is done after the ad has been placed on the platform. Quite the opposite – the most intense work takes place after implementation. Our Instagram management service will make sure the ad is running in line with the estimated budget with no unexpected expenses.

But the most crucial part is overseeing what progress it makes. We learned that if we pause certain campaigns that are not performing well, it is not a setback. In such cases, Instagram advertising services need to extract information that will help them improve in the future.


The next step for the specialists from our Instagram management agency is to translate the feedback from the ad into actionable recommendations. Performance data should give clues about what kind of adjustments we can make.

Ad optimization is an advanced skill and one of the perks of working with an Instagram management service. Sometimes you don’t need to scrap the whole campaign. It might just take little tweaks here and there to yield significantly better results.


Our Instagram marketing agency will send you monthly reports with everything you need to know about the campaign performance. You will learn the reach of the ad campaign, the number of total clicks and impressions, the conversion rate, etc.

At this point, our Instagram advertising agency helps you make sense of such a big volume of information. Even though you can access performance data on your own, you won’t know what to do with it. Only a specialist can put that information to use and potentially jumpstart a future ad with an even bigger reach.

Benefits of Instagram Management Agencies

You probably want to know what happens after that enormous amount of work has been completed. Results from working with an Instagram management service can be divided into four broad categories:

  • Increasing clicks – you don’t want to waste a lot of time developing an advertisement if people are just going to scroll past it. Believe it or not, there is an entire psychological basis to consider when creating an ad. An experienced marketing company knows how to make people click.
  • Increasing conversions – you define what is valuable to your business. It can be purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, contacting you, or downloading your app. Working with a marketing agency will help you achieve actionable results more often.
  • Increasing the relevance – an Instagram growth agency will help you figure out how to appeal to a certain audience. But keep in mind, a bigger reach does not always translate to increased sales. An important component is whether the ad or promoted content is relevant to the user.
  • Increasing the overall awareness of your brand – this should be the ultimate goal. If you can cut through the noise and stand above your competitors, your sales are going to follow. It is important that people are familiar with not only the company’s name but also what it represents.

Lasting Trend will help you optimize your Instagram advertising campaign. There is no denying that Instagram presents great business opportunities. We utilize many techniques and tricks to expand your brand’s reach and generate more leads. Lasting Trend, one of the best Instagram advertising services, knows how to create outstanding ads and how to make them work to boost your financial profit.

How to Find the Best Instagram Management Service

When choosing an agency to represent you and create your marketing campaigns, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration. It may sound good on paper, but any Instagram advertising agency should live up to their promises.

Here are the criteria for deciding if you should work with a certain marketing company.

Website and Social Channels

Even though an Instagram advertising agency is not obliged to be a huge Internet sensation, they should have a decent online presence. See their official website, Facebook, and Instagram business pages. Are they regularly updated? What type of content do they post? Would you want your social media to look like this?

Preferably, an Instagram marketing company you are contemplating working with should utilize effective techniques on their social pages.

Recommendations and References

As part of our research into the agency, look for reviews. Compare the results of their marketing campaigns with what you are trying to achieve. Of course, you shouldn’t be blindly following other people’s advice. Besides, a good Instagram management service should customize the strategies depending on different clients. Still, it’s always good to get a general feel of their clients’ experiences.

Portfolio or Case Studies

Similar to former clients’ testimonials, a company’s previous work is worth your attention.

Determine if an Instagram growth agency is the right choice while getting familiar with their past projects. You need to find the answers to the following questions:

  • What industries do they specialize in? Do they cover a specific niche?
  • How successful were the campaigns and how much time did they take?
  • What metrics does this Instagram marketing agency keep track of?
  • Do they have a specific style?
  • What other channels do they cover?

Direct Discussion

Lastly, nothing gives you as much information as a conversation with said Instagram advertising agency. Sometimes, the more you research online, the more confused you become. Therefore, don’t spend too much time digging into the agency. Instead, start talking to them directly.

Why You Need to Plan Long-Term

Quick results don’t tend to last, which is why an Instagram marketing agency will not be chasing instant gratification. There is no good reason to artificially grow your online following or start being aggressive with your advertising. The key to an effective campaign is providing slow but steady results.

If you fall for agencies promising your immediate success, you might be getting into a sketchy deal. For example, you might end up with your Instagram account suspended or deleted because of buying followers.

As you have seen, an Instagram marketing campaign takes a lot of time. All of the steps, such as preparation, development, implementation, etc., are usually stretched out over a sustained period of time. But when you see a real profit and sustainable success, it will be worth the wait.

Instagram Management Service: Bottom Line

The hard work of an Instagram marketing agency shouldn’t be overlooked. Can you imagine a business financial planning or auditing without a certified accountant? In theory, you can do most things without a CPA or an Instagram management agency. But this takes so much time and effort, with no guarantee of a successful outcome. For example, you might miss some details regarding split testing, generating conversions, or discovering lookalike audiences.

If you are looking for professionals who will ensure your brand’s successful online reach, we’ve got you covered. At Lasting Trend, we apply years of experience into creating the most effective ads your customers will always remember.

Our Instagram growth agency lets you direct all your efforts into your core business. We will take care of what we do best – building your brand through modern, innovative solutions.

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