Chatbot Marketing For Websites

So, your website is getting some traffic, but very few conversions. That’s a problem. You may be missing a critical lead generation element like a chatbot. Used correctly, a chatbot can work like magic. Indeed, many people find them to be a quick and convenient way to ask questions. And people who ask questions are usually those looking to buy if they can just get a little more information. 

This is where chatbots shine. They can provide a 24/7 way for you to reach out and provide that information through automated conversations. Chatbot marketing is a growing trend, and it is just one of the many tools at our disposal at Lasting Trend. 

Build And Grow Your Business With Chatbot Marketing

It’s true, chatbot marketing services can be used to augment your website and convert more leads into sales. Generally, a chatbot consists of an AI (artificial intelligence) application that can run scripted conversations to solve some of the more common issues a potential customer might run across.

They have a number of distinct advantages and functions. Indeed, chat bot marketing

  • Boosts Your Marketing
  • Generates Leads
  • Improves Customers Satisfaction
  • Increases Revenue
  • And Speeds Up the Payment Process.

Let’s look at each of these, one by one.

Boosts Your Marketing

As communication and buying habits evolve, a brand new marketing sphere is opening up. Indeed, mobile marketing has experienced great growth in recent years. Many businesses have incorporated a chatbot for automated marketing on their website to take advantage of this fact.

Chatbots not only increase engagement but allow for analysis of the segment traffic that might flow through your website and interact with the bot. Conversations with customer service reps over the phone, usually escape analysis. This is not true when a bot is involved.

Generates Leads

By creating conversation tunnels you can guide traffic through the bot and its pre-determined filters to increase the number of leads you capture and convert into sales. The AI does the work for you. Even when you are out of the office relaxing.

With its improved analysis, your AI can focus your resources on the most lucrative prospects and gear the chatbot and its parameters to the audience that brings in the most reward. It all starts with dialogue and conversation. It all starts with a chatbot.

Improves Customers Satisfaction

Another area in which chatbots excel is in quick response times. Many people prefer to connect to a company by means of live chat. As many of these people will have similar inquiries, this provides a natural insertion point for a chatbot.

chatbot marketing agency

What the chatbot can’t handle can be passed on to the live agent, but the bulk of issues can be resolved by the bot in virtually no time. This saves resources and improves user experience. This, in turn, leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Increases Revenue

As time goes on, more and more people are growing accustomed to chatbot technology and many of them are becoming willing to make purchases through a chatbot. This opens up a whole new arena for chatbot marketing and the savvy entrepreneur.

There is tremendous upside to automating the purchasing process with chatbots. Indeed, placing orders through chatbots will likely become the online corollary of retail purchasing. When this happens, the chatbot will truly have come into its own and those using them will likely earn tremendous profits.

Speeds Up The Payment Process

In the online world, speed is king. A website with a quick response time, be it for purchase, help, or simply additional information, will have a tremendous advantage over those sites that lag. And an AI-controlled chatbot can provide lightning-fast response times for any of those factors.

So, if you are looking ahead for the future, now might be a good time to enlist the help of a chatbot marketing agency to incorporate this technology into your site.

Services That We Offer

At Lasting Trend, we have a number of chatbot marketing tools at our disposal. To help develop your site and improve your bottom line we offer chatbots for

  • Lead Generation: to help your site snag leads from the traffic passing through and convert those leads into sales.
  • Account Management: to help your site segment and filter customers through automated processes.
  • Events: by managing much of the sign up and feedback process automatically.
  • Customer Service: by answering common questions and inquiries so that visitors don’t have to search through page after page of FAQ’s.
  • And E-Commerce: by helping your customers place orders and navigate the purchasing process on your website.

So, if you are in the market for a chatbot we are the chatbot marketing agency for you. We have the tools, the talent, and the technology to boost your site and your business to the next level.

Most Popular Chat Bot Marketing Industries

Chatbots are becoming more and more mainstream as larger numbers of industries incorporate them into their businesses. Because they can fill a number of critical roles, chat bots are becoming more common in:

  •  E-Commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • And Restaurants

Let’s look at each of these in turn to evaluate their impact. 


Chatbot marketing for websites is a growing trend that promises to boost the effectiveness of E-Commerce sites to even higher levels than today. Even the simplest bots can be set up with the most common predetermined scenario to allow the application to quickly respond to large swathes of visitors.

This will result in an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of websites in general. It will boost sales as the bots assist at every step of the sales process from placing orders to tracking them. Every brand will develop their own AI bot as the benefits of these virtual machines are realized.


Healthcare is another arena for chatbot marketing. Imagine how useful a doctor will find a virtual personal assistant to be. They can assist in scheduling meetings or appointments, dispensing information, giving directions, or even just providing the hours of operation. 

Such technology is likely to find application across the whole healthcare industry. From wellness clinics to dermatologists, and from dentists to even massage parlors, chatbot technology promises to be a game changer.

chatbot marketing services

They’ll transform the customer to business interface helping manage patient pathways, medication services, and more. In the end, chatbots will help streamline the entire healthcare experience in unprecedented ways.

Human Resources

In the many chatbot marketing services we provide, you’ll find that one of the key advantages is the automation of tedious tasks. This makes it a great tool for human resource departments throughout the economy.

Whether it is the managing of many of the details involved in interviewing, processing leave requests, or handling payrolls, chatbots will prove invaluable. For example, a chatbot that handles online inquiries into the status of an interview will free up human workers for more creative and essential tasks.

Generally speaking, a chatbot will help HR departments manage resources more efficiently and will thus provide substantial ROI’s to companies that invest in them.


Another industry where chatbots offer a huge upside is insurance. For one, chatbots are available 24/7 and they can easily be programmed to provide great deals of information about your company for both the existing and the potential customer alike.

From providing quotes to processing the initial steps of some claims, chatbots offer many benefits to the clients of insurance companies. As with other industries, the key advantage of these AI applications is that they can automate the performance of tedious communication tasks. This saves time for other things.

Travel and Hospitality

Chat bot marketing also promises to have a huge impact in the travel and hospitality industry. With a chatbot incorporated into a hotel website, patrons will be able to easily check reservations, plan trips, and perform other such tasks, often without needing the assistance of a human.

Chatbots also open up other opportunities for such businesses. For example, running a promotional contest with a chatbot is easy and the chatbot can handle nearly the whole thing from beginning to end. So, if you wish to offer a discounted room or free miles on an airline, a chatbot can help.


The last industry we’ll touch on here is restaurants. They offer a number of different tasks that can be automated and streamlined through the use of chatbot marketing. A chatbot on a website can allow customers to view a menu, place an order for food, make reservations, and much, much more.

The key to chatbots is that they are not just a marketing tool (they are definitely that), but they are an engagement and interface tool for your customers. They allow your customers to interact with your business (earning you some nice profits in the process) smoothly and efficiently without you even needing to be there.

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