Ecommerce SEO Consultant Service

SEO is just as vital as your website’s appearance and performance when it comes to marketing it. When done correctly, SEO has a significant impact on organic visibility as well as online sales. 

As a result, it’s critical to choose a professional ecommerce SEO consultant that understands the subtleties of search engine algorithms and has a track record of delivering results. 

We’ve helped businesses boost website and online sales by significant margins over the years.

Lasting Trend knows what it takes to develop a successful organic search marketing campaign for your ecommerce store.

Keep reading to understand how we can help your business grow!

The Importance Of Ecommerce SEO Consultant Services

SEO has multiple advantages for organizations in various industries, but it’s especially vital for ecommerce brands. Some of the benefits of ecommerce include:

Increases Visibility And Brand Exposure

The global market is a fast-paced and competitive environment. To compete, you must approach business marketing from all angles. Ecommerce marketing is a cost-effective approach for businesses and organizations to reach out to their target audiences and increase their ROI. 

It’s one of the quickest ways to build and increase brand recognition. Experts expect that by 2040, ecommerce platforms will account for almost 95% of all purchases. 

With the help of a reputable ecommerce SEO consultant service company, you can promote your goods and services. A complete strategy to improve client experience and increase your organization is ecommerce SEO consultant optimization.

ecommerce seo consultant optimization

Increased Traffic

Consumer needs are rapidly changing due to the internet and technological improvements. As a result, customers increasingly seek the quickest and most convenient ways to get what they need while leading a busy life. According to studies, an estimated 1.8 billion individuals use ecommerce services to buy items around the world.

Traditional retailers can only dream of matching the convenience of online purchasing. As a result, ecommerce SEO services are increasingly becoming a must for many merchants and B2B businesses.

Helps You Compete Against Competitors

Expect your competition to outrank you in search results if you don’t have an ecommerce SEO strategy.

Even if you have a fantastic ecommerce site with a stunning design that naturally attracts a lot of links, a competitor with a strong ecommerce SEO firm will nearly always outrank you in every search.

With so much competition online, you need a comprehensive ecommerce SEO package – and that’s exactly what you get with a customized ecommerce SEO package from Lasting Trend. As your partner, we’ll devise a unique and competitive plan to propel you to the top in your niche.

Provides Long-term Revenue

As you’re already aware, online platforms have become the norm. As a result, many businesses are turning to ecommerce SEO consultant services. So, it’s interesting to assess e-commerce growth in the last year, as well as the industry’s prospects.

The US overall e-commerce retail sales percentage shot up in Q2 2020, accounting for 16% of sales. However, this market share now hovers around 13-14% between Q3 2020 and Q2 2021, demonstrating that some of the rapid buyer behavior changes persist post-COVID. And you can expect it to continue!

Furthermore, global e-commerce sales are estimated to hit $4.921 trillion in 2021. Also, the global e-commerce market share is expected to reach 19.6% in 2021. That’s almost one-fifth per $1 spent on retail products this year.

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With the figure expected to skyrocket in the coming years, it proves that e-commerce has become a lucrative option for businesses.

By 2025, the world ecommerce retail sales and overall e-commerce market share will exceed $7.3 trillion and 24.5%, respectively.

To adapt to dynamic customer demands and buying behaviors, multiple brick-and-mortar stores, as well as large franchises like Walmart Marketplace, are joining e-commerce super weights, Amazon and eBay online.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on the bandwagon by investing in a professional e-commerce SEO consultant specialist like Lasting Trend today and start dominating the global marketplace!

How Our Experts Work

We are committed to helping your ecommerce business thrive. Our professional ecommerce SEO consultant specialists pay attention to every detail to develop a unique solution to your needs. Some of the steps our experts take include:

Comprehensive Site Audit

We’ll go over your eCommerce website’s code in detail and make recommendations for speed, and image optimization.

Furthermore, a comprehensive SEO audit will be conducted on technical on-page SEO components, including content, backlink profile, and other factors.

Developing SEO Strategy

At Lasting Trend, we believe that your ecommerce SEO should yield desired results. That’s why we go the extra mile to help you achieve your marketing objectives. 

Here’s our secret! All our SEO approaches are logical and based on proper research, experience, and the latest trends. 

The best news, it is customized to address your specific needs.

Implementing On-page SEO Updates

Link building is an essential component of on-page SEO updates. 

Our content strategists will consistently create excellent, high-quality content that people and other websites want to link to, resulting in a successful link-building campaign with natural backlinks. 

We can also help you do cross-link across categories, products, blog entries, and other items.

1st Month
  • Finding “low-hanging fruits”to get SEO boost
  • Site analysis
  • Niche research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brainstorming and strategy approval for 12 months
2nd Month
  • Developing traffic growth strategy
    • - Content Plan
    • - Link Building
    • - Technical SEO
  • Development of reporting system and proper analytics setup
3-6 Months
  • Implementing customer growth tactics
  • Blogging
  • Webmasters outreach
  • Search and/or social ads
  • Strategy correction based on the first dataset
6-12 Months
  • Sales Grow - your investments are starting to pay off
  • Conversion rate optimization of landing pages
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Marketing strategy review and development for the next 12 months

Providing Off-page SEO Recommendations

We will implement measures outside of your webpage to drive more traffic to it.

We can help you harness the power of social media to build trust and followership for your brand. 

We also increase visibility via guest posting and forum posting.

Working To Get The Best Results

SEO is all about driving results: generating traffic, lead conversions & sales, expanding audience base, and more.

These are the bread and butter of our ecommerce SEO experts. When you partner with us, you do so with an expert that is devoted to your success.

Services From Our Ecommerce SEO Consultants

As an ecommerce SEO consultant specialist, Lasting trend provides numerous digital marketing services including:

Targeted Keyword Research

Using our comprehensive keyword research tools and ecommerce SEO industry knowledge, we generate a list of highly-searched keywords for your specific niche based on search.

Content Planning

In any SEO campaign, content is king!

And that’s why our team will improve your existing content, if any, and plan the development of new, or future relevant content. 

We ensure that every content that we put out will perform and convert.

Website Structure

Did you know? The human brain craves cognitive equilibrium, or the ability to put puzzles/pieces together logically, find items where they’re supposed to be, and discover what they’re looking for. 

As a result, consumers find a solid and logical site structure to be intellectually gratifying.

So, a well-structured website equals a positive user experience. And our pros at Lasting Trend know all about arranging websites that appeal to your target audience.

PR Outreach

We will your brand awareness through the proper channels. Additionally, we work to put your brand image in the best possible light.

Identifying Problems

Whatever challenges you have with your ecommerce SEO campaign, we are your plug. We will audit and analyze your website and prep any issues we find for troubleshooting.

Ecommerce SEO Consultant Services For Different Niches

The truth is that we’ve worked with practically every ecommerce shopping cart platform available. We’ve also worked in nearly every industry imaginable, allowing us to apply our knowledge to multiple ecommerce SEO campaigns. 

You can rest assured that our team of ecommerce SEO specialists will design an SEO strategy that will crush your competition and send your organic traffic through the roof!

Ecommerce Platforms We Specialize In


Lasting Trend is an ecommerce SEO consultant that specializes in BigCommerce SEO. Businesses approach us with the goal of maximizing the potential of their BigCommerce store. 

We’ll thrive to get your most important keywords to the top of Google’s search queries and increase your conversion rate.


At Lasting Trend, we’ve been SEO professionals for many years, specializing in Shopify SEO services that increase rankings, traffic, and revenue. 

Our commitment to eCommerce search marketing lets us deploy proven SEO approaches and strategies that will help your online store grow. 

We’re excited to talk about your marketing objectives!


At Lasting Trend, we understand all the “ins and outs” of Wix and can create a search marketing strategy that is customized to your brand’s growth objectives. Request a free estimate right now.


Our extensive experience driving results for Shift4Shop businesses positions us as experts in Shift4Shop SEO. we can do the same for you too.


We’re experts at WooCommerce SEO and search engine marketing. Allow Lasting Trend to help grow your WooCommerce store and boost sales.


We have experienced Volusion SEO professionals who have worked on many Volusion SEO projects over the years. We’ll come up with a unique strategy to boost your traffic and online sales.


We’ve been ecommerce professionals for years, and we’ve done SEO for many clients on the Prestashop platform. We are the smart choice for your ecommerce SEO consultant service.


As a Weebly store, it’s critical to consult with an SEO firm like Lasting Trend that understands Weebly search marketing and its inherent challenges. 

Weebly stores must establish a tailored SEO strategy based on their target audience, and a variety of other factors in order to succeed online.

Let’s know your ecommerce SEO needs today!


Working with an experienced Squarespace SEO and online marketing agency is necessary for optimizing your eCommerce website. 

With our extensive experience working with Squarespace clients, we’ll provide proven ideas that will boost your traffic and sales to make your ecommerce SEO campaign a success.


We’ve been an eCommerce-focused SEO specialist with a specialty in Magento SEO and search engine marketing. We’re ready to take on your marketing strategy and drive more traffic, sales, and revenue to your store, thanks to our experience with many Magento SEO clients.

Get Visible Results With Lasting Trend

With the help of our ecommerce SEO consultants, you can improve the performance of your online store. 

Give your consumers the convenience of shopping online 24/7 from anywhere in the world. We customize our ecommerce SEO services to help your company stand out and outperform the competition. 

Let’s help you expand your brand’s market reach and convert more leads into consumers. Whatever ecommerce SEO services you need, we’ve got you covered!  

Schedule a meeting with our ecommerce SEO consultants today.

Our Prices And Plans

SEO Service

Smaller Websites With 1-5 Services
  • Technical & Mobile SEO Checkup
  • On-site SEO
  • Niche Keyword Research
  • 4 Content Scripts
  • Basic Link Building
  • Keyword Position Report

360° Marketing

Websites With 6-30 Services or E-commerce
  • Everything from Starter Plan +
  • UX, UI Design
  • Advanced Link building
  • Local SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media or PPC Management

Enterprise SEO

from $10,000
Multi-site Projects or Large E-commerce
  • Everything from 360 SEO Plan+
  • Sales Funnels
  • Satellite Website Networks
  • Multi-Channel Paid Ads

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Ecommerce SEO is an effective strategy that helps your online business expand and boost revenue.

With our ecommerce SEO consultant services and award-winning team, your website will rank better in search queries for the keywords used by your target audience.

The more key terms you can successfully target, the more qualified leads will click on your products, and as a result, your conversions and income will increase.

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